Sunday, March 28, 2010


I missed the first three minutes, but the shots seemed to point towards Nash dominance. The Wings came back a bit after 5-6 mins, but first after having to kill a penalty (after either a dive or accidental slip, bogus penalty) did they get into it. They were the best team for the rest of the period except for the fact that they had to kill two more penalties, both of them weak/questionable.

The first two thirds of the second were all Wings. They started on carryover kill and killed it no problem. Then they got a PP and did horribly. From there on they had good pressure, but no huge chances. Then at the middle of the period Bert had a chance where the puck trickled across the line and drew a PP. This was better, but Rinne stood on his head and there were no goals. In the last third it was more even, but with Preds having the best chances. The last two minutes were all Wings again. Boooring period.

The third started with two minutes of end to end hockey before a period of good Wings pressure. A little before the midway mark the Preds took over and the Wings looked tired. Still they got their chances. Nashville got their best chance with a little more than 4 mins left, but Jimmah saved it. From there on out the Wings had control, but couldn't score.

The overtime was without huge chances, but both teams had decent ones and the Wings had the most.

The first four rounds of the shootout were scoreless. Then the Wings got one from Bert, but the Preds answered. The next 5 rounds were scoreless, but featured hilarious stuff like Homer and Draper, Eaves falling in his own legs and a near repeat of the Steve Ott "goal". Then, in the 11th round, Kronner scored and Jimmah saved. Wings win and climb past the Avs, and are within one, with a game in hand on the Preds.

- The first period might be, decision for decision, the worst period of reffing I have ever seen. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder with Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen as linesmen?
- It felt like Jordin Tootoo played half the first period. After hearing the whistles for this period, my wish for him to get a mild injury became a wish for him to get injured, I don't care for how long.
- Many weird plays in the first, either bad puck or bad ice.
- 3rd game in a row on an enemy feed (and the one before that was on Versus) WTF????
- In the second it became clear that the ice was horrible. Made the game random and shitty.
- Booooring game, the ice sucked. It was slush. Relocate all southern teams NOW!

3 things that worked
- Good domination at times
- Good penalty killing
- Howard was great

3 things that didn't work
- Bad, bad start
- Bad conversion on chances
- They at times seemed a bit tired and lost races and battles.

Play of the game
Jimmah's huge save towards the end.

Player of the game
2nd career shutoot, 10 shootout saves. Jimmah is the man!


  1. Lohan and Sheen couldn't be linesmen because they would have gotten run over trying to snort them.

  2. good point... but they'd be stoned enough to hallucinate up the penalties..

    And so glad someone saw why I put them as linesmen and the two others as refs :D

  3. Ha! That would explain several of those calls...