Friday, April 30, 2010

Sharks and stuff

This recap is a bit flawed because I had to battle a bit with ESPNPlayer. After their upgrade from ESPN360 to ESPNPlayer and inclusion of fancy stuff they have had problems, but the last two nights they have been much worse and at times today it was kinda laggy. Very frustrating considering I set the player to a medium quality and I was able to watch at the highest quality earlier tonight without a single lag or hiccup.

I am not worried at all. The Wings were the better team here, but a sloppy first because of the quick turnaround and some terrible refereeing cost them. A lot of things to work on and I believe they will do that and get rest in the days before game 2 on Sunday.

The first started with the Wings in control, but few chances. Then Homer and some Shark got penalized for roughing. Pasha and Z dominated the 4-on-4, but then a couple of bad passes lead to Flip having to slash a stick. When the 4-on-3 turned into a regular PK, Pavelski got a pass and scored. Then, just later, a wrong icing call lead to a bad crew on the ice for the Wings. Lilja got stuck in Thornton's stick (the refs said he held it, IMO it was as much a hook by Thornton as a hold) and got a bit too late to cover Heatley who scored. And then the Wings were to soft on a defensive wall-matchup, lost it and Z stumbled a bit, gave his man a second alone and Setoguchi scored off Z's stick. None of the goals were Jimmah's fault. Just shit goals caused by a period where Detroit stumbled alot, had some bad passes and generally seemed very affected by the quick turnaround. Shortly after Detroit got one back though. Ericsson had a FANTASTIC pass to Cleary who tipped it in. The Wings got two PP chances after that, but the PP was terrible. They had the most pressure the rest of the period and had some chances, but no more goal.

The second started with the Sharks laying back and keeping the Wings to the outside. It worked for nearly five minutes, but then the Mule's hard work by the board ended in him getting a return pass, taking it in and shooting it past Nabokov (who couldn't see shit behind Cleary) and in. The Wings got a PP shortly after, but it got negated on a weird call. It was one of those where the ref can do no wrong. He can let it go and it's okay and he can call it and it's okay. But they still got it wrong! They let it go, then called it after 5 seconds of booing, and whining. But when the Sharks got on the PP at the end of the 4-on-4 Heatley took another penalty. Later the Sharks got another PP, but got nothing. They had some monentum the next two minutes, but Detroit took it back. The Sharks had some chances, but the Wings had more and better ones. But with a little more than a minute left, Franzén and Setoguchi crashed slightly. Franzén got cut badly on 'guchi' shield, while Setoguchi got slightly trip and took a huuuuge dive. PP Sharks. Then on the PP, a "high" stick by Flip hit Setoguchi's wrist. Even Versus called that a dive. The refs are JOKES, fucking jokes. 5-on-3. The 6 remaining seconds of the 2nd was killed of.

The 3rd started with the rest of the Sharks 5-on-3. They scored off course. Maybe Jimmah should have had it, but it was a nice 2 man advantage play. The Wings came right back and Rafa scored off a tic-tac-toe play. The Wings dominated for a while, until the Sharks had a couple of minutes, a PP and then another minute of pressure. The Wings pressured for the rest of the game, including a PP and later with an empty net, but got nothing. Loss.

- Icings, Stuart, defensemen taking some time. Is there something the Sharks fans don't boo?
- The referees had another terrible game. I think the new NHL is just too fast for the referees.
- Scary moment when Cleary and Abbie collided knee on knee and then Cleary got Blake's knee in his face.
- The Shark's mouth opening and closing movement that the Sharks fans do with their arms before PPs might be the most ridiculously bad, bandwagonish, rehearsed thing I have ever seen.

3 things that worked
- Good answer in the second.
- Were the best team for most of the game.
- Good at keeping the Sharks away from the rebounds.

3 things that didn't work
- Came out sloppy and without focus. Lost too many early faceoffs.
- Bad special teams.
- Got kept to the outside too much

Play of the game
The Cleary goal. WHAT A PASS by Ericsson!

Player of the game
Brad Stuart. He was excellent

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sharks series and game one preview

First of all, there is really no reason for me to do this, since the best blogger ever has gathered the stats and made the right prediction here. Never mind the fact he has actually never seen a hockey game.

But I enjoyed the last one, so.. here we go (since we aren't far into the playoffs I use both regular season and playoff stats):

The records
Sharks: 51-20-11, 113 pts, 264-215 (+49)
Wings: 44-24-14, 102 pts, 229-216 (+13)

Yep, a decisively better season for the Sharks, but these are the playoffs.

The goalies
Nabokov: RS: 71 GP (71 starts), 44-16-10, 2.43 GAA, .924 save %, 3 SO, 0 A, 6 PIM
PO: 6 GP (6 starts), 4-2, 1.76 GAA, .926 save %, 1 SO, 0 A, 0 PIM
Greiss: RS: 16 GP (11 starts), 7-4-1, 2.69 GAA, .912 save %, 0 SO, 0 A, 2 PIM

Howard: RS: 63 games, (61 starts), 37-15-10, 2.26 GAA, .924, 3 SO, 2 A, 2 PIM
PO: 7 GP (7 starts), 4-3, 2.59 GAA, .919 save %, 1 SO, 0 A, 0 PIM
Osgood: RS: 23 GP (21 starts), 7-9-4, 3.02 GAA, .888, 1 SO, 1 A, 0 PIM

Tiny statistical edge to the Sharks, but Nabby has never been stellar and we all know that he can be shaken in the playoffs.

Point leaders
Thornton 89
Marleau 83
Heatley 82
Boyle 58
Clowe 57

Clowe 8
Pavelski 8
Boyle 6
Setoguchi 6
Murray 5

Red Wings:
Datsyuk 70
Zetterberg 70
Lidstrom 49
Holmstrom 45
Bertuzzi 44

Zetterberg 11
Datsyuk 8
Franzen 7
Filppula 7
Lidstrom, Stuart 6

So the Sharks were more high powered during the regular season, but Detroit has exploded offensively in then playoffs. And please notice that the Wings have their best guys be the best in the playoffs too, while the Sharks... Well Heatley has 4 points and Thornton and Marleau has 3 each.

