Thursday, March 4, 2010

That Smell

That stunk. I gave up after the second period, but hadn't recapped more than the first. I don't feel like recapping more of it either. Sucakge...

Even though I don't touch drugs, this song still sums up the feeling of my hangover right now, and it's an awesome song, so you should listen to it now. It's a nice lullaby after a game like this:

One bar in Vienna took pictures of us and put them online. So finally some pictures of me post haircut (but with a REALLY bad hair day). I am the guy in the Abercrombie shirt: One and two.

The game started with the Wings looking good and in control. Sadly, after four minutes, Kronner was horribly misplaced, Cleary couldn't get back and stop Kesler, and Jimmah let in a softie. The Wings looked weak after that and the Canucks had most of the pressure. Then, towards the end, Jason Williams let off a BLAST of a one-time from the top of the circle and made it a tie game. Now I suddently remember why JWil is a Red Wing. But right after that, Kronner stepped on a puck and started a play that ended in Burrows giving the the Canucks the lead with a freak tip-in. No more goals in the first

(Lack of coherent) Thoughts
- I feel like Todd Bertuzzi doesn't care anymore.

Keys to the game (and my heart)
- Can Dangle be good yet again?
Pasha showed off some dangle and some nice passing. Now and then he really needs to keep it more simple, but mainly he was good.

- How bout another good game of effort and skill?
They seemed like losing some wind after the first goal against. They were also at times very sloppy.

- Jimmah was good, but had one bad goal last game. How will he be tonight?
Some great saves, but the first goal was BAD.

Play of the game

Player of the game
Neil Strauss. No seriously,


  1. 2 comments about the pictures:

    1. I find Scandinavians to be the whitest people I have ever seen. I think that if you were to lift your shirt up, you would able to see your digestive system through your clear skin. :)

    2. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Chris Hanson is going to knock on my door after I post this comment?

    One other thing, re:your conversation with MrNorrisTrophy on Twitter last night, I hope you got the bottom half.

  2. hahaha.. dark winters kinda make us pale as fuck...

    2. WTF? haha. that's just creepy..

    Meh, will probably never happen. But a guy can hope...