Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yeah, yeah, yeah! What a huge win!

Wow, can I breathe again now. @kristinnnjane summarized the feeling of the game the best when she tweeted that he yelled "Nutfuck" when the game was over. God (Frank), was this a huge one!

It only took a couple of minutes of the first before Lilja made a bad pass that Helm couldn't take cleanly. It was intercepted and the Flames scored. After that the Flames dominated for a while before the game settled into a real shitty style. A lot of bad passes, weird mistakes and battles for position. Both teams had a few chances and the Wings missed on a few huge ones. The period also featured an amazing penalty kill.

After a couple of bad minutes to start the second, the Wings took over. They played better than in the first and got some nice chances, but Kipper was huge. Around the middle the Flames took over for a bit and got really close. But after that the Wings took over again and had a lot of good chances, only interupted by a few Flames chances. Sadly, the closest they got was their second post of the game. With a little more than 2 minutes left of the period the Wings got a PP. It started out badly. Glencross got a breakway, but got cut off by JWil. He got a penalty shot, but hadn't learnt that Howard suck when you deke. He shot and Jimmah saved. After that the Wings got some good PP time. Nick missed an open net, before Dangle got the puck in the high slot, settled it down, dangled, made four old men cry from the sheer beauty and placed a shot perfectly in the top corner. 1-1.

The third started off pretty well with some nice chances, but after a few minutes Rafa took an unlucky double minor for high sticking. The penalty kill was absolutely stunning and killed the four minutes off nicely. After that Kronner got a huge chances, but hit the goal post. This was the beginning of a nice Wings onslaught, but it yielded no results. Toward the end of the period the Flames got a little more into it, but with 90 seconds left a weird situation ended with Franzén getting the puck at the point, no one pressured him and Homer was able to redirect his blast into the net. The Flames came on strong in the last minute, but Jimmah stood strong and the Wings won. HUGE. Thank you Frank!

- Miller was on fire tonight!
- Weird Wallside commercial. Apparently they install windows and "stand behind them for 25 years". Creepy stuff.
- I will never get over the ugliness in the Bernstein family.
- Murph seemed sober at the start, then seemed as drunk as John Keating.

Keys to the game
- Can Pasha continue his onslaught?
Yes. Nice PP goal.

- Z has looked a little better with Flip on his line, can they take it to the next level tonight?
In the first they looked good and creative, but got nothing big out of it. Then for the second they got split up.

- Can we please get a full 60 minute effort?
Nah, the first 7 minutes were just bad and the rest of the first wasn't good enough either. The second was better, but they still had moments where they seemed "off". The third was excellent

Play of the game
Pasha's beautiful PP goal.

Player of the game
Nick had a very good and solid day at work

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  1. Totally agree about Miller. But he needs to change that angle. I swear to took every one of those shots from the exact same place!