Goal leaders
Marleau 44
Heatley 39
Pavelski 25
Thornton 20
Setoguchi 20

Pavelski 5
Setoguchi 3
Boyle 2
Couture 2
7 different players including Marleau, but not Heatley and Thornton 1 each

Red Wings:
Datsyuk 27
Holmstrom 25
Zetterberg 23
Bertuzzi 18
Cleary 15

Zetterberg 6
Datsyuk 5
Filppula 3
Lidstrom 3
Holmstrom, Stuart 2

See the point I made above.

+/- leaders and losers
Marleau +21
Vlasic +21
Thornton +17
Malhotra +17
Heatley, Blake +14
McGinn -3
McCarthy -3
Wallin -5

Clowe +6
Pavelski +6
Boyle +5
Murray +4
Setoguchi +4
Huskins, Heatley, Demers -1
Marleau -2
Thornton -4

Red Wings:
Rafalski 23
Lidstrom 22
Datsyuk 17
Zetterberg 12
Holmstrom, Kronwall 5
Stuart -12
Meech -12
Ericsson -15

Stuart +6
Zetterberg +6
Filppula +4
Franzen +3
5 different players +2
Draper, Cleary, Williams -even
Eaves -2
Helm -3

Now that is INTERESTING!

How the Sharks can pull this off
- Take huge cock out of mouth. Stop choking
- Clone Ryan Pavelski

Keys to the series for the Red Wings
- Play them tough
- Go hard at Nabokov
- Continue like in game 7
- Patience, poise and intensity combined
- Limit defensive mistakes
- Good games from Jimmah
- Keep the choking three off the board in the early games

Keys to tonight's game
- Patience
- Limit defensive mistakes
- Intensity
- Pounce on their mistakes

Preview of the other 3 matchups

I presented the stats in the last one, and I have at least one more post to write before the game today, so this will be short and sweet. Kind of like a guide of who to root for.


4. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 8. Montreal Canadiens
Reasons to root for them:
Pittsburgh: I wanna see them get smashed either by the Flyers or by the Pens in the finals.
Montreal: - They're a classic team who would be a nice SCF matchup
- The Client is amazing
- They are playing the Pens
- I am starting to dislike Chemmy and PPP more and more for each day and Montreal having success would make them sad. On the other hand I don't wish any pain on Down Goes Brown. That guy rocks.

Reasons to root against them:
Pittburgh: Error: List to long to write here
Habs: - They are original six and we should hate them
- We're gonna get more cups than them one day

So who will Andy root for? What do you think dumbass? The Habs of course

Who wins? Pens in 7

6. Boston Bruins vs. 7. Philadelphia Flyers
Reasons to root for them:
Boston: - Injuries
- Hate towards Matt Cooke
Philadelphia: - The Pens hate them
- I wanna see them beat the Pens
- They need to go to the ECFs and bang up the other team.

Reasons to root against them:
Boston: - They have Zdeno "Norris-thief" Chara
Philadelphia: - Chris Pronger

So who will Andy root for? Philly

Who wins? Philly in 6


2. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 3. Vancouver Canucks
Reasons to root for them:
Chicago: - We could meet them in the WCFs, take them out back and shoot them.
Canucks: - The Sedins

Reasons to root against them:
Chicago: - They're the Hawks
- Their bandwagoning fans are annyoing cunts
Nucks: - Burrows
- Luongo
- The shit-for-brains commenters at Nucks Misconduct

So who will Andy root for? The Canucks

Who wins? Canucks in 7

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recap: The case for perfection (even if 40 years old)

We Beat The Snake and I loved it!

Wow! Just fucking wow! I talked about the Wings needing to be intense, yet relaxed and playing with poise. They did that, and more. This was a game where they did everything right. From fantastic offense, to amazing PK. I was starting to write about which lines impressed me tonight. Then I realized I had mentioned all four, all three defense pairings and young James. Fucking amazing. Now it's Sharks in two days.

I know you are all hopped up and excited, so please listen to this to relax a bit. It is one of the most beautiful songs ever written and one of the most amazing guitar pieces ever. It should relax you and clam you down:

The period started as expected with the Coyotes going full speed. Well, the whole period was full speed, but the Dogs got onto the Wings early and pressed them to rush their plays and make bad passes. Then, after 6-7 minutes the Wings settled down and started producing. One huge chance lead to a PP where they had some huge chances, but Bryzgalov came up even huger. The Wings retained pressure after that, until they got on the PK with 4-5 minutes left. The PK was great and killed it nicely. The Wings controlled the rest of the period. A well played period, but I didn't like that Bryzgalov got to make so many saves. Patience is needed.

The second.. Where to start? The Wings got on the PP early and 2 minutes into the period a centering pass hit a couple of sticks and ended on Pasha's stick. He scored. Right after that the Wings took a bad offensive zone penalty, but it was negated when Helmer got a breakaway and was hooked. On the 4-on-4 Z found an open Pasha who scored brilliantly on the breakaway. But the Wings got shorthanded again, but killed it. Phoenix retained pressure though and scored directly off a draw. That gave them a short half minute of pressure before the Wings put the heat on again. After several mad scrambles they got on the PP and they were WILD! So many chances! At the end the puck found Nick and he made an amazing shot and scored. The Wings retained pressure, but got on the PK on a BOGUS tripping call that was called by the far referee 5 seconds after it happened. On the PK Lombardi and Helm got penalties. Helm's was for diving. Weak. And then Stuart got penalized. The Wings rode off the 5-on-3 and regular PK and when Stuart came out of the box, he got a breakaway and scored to end the period at 4-1.

The third was okay. Both teams had chances. Lots of neutral zone play. Only two noteworthy incidents. The first came when Flip drove to the net and Bert jammed home the rebound. The second came when Nicky Norris scored on the PP for his second of the night.

- How can I think during a game like this?
- New word from Versus: Shass - Shot-pass
- Classy by the Phoenix crowd to stand and cheer for their team after the game. That team deserves it. They had an amazing season.

