Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taking the Buffalo by the horns

After a real good game against the Wild, the Wings need to string two good games together to get past a strong Sabres team. Possible? Hell yes, but it's not gonna be easy. I have a bad feeling for most of the games this week and this is no doubt the one I feel the worst about. The 6-2 loss back in October was gnarly. But the Wings can be better than that and if they play like we know they can, they should be the better team out there no matter who they play. So get on it boys. WIN TONIGHT!

Sadly, a dumb promise will keep me from seeing the first half of the game. And as I am very very very tired, I might just skip the whole thing and view it when I wake up (late) tomorrow. So don't expect the usual a-minute-after-the-final-buzzer-recap.

Keys to the game
- So, I heard someone murmur something about a couple of brothers meeting in this game. Who are they? Who will be the best brother?
- Will Pasha keep playing dangelicious hockey with his linemates?
- Can Jimmah be the better goalie in the game?

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