Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still got the Blues for you (now with more Captain Beefheart)

Bad title, bad bad title, Gary Moore was so much better in Thin Lizzy, but whatever.

This game is scary for many reasons. One of them is that the Wings are 1-3-1 against the Blues this year. Anyone remember the game where they won 1-0? Or the Stockholm games? Yeah, I was at that first Sthlm game and it sucked. And the Wings definitely have a tendency to falter and stoop down to their opponent's level when they meet someone like the Blues. This needs to not happen today. This game can put us back up 4 points ahead of the Flames and get us closer to the Preds and Avs. This is a must win. Therefore I trust that the guys, Dan Cleary (who is back today) included, go out and give this game as much effort as they have done in the last few games.

Keys to the game
Trying something new today. I feel like the current recap format offered too little of analysis-attempts. Thus I am removing the Keys to the game and replacing them with 3 things that worked and 3 things that didn't work. The Keys will now be preview only and more like points of what the Wings need to do.

- The Wings need to play their own game, they need to dominate the Blues like we know they can and play their own brand of hockey.
- We need a full 60 minutes.
- The Wings need to get traffic and fire more shots to poke a hole in the great STL goaltending.
- No turnovers
- The breakout needs to work better than against the Pens.
- We need a good forecheck.

And since we meet the Blues we need some music. So here, first a few classic blues-rock songs and then some more obscure stuff from one or two personal favs:

A little outside the genre, but I LOVE this one:

Another absolute gem. It's a Booker T cover:

Same band, another cover, this time of Robert Johnson:

This one has been covered to death, but the original is still amazing:

Same band, lesser known song:

No musical compilation here is complete without a song by God (Frank Zappa), this one is some great Blues rock:

Now, to a personal fav, Don van Vliet aka. Captain Beefheart. This might be the weirdest blues you will ever hear, but damn, the guy has some pipes and some weird, haunting melodies. Let's start with a "soft" and well known one:

Another two tracks from the same album:

One of his absolute classics, from his debut:

And I'd be wrong not to include something from his masterpiece Trout Mask Replica:

From the same album, recorded by Frank over the phone, weird, but soulfull:

And I guess I need to include this one, cover of a Bo Diddley classic:

And, last of all, Frank and Don together, this one is a masterpiece:


  1. Born Under a Bad Sign is my favorite Cream song by far.

  2. I can't really decide. BUaBS is a great one, but there are so many good ones. Real sad that they can't be civilized and treat each other decently. Would have been a hell of a band to have touring.