3 things that worked
- Didn't let the Dogs jump them and take control early.
- Holy fucking explosion of offense and scoring in the second.
- Everything. But the PK!

3 things that didn't work
- Couldn't score in the first.
- Weak on d-zone faceoffs.
- Nothing

Play of the game
Pasha's second goal. What a goal.

Player of the game
Grattis på födelsesdagen Nicklas Lidström. And it is time for me to take a stand. Last week I called him the second best defenseman ever after Bobby Orr and maaaaaybe Doug Harvey over at Kuklas. Well, I have only seen a few tapes of those two, but fuck Doug Harvey. He's got nothing on Lids. And you can rant as much as you want about Orr's injuries and stuff and what he could have done. Guess what? HE DIDN'T. Mario Lemieux could have surpassed Gretzky in some ways if he was healthy, but still everyone thinks of Wayne as number one. And to me one thing is clear. Fuck the Canadian bias. Fuck Euroscepticism. Nicklas Lidström is definitely the best defenseman to ever play the game of hockey. If he'd been Canadian he'd have 10 Norrises by now. Don't fool yourselves. He would have been nominated earlier and he would have won it earlier were it not for the fact he was European. And if it wasn't for writers being tired of him winning he'd have won it last year too.

And today at the age of 39 years and 364 days he plays a perfect game and scores TWO goals in a game seven. Happy birthday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jeez, this is it, isn't it?

Wow, I dunno how to write right now. After six games it has come down to this, the game 7. Tomorrow we'll either be in a mix of 7th heaven and nervousness in preparation for the Sharks or our season will be over. Our bloggs will be filled with fluff pieces from and to October. That's a loooong fucking time. I don't want that to happen. The prospect of it fills me with angst. Will I have to get a social life again? Will I actually have time to study for my exams? What the fuck will I do with the time. The Stanley Cup Playoffs just aren't the same without the Wings and I NEED them in the finals to be happy the next few months. In fact, I need them to win that final. So there it is boys. This is game 7 and you have to win.

Luckily, the Wings have the tools to win this game. They have the skill sets, they have the players. As Tyler has pointed out, it's probably not about wanting it, but more about keeping foucs and giving the right effort. Tonight I want the Wings to play an intense, yet controlled game. We all know that the Dogs are gonna come out flying. They are young, inexperienced and are gonna be psyched as shit. If we can play with enough intensity to weather their storm and keep up with them and at the same time have the poise to not make the stupid mistakes we have been making and capitalize on their mistakes, well, then we'll win.

Keys to the game
- Intensity + Poise = Win
- Howard needs a near perfect game
- Stop the god damn turnovers
- The special team play must pick it up
- Poke holes in Bryzgalov early
- Now would be a good time for Datsyuk and Franzén to show us why they get those paychecks.

Do it guys. I believe you can and will. And to be honest, you have to.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The game were everything went wrong

For my birthday I got a PS3, a microwave, a waffle iron, an electric food mixer, some books, Hangover on BluRay, socks, a beer-boot, some more stuff and THIS FUCKING GAME! Fuck this!

The Wings started out with pressure and got on the PP early. They had some good looks, but didn't score. But with a second left of it they got another PP. But on that PP Stuart made a horrible turnover, Korpikoski got a breakaway and scored. Bad shortie to let in. The Wings went on attack again and got a 5-on-3, but even though they had some chance they got nothing. They dominated the rest of the period and played very well. The Dogs got nearly nothing. But Bryzgalov was huge and the Wings weren't hard enough on him and didn't get him to move enough.

The second period was a bitch. The Wings started off with some huge chances, but then got on the PK and Schneider scored with a good shot. The Wings answered with a scramble where the puck came out to Stuart who roofed it. 1-2. But the Wing pressure and chances after this was halted when Abbie got called for a high stick. To be honest the biotch Dogs player dived. It never touched him. The Wings pressured more after the kill, but got on the PK again and a nice play ended with Phoenix scoring after a terrible PK effort by the Wings. And then they scored again on a wack shot that hit a guy in front of the goal.

The Coyotes scored on the PP early in the third. Detroit pressured, but only got a late one from Helm. Nothing more to say. Except that Morris is a fucking douchebag for jumping on Abbie after he delivered a clean hit. Didn't even challenge him. Just started punching. Yandle tried to do the same, but got his ass kicked.

- Milbury and Egghead are insufferable

3 things that worked
- Good dominance and puck control
- Nothing
- Fuck you!

3 things that didn't work
- Didn't manage to get good enough PP chances and score
- Horrible PK
- Innefective

Play of the game
The Stuart goal.

Player of the game
Eaves was terrific.

Time to close

The Wings have a chance to close out the series and get a day or two off before the second round, but they will have to do so at a day game. It's gonna be tough and I can only imagine the ferociousness a Coyotes team in the edge of elimination is gonna play with. But the Wings will need to compete harder than them, make fewer mistakes than them and just be better.

Keys to the game
- Play wider and get more flow in the neutral zone.
- Better entries.
- Howard needs to continue being hot
- Make fewer defensive mistakes.
- Better PP
- Continue good PK
- Referees with actual eyes

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Red Wings 4 - NHL 1

The Wings played like shit in the second. There is nothing you can say about that. And that was their own fault. But the reason for the momentum shift was a bogus penalty and a goal that should have been disallowed. The Versus crew were skeptical of both the Dogs goal and more than half of the penalties against the Wings. Gary and his refs tried their best, but the Wings prevailed.

The first started with some chances for each side before the Wings took control. Then the Wings got on the PP. They got some great looks, but didn't score. They kept the pressure on though, got another PP, but that was a weak one. Then the Dogs came back, had a flurry of chances, where Jimmah stood tall and got a PP. Luckily the Wings PK was huge. Then the teams traded zone time and chances for a couple of minutes before a tired Dogs crew iced it. Babbles made a genious move and put Miller, Buckets and Abbie out after the icing and they were all over the Dogs. In the end Miller had a wrap-around and it went in via a Phoenix skate. 1-0. The Wings kept on pressuring and then Rafa stepped on the puck and got down on one knee with his face against the wall in his own zone. Fiddler saw it and rushed to deliver a biiig hit. Straight from behind, in a vulnerable position, with intent to injure. And the fuckos called referees didn't dare to give him more than two minutes. Thanks Gary. Ass. The part of the PP in the first went scoreless.

The Wings started the second on the PP. They had some decent looks, but the Coyotes PK was excellent. The game became back and forth after that with the Dogs getting the best chances. Then they got on a PP after a Coyote jumped on Dats and faked himself to an uber soft interference penalty. The PK was good, but the Dogs kept momentum and scored on a rebound. Jovanovski was actually standing ON Jimmah when he scored, but they didn't even take a look at it. Bullshit. The Dogs promptly got another PP, but the kill was great again. After that things started to even out and there were few big chances in the back and forth towards the end of the period.

The third started off with back and forth play. The Wings had an early PP, but got nothing. Both teams had chances, but the Dogs had the biggest. Then they got a PP, but the kill was perfect. After that the Wings took over a bit more and then Dats won a face off back to Nick. He shot it on net and Homer scored on the rebound. Right after that Mule found Pasha in front of the net and he deked Bryzgalov to Jupiter and score. The Wings controlled the rest until the Dogs got a PP. That got negated on a slashing call when Helm broke away and hit the post. When the Dogs pulled their goalie, speed and hard work from Flip ended with Z scoring. 4-1.

- Fiddler is a gutless punk and I am nauseated by the fact he only got 2 minutes. He need to be suspended for that.
- @lolabythebay brought us this: "So, if you were wondering: 69.4 Contact Outside the Goal Crease - If an attacking player initiates any contact with a goalkeeper, other than incidental contact, while the goalkeeper is outside his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed." Yeah, so why the hell was that goal allowed? If that had been Homer it would have been goalie interference without the refs even thinking. The NHL is a joke.
- Usain had a weird game. At times he did great things, but he also made some very bad plays and had some bad luck with the puck in the defensive and neutral zone.

3 things that worked
- The Wings came out strong.
- Clutch goals in the third
- Great PK

3 things that didn't work
- Gave the Dogs too big chunks of extended dangerous zone time.
- They got on their heels in the second.
- They struggled with zone entry. Again. And were weak in the neutral zone.

Play of the game
The third goal. Awesome pass by the Mule. Quality finish by Pasha.

Player of the game
Jimmah. He held the Wings in the game.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today's motivational

So, this came to my attention via Twitter:
Apparently a Phoenix radio host called out Mike Babcock in an interview with Adrian Aucoin. He tells Aucion that he need to beat the Wings to teach Babbles a lesson. Because he is an embarassment to the game. Why? Because he played with a trap in the second period of an Olympic game.

Seriouly? This might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Just absolutely fucking ridiculous. It's smart hockey and playing smart instead of fun, to win, is not a bad thing. I hope Mike and his players get to listen to this today.

Wouldn't it be sweet to lead for once?

We've been down in this series twice and tied it twice. Today we have our third chance to take the lead. And wouldn't it be sweet if we could actually do that? If we win today we get the chance to close it out at home in game 6 on Sunday. The Wings can do that. They should do that. They are a better team. They have more talented players. But I am deadly scared that we're gonna come out flat yet again and get rocked by harder working Coyotes. Please don't do that. Game 4 was kind of a nice effort, so please build on that, because we know you can do even better.

Keys to the game
- Jimmah needs to continue being strong
- Same goes for the PK
- Keep the zone entries simple and use the whole ice, don't go for shallow entries.
- Go harder to the net, we've been way too bad at getting rebounds.
- Work your darn arses off.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Music to the people

So, a non-Wings post, sorry, but anyways... As many of you know I am currently working on a cover of the Bertuzzi song for Mr. Petrella, it's kinda hard as the chords are hard to make out.. but I'd thought I'd post the other musical content I have done that is on the net... It can be put into three different cathegories:

My original band
I play bass and do backing vocals in it. It's kind of inactive now, because we need a new lead guitarist (the one on the recordings weren't good enough and quit to become a doctor in England and since then we have been through a few others). The only recordings we have date back to early 06, so a lot has changed since then. We are better, the singer is better, only two of those songs (Oceans and Suicide) are still songs we would do and the name is now Found, not Metalslave. But the four best of the six songs we did back in 06 lies on this Myspace page

The band I sing in
This is a jokish hard rock band where I just sing. It's pretty new. The recordings on our Myspace page are from this week, done just in rehearsals. I'm not all that happy with my vocals as they were done early in the rehearsal before I got warm and I feel like I sang the songs much better when we jammed on them later on. The last song is older, and is quite bad on all ends, I mean, good song, but bad recording. But the songs are kinda fun anyway.

I have to add a disclaimer here. Some of you might be able to put the image on the Myspace page and band name together and see what it stands for, and let me just say, the name was there when I joined and I am still lobbying for it to be changed. We agreed that the image would disappear from Myspace, but it hasn't happened yet. But yeah, it repulses me too.

There are four songs and I tought I'd tell you what they are about so you can "get" the jokes:
The Giant Claw - About those 50s and 60s monster movies that were just horribly bad.
The Rainbows - A right wing senator that is active in the anti-gay movement suddently realizes that he is gay.
The Preacher - Pretty clear this one. About rock's conection to Satan. And no, neither of us are fond of Satanism.
From Congo With Love - About two Norwegians involved in a fairly ridiculous court case in Congo

The songs can be found here.

The stuff I did when I went to a folk high school in 07-08
I played bass, sang or did both in these. Some of them have been posted before. The cover of Fight Fire with Fire sucks because the singer blew his voice on the song before it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm at my friend's and I am kinda drunk, but yeah, this was fucking awesome. Much better effort. A win. Beautiful.

Player of the gmae
Jimmah answered everyone.. Great

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now or never

The Wings can still win this, they can do it without too much trouble actually, but if they wanna win, the CANNOT lose tonight. This is it. The Wings need to know that they have to work harder. Want it more. Do it tonight.

Keys to the game
- Play harder, move their feet better, work harder
- Try to get in through the defense and closer to the goal.
- Better zone entries. If they must, it is better to dump it in than losing it at the blue line.
- Stop with the horrendous defensive mistakes.
- Everyone needs to step up

Monday, April 19, 2010

I AM Hockeytown

The Detroit Red Wings, the best organization on earth have been cool enough to put up a video of the pregam show from last night including me and our favourite Canadian latina Maria:

Even cooler than expected. Awesome!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too little, too late and goddamn embarassing

Embarassing, horrifying, bad. Embarassing. I could go on and on. This was the opposite of game 2. One good period and then two horrible ones.

Every Wings player needs to step up and be better, but these Wings sucked major dick tonight:
- Rafalski
- Kronwall
- Lilja
- Franzén (yes I know he scored)
- Filppula

The first started terribly. The Wings were sleeping and the Dogs caught them. First Pasha had to swat away a puck on the line and Lepisto scored on the rebound. Franzén should have had him. But the Wing fought back. They started pressuring. The Dogs got a few chances, but not many and as the period went along they became fewer and fewer and weaker and weaker. Dan Clery had several very big chances and others had nice ones too. Then the Wings got on the PP, Stuart went to the net, got the puck swatted away from him, right on Flip's stick and Val scored. The Wings continued pressuring like hell. They had several huge chances, but got nothing. Then Yandle started cross checking people left and right, then butt-ended Drapes in his face and Drapes had enough. He cross-checked Yandle softly, Yandle took an Olympic style dive and Draper got penalized. The PK was excellent and Phoenix didn't even get to shoot. Then towards the end the Wings got a PP (very cheap). Nothing happened in the 1st period part of it.

The second started with the Wings on the PP. It got nothing. But the Wings got another PP. And got nothing on that either. After that the Wings pressured for a bit and then the game turned into a game with few chances either way. Then the Coyotes got on a PP on a play where Hanzal chose to run into Helm to draw an interference penalty. The PP was very dangerous, but got killed off. But the Coyotes kept the momentum, continued to have chances and kept the Wings to few chances. The few the Wings had were good and they actually scored on, but the whistle was (prematurely?) blown. And then, with 30 seconds left, Kronner's pass hit Abby' skate, the Yotes got it, shot it and Abby didn't have his guy on the rebound. 2-1 Dogs. The Wings need to wake up for the third.

The third period was even worse. The Wings totally fell asleep. The Dogs clogged the neutral zone, preyed on turnovers and got what they wanted. Prucha score on a nice play. Mule scored on a nice play and E fucked up a shift change which lead to a shot that Jimmah should have had. The Wings finally got few chances, but no goals. That's all I got for that one. Absolutely horrible. No energy, trying to make way too smart plays. Just no effort at all. KSS! Keep it simple stupid! And at least pretend that you want it. Right now you look like you want a long vacation.

- Travis Hair of Five for Howling and his fellow Yotes fans sure act like douchebags on Twitter.
- The Joe was ROCKING, but I didn't get to see the pre-game :(
- Doc was impressed by the Joe having chants that weren't organized on forums on the internet. Wow! Yeah, that's called hockey culture.

3 things that worked
- Responded very well to the opening goal
- Nice jerseys
- Lots of Swedish players

3 things that didn't
- Weren't ready for the opening face off.
- Faded babdly in the second.
- Got NOTHING in the third.

Play of the game
The Franzén goal.

Player of the game
Todd Bertuzzi had a real nice game

Home Sweet Home

The Wings are back home, with a tied series in their hands. The last two periods were a big improvement. The Wings offense reared it's monsterous head, even though the defense was a bit weak. That must be fixed over the course of the next few games and I believe it will. But even though the Wings won't win the cup if they can't get their defense to be better, they will win this series. If the Wings continue to provide that much offense, and play with that much will and determination, the Dogs have no chance. They don't have the skill. But I would like to see a game tonight where the Wings continue scoring, but manage to tighten up defensively. If not for anything else, then for Jimmah's sake. And damn, wouldn't it be sweet to be able to pull off the two home games and take a decisive lead back to the desert?

BTW, Kris from over at Snipe snipe, Dangle Dangle report that I will be in tonight's pregame vid. Hopefully the Wings will put it online at some point later in time, but if anyone is at the game tonight I would love to have an amateur video of it.

Keys to the game
- The big guys need to continue their offensive onslaught
- Franzén time?
- Tighten up defensively and minimize at least the most glaring defensive mistakes?
- NO pinching for Rafa

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Curly fucking fries!

My future wife.

Imagine that the leprechaun living under my sink decided to jump on your head for 25 minutes. The Kristen Bell comes, pushes the fucker away and starts blowing you. But less than a minute later, the leprechaun pushes her off and starts jumping on your face. Kristen gets up and throws him off you and starts blowing you again, but he comes back, then she comes back.. for a good stretch of time, but the leprechaun wakes up again, throws her off, bites her and starts jumping on you. A few minute later she is back, throws him into the cupboard and finishes the job. Now that I think of it, Kristen Bell is mine, so fuck off (that includes you, weird guy from Punk'd that she is "engaged" to), imagine Mila Kunis instead. And the get your own god damn leprechaun. But anyway, that's how this game felt.

She just doesn't know it yet

The first period was weird and had a fucking ton of stoppages. The Wings got on their heels early, but got a PP out of it. It was cheap, but got negated by an even cheaper penalty on Bert after a dive by Jovanovski. On their PP the Coyotes had a huge chance, but Cleary saved it. The Wings were the best team for the next minutes, but the Yotes had their chances too. Then an innocent play ended with Flip missing his man Yandle, who scored. That energized the Coyotes and even though the Wings had some good chances, the Dogs dominated the rest of the period. They were faster, harder and wanted it more. The Wings were all wrong. Towards the end the Yotes got another dirt cheap PP, didn't score on the part that was in the first.

The second period started with the second half of the Phoenix PP. The Wings killed it, but didn't look too good at the start of the period. Then a little before the midway mark they got a PP. It looked horrible, but suddently something happened, to start the weirdest, sloppiest 3:58 I have ever seen of a hockey game. Kronwall lost the puck, but it found Z, who found Fil, who got it back and Z scored. Great rush. Right after that Jimmah and Kronner miscommunicated, Kronner got a stick on it, but it ended with Wolski who scored. But the Wings answered with a beautiful feed from Mule to Pasha who scored on a one times. But right after that Rafa pinched, failed and a nice Doan pass ended with Lombardi, who beat Miller, got a breakaway and scored. But the Wings came back when Bertuzzi delivered the puck to Fil right before getting smoked. Fil won the footrace, got the breakaway and scored. All that in 3:58. Then the Wings had a flurry of chances when they were first to the puck, passed faster than the Dogs could hit and shot at every opportunity. They were the best team for the rest of the period, but also gave the Coyotes som way too big chances.

The third started with more Wings pressure, and it paid off. After a little more than two minutes Abby stole a puck, Datysuk style, got a breakaway and scored. Gary's refs answered by promptly putting the Dogs on the PP, but it didn't work. Instead the Wings started dominating and creating some wild chances, but the Yotes got some counter-attacks and when Rafa missed on a pinch, they got a two-on-Lids and Fuckface Doan scored. Second time they scored after Rafa was caught pinching. They promptly got another PP, but it was killed and intead Bert threw a puck at Bryzgalov, and Z shot the rebound home for 5-4. With 4 mins left Doan, for the second time of the night, decided to give the refs no choice but to penalize him and on the PP Bert screened Bryzgalov while Fil scored. And Z got his hat trick in the empty net. Glory! Series tied.

- FS Hamilton/Winnipeg feed and fucking Dave Strader and Tyson Nash are horrible. At times they are wrong about what happens, they are cocky and homerific as fuck and everytime Doan hits someone waaay after the play or dirtily in another way they jizz their pants.
- The refs were gruesome. They missed high sticks, crosschecks to the head, holdings and all kinds of stuff.

3 things that worked
- Woke up in the second.
- Dominant third
- Great PK

3 things that didn't
- The Wings came out flat.
- They still were too sloppy defensively in the second.
- Used too long to put them away

Play of the game
The Pasha goal, what a pass by Franzén, what a finish by Pavel.

Player of the game
Henrik "Curly Fries" Zetterberg

Friday, April 16, 2010

Game 2 preview

The Wings fans have been treated to a lot of unusual stuff lately, losing the division title, starting a series on the road and now opening a series with a loss. But as I and many others have said, there is no reason to panick. The beauty of starting a series on the road is that a loss in game 1, even in games 1 and 2, aren't really that much of a crisis. Having said that, I think the Wings need to play like it is a crisis. On Wednesday they showed a lack of urgency and intensity that doe not belong in the playoffs. They need to step up and play like their playoff lives depend on it. Because while I am not worried about dropping game one, I am worried about the way they played. Hopefully it was a wake-up call and they can do better tonight.

Abdelkader is in for Williams.

Keys to the game
- The Wings need to move their feet more, turn up the intensity and simplify their game.
- Abdelkader needs to start hitting and the team should follow suit. The Wings need to be physical and relentless.
- The PK needs to be MUCH better, same goes for the PP.
- They need to cut down on defensive zone giveaways.
- I'd like to see someone drop the gloves with Doan, but I cannot think of a single guy on the team that wouldn't get his ass kicked in that fight. This is what we signed Brad May for, but he turned out to be scared of real fights, so I guess we'll just have to hit him as hard as he hits us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blood Feud - Review

I know I am going to swear in church here, by writing positively about Denver Post's Adrian Dater, but despite the fact he now and then provokes me (his fight with Chief etc), I actually like the guy. He is a brutally honest, collected and knowledgable beat writer who goes a long way in personally responding to questions and comments. But anywho, this is about his book, which I ordered back in February, while lying drunk in an Austrian hotel room. It arrived last Saturday and I ended up reading it in one night.

The book covers the years between 1996 and 2002 pretty well. He starts with the Draper hit and game 6 in 96, details how Lemieux and Roy came to the Avs and then gets going with the story. Between the stories of the games he gives an insight in the columns written by writers in both cities and also gives short biographies on Roy, Lemieux, Bowman, McCarty and Crawford.

The book is well written, and though Dater is no Hemingway, the language floats well and moves the story along well. Dater ha interviewed a lot of the key people in the book and though the book is (too) short he gives a lot of insight both in how the events were percieved from the inside, from the media and in general. He uses the press to show the hostility between the teams and the players to comment on the general events. And it is truly compelling. Dater has of course gotten a gift in the fact that his subject matter is one of the most interesting in recent sports history, but I personally think he manages to tell the story in a good way.

There are of course negatives here. For one thing I hate reading about Lemieux's life and struggles as it humanizes the devil in a way he shouldn't be humanized, but I see why it is relevant for the book. Dater's focus on journalistic integrity also feels a bit weird at times, but it makes sense in a way because the lack of it is so evident in the writers from both sides of the rivalery. What I do find a bit weird however is that Dater has a bit of a focus on himself at times, while he doesn't quote his own writing a single time. I think he should have chosen one or the other, either tell a little of his own story and give a personal touch to it, and quote himself to give his own perspective on the story. This would of course have rocked with the books neutrality, but could have been interesting. Or he could have omitted most of the personal content and, as he for the most does, let the facts and quotes tell the story. The one thing the current balance does that is positive though is that it keeps the neutrality while, managing, through personal experience to convey some of personality in the different people involved in the story.

One thing he does very well though is to stay neutral. There might be slightly more coverage of the Avs side of the story, but this is natural seeing as this is where he has the most insight. All in all the book is a great read, and even though it has its shortcomings, it is a must read for everyone interested in that rivalery. And kudos for the foreword by Scotty Bowman.

The one thing this book really made me realize is how lucky we are today. Most of the local hockey writers might be stupid and without hockey knowledge and work ethics. We sure have columnists who write moronic stuff, but nothing can match the vile, evil and despicable fest of the columnists and writers from the Blood Feud era. Sometimes they were just and arrogant:'s a rivalery only in Detroit's spiteful dreams.

Mark Kizla after the March 16th 96 game.

Sometimes they were evil and cheapshotting:
But every time (which is not often) The Automobile & Enema capital of America get a championship team, as in 1984 when the Detroit Tiger prevailed in the World Series, the downwardly mobile citiens try to burn it to the ground again... Claude Lemieux should be praised - not assailed, attacked and assaulted . in Detroit (because he prevented them from winning the cup in 95 and 96 - my note)

That collection of thug, lugs, mugs and slugs (reflecting the city they represent...

No wonder the Dead Things were mad. Even with the overtime triumph, they have to stay in Detroit.

All three quotes, Woody Page, March 28th 1996

And the Detroit press made retarded and feeble attempts to keep up with the meanness:

The McNichols crowd [is] inarticulate at best, and routinely bordering on moronic

Keith Gave of the Free Press in an article called "What a dump: This Game Deserved Better" during the 97 conference final.

The Avalanche complains. The Red Wings persever. The Avalanche moans. The Red Wings score. The Avalanche whines. The Red Wings win.

Jason La Canfora of the Free Press during the same WCFs.

And the shit goes on and on, these guys had a pissing match and let's just say that the Avs reporters were better at being mean, they managed to be truly offensive at times, and also the most juvenile, while the Wings writers were stuck in stupidity.

The book also includes the full transcript of Bowman and Crawford's legendary fight.

If you're only gonna read one book this year, then you re-read Dostojevskij's "Brothers Karamazov", but it you would like some good hockey reading, then this is a must.

Damage report

Just a few quick thoughts about what happened last night:

- On the high stick non-call the refs claim they thought it was Fil's stick. That sounds very fucking unlikely to me. His stick was nowhere near Nick's face. Here's what I think happened: The refs were unfocus and everyone were watching elsewhere, as I have stated before, today's referees just aren't fast enough to keep up with the game. They either saw nothing or just something happening in the corner of their eye, which was too blurry to call. When you looked at them after the whistle was blown it was clear that they realized it should have been a penalty, you could see they were embarassed, but as no one saw it, they couldn't call it. They decided to lie and say it was Fil's stick. This is incompetence, the fact that no one saw it is just lame. The NHL need to start schooling an all new crew of refs right now. Go hard at recruiting player who just didn't make the NHL and who quit hockey because of it. Those have the speed in their head to keep up with the game and could be good refs with a few years of schooling. Start using reaction tests when recruiting referees. BTW, lame that they lied, should have just said "sorry, we blew it".

- On the game: I kinda expected the Coyotes to come out with a lot of speed and excitement, but make dumb overexcited errors and get grinded down by a Wings team playing at playoff speed and with a playoff sense of urgency. Instead, the Coyotes looked like the team with playoff experience. They took it to the Wings, played hard and had amazing intensity. They managed to find the line of penalties and keep just on the right side of it for the most part and really took the Wings off their game. The Wings looked slow, tired and just out of it. Babs need to find a way to beat this Coyote tactic. My ideas, play harder, move their feet better and simplify the game.

The FightNight playoff drinking game

This game has no nice graphics, but I want you to play along with me.

You need:
- A bottle of whisky
- Or a bottle of Jäger
- Other booze works too, but tastes like shit
- A glass
- Water, to add a tiiiiiiny drizzle to each glass, to bring out the taste in the whisky.

You take a sip when
- Lidström shows why he is the best defenseman in the world
- Zetterberg dominates someone
- Detroit scores (celebration)
- Phoenix scores (to get drunk)
- There is a bad call
- Datsyuk looks superhuman
- Sidney Crosby is mentioned
- Olympic gold is mentioned
- Howard's rookie status is mentioned

You empty the glass when
- They talk about last year's game 7
- Bertuzzi scores
- Ericsson makes a mistake
- The Wings have a goal called back
- Goalie interference
- Howard's age is drawn into a Calder conversation

You win if
- You're alive after the game

When you deserve no better

So the first game of these playoffs went something like this:

The Wings went out and sucked. The Coyotes beat them down physically and took them out of the game. Now the Wings need to come up with a way to handle that and take it to them in game 2. Speaking of which, losing tonight was not a crisis. That's the good thing about starting on the road. It's okay. Now they have gotten their wake up call and should be ready for game two.

The game started out with the Wings in the drivers seat. They dominated the first half of the period and had the best chances. The only few Coyote chances came after bad defensive Wings errors. The Wings didn't capitalize on their first PP, but then Rafa took the puck up ice, dropped it to Homer who scored from 40 feet. FAAAIL by Bryzgalov. But the Coyotes came back after a dive lead to them getting a PP. They scored when a shot went off Stuart, who was trying to block it. But the Wings came back on the PP (obvious one), when Nick took a low shot, through four sets of feet and into the net. The Wings had the rest of the period and got another PP towards the end. No results in the first.

The rest of the PP opened the second. It didn't get anything, but the Wings kept the pressure. Then the Coyotes took over and got a half-cheap PP. The Wing over committed to a side and they scored. The Wings took over, but the Coyotes had some nice chances and it was not a good period at all for the Wings. Towards the end they got two more PPs, one of them finally one crapface Doan, who only got two for a clear 5-minute charge. But no goals. They need to step up in the third.

The third started with the Yotes getting a PP and scoring. From there it went down and down. The Dogs took it to the Wings and dominated the period. It sucked. With 6-7 minutes left the Dogs got another PP. It got negated by a penalty and on the 4-on-4 some Yotes dude high sticked Nick so he started to bleed. It was obvious and right in front of the eyes of at least one official. I don't know if I wanna see it as blatant fucking blindness and incompentence or something deliberate, but it is unacceptable anyway. A call there would have given the Wings a 1:20 5-on-3 and a lot of PP time. Instead they wasted their PP got outplayed and lost. Which they deserved to do. And now I'm depressed, so I'm gonna steal from TPL and post some loss eye candy, actually the same girl they had pics of today, an old fav of mine, Swedish babe Elin Grindemyr:

- Hhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha. The Pens lost!
- Every play by Shane Doan has intent to injure. Suspend him!
- The fucking Coyotes aren't playing hockey. They just wanna hurt people.

3 things that worked
- Poked holes in Bryzgalov early
- Nothing else
- Nope

3 things that didn't work
- PK was really bad
- Allowed the Coyotes to hit them out of the game at times.
- Lost all the small battles

Play of the game
Nicks goal

Player of the game
Franzén, at least he tried

Song of round one

So, I will pick one song as the official song of each round of the playoffs.

For round one, we go with Florida youngsters Trivium. You might hate them, but I happen to like them alot and this song pretty much describes how I feel about the Coyotes fans:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The big Coyotes preview

First of all. Official hashtag for the series: #beatthesnake. Use it!

So, here's my preview of the series against the Dogs:

The Records
Phoenix: 50-25-7, 107 pts, 225-202 (+23)
Wings: 44-24-14, 102 pts, 229-216 (+13)

Take away the shootout and the Wing would pass the Coyotes.

The goalies
Bryzgalov: 69 GP (69 starts), 42-20-6, 2.29 GAA, .920 save percentage, 8 SO, 1 A, 4 PIM
LaBarbera: 17 GP (13 starts), 8-5-1, 2.13 GAA, .928, 0 SO, 0 A, 0 PIM

Bryzgalov is the best chance the Dogs have of winning. LaBarbera is actually a pretty solid backup. But can he handle being thrown into the playoffs if it comes to that?

Howard: 63 games, (61 starts), 37-15-10, 2.26 GAA, .924, 3 SO, 2 A, 2 PIM
Osgood: 23 GP (21 starts), 7-9-4, 3.02 GAA, .888, 1 SO, 1 A, 0 PIM

The Wings have a hot rookie and a backup that we know has the ability to turn it on for the playoffs.

Point leaders
Wolski 65
Doan 55
Lombardi 53
Stempniak 48
Vrbata 43

Datsyuk 70
Zetterberg 70
Lidstrom 49
Holmstrom 45
Bertuzzi 44

The Wings have a few guys who are higher in points, but the Coyotes score by committee. But one has to believe that the fire power is higher in Detroit and that those numbers would have been different if people had been healthy.

Goal scorers
Stempniak 28
Vrbata 24
Wolski 23
Lombardi 19
Doan, Upshall 18

Datsyuk 27
Holmstrom 25
Zetterberg 23
Bertuzzi 18
Cleary 15

No huge scorers for each team, but again, Detroit have more fire power than it looks like from those numbers.

+/- leaders and losers
Wolski 21
Yandle 16
Lepisto 14
Pyatt 13
Fiddler 13
Nokelainen -9
Korpakoski -10
Jovanovski -12

Rafalski 23
Lidstrom 22
Datsyuk 17
Zetterberg 12
Holmstrom, Kronwall 5
Stuart -12
Meech -12
Ericsson -15

How the Dogs can pull this off
- Bryzgalov shuts the door
- Tight D, keeping the Wings to the perimeter.
- Someone starts scoring
- Referees

Detroit keys to the series
- They need to up the intensity and speed
- Play tight, no defensive collapses, no mistakes and turnovers
- Continue to be good on special teams
- 4 line hockey
- Datsyuk, Z and Franzén need to step up
- Be focused. Do not mail it in.
- Howard

Game 1 keys to the game
- This is an inexperienced team. Go out hard. Be fast, play intense. Show no mercy.
- Tight in the D zone
- Keep the early excited Coyotes at bay and grind them down
- Stay out of the box.

Will Detroit beat the Dogs?

I hope to be able to put up a longer, more serious preview of the series after work today and it will actually be inspired by those old pregames I used to do with the stats and research and stuff. So YAY! It will probably happen after I come home from work tonight... But jeez I am tired. Metallica rocked me last night and my body is Broken, Beat and Scarred.

Anywho, here are 10 reasons the Wings will beat the dogs:

1. We have playoff experience
2. We have two of the NHLs best defensemen, one future Norris winner and Brad Stuart. Also Lilja makes E look good, so our talent level on defense is much bigger than theirs.
3. Z always dominates the other team's top gun in a playoff series.
4. We have the Mule, we have Pasha, we have Homer
5. Our grind line owns every other grind line
6. Jimmah is gonna be huge. I can feel it.
7. Our talent level up front is much higher than theirs
8. We always have an extra gear for the playoff.
9. We don't have Hossa anymore.
10. Our talent level overall greatly outweighs theirs. We just need the team to show up and play tight and with a purpose. If they do that, the Dogs have no chance.

Since I know some of my readers are afraid of jinxes, I will also give you ten reasons we won't win the series:
1. Bryzgalov
2. The NHL owns the Coyotes
3. Gary Bettman
4. Dennis LaRue
5. Brad Watson
6. Dan O'Halloran
7. Goaltender interference
8. Colin Campbell
9. Intent to blow
10. Intent to blow me

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Western Conference previews

I obviously won't do the Wings against Coyotes thing here. I will try to do that tomorrow between work and being deaf and voiceless after tonights Metallica concert.

But here is the Western preview:

1. San Jose Sharks vs. 8. Colorado Avalanche
The records: Sharks: 51-20-11, 113 pts, 264-215 (+49)
Avs: 43-30-9, 95 pts, 244-233 (+11)

History: Sharks: Failure after failure. Avs: Cups in 96 and 01.

Reasons to root for them: Sharks: - You gotta feel bad for them? No? Okay, scratch this one then.
- They have nice je... no they don't
- Got it! They're playing the Avs
Avs: - Could be fun to get to trash them again

Reasons to root against them: Sharks: - How hilarious would it be if they lost?
- Heatley
- Thornton
- Marleau
Avs: - They're the goddamn Avs

So who will Andy root for? The Shark. Avs hate trump everything

Who will win? Sharks in 4.

2. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 7. Nashville Predators
Records: Hawks: 52-22-8, 112 pts, 271-209 (+62)
Preds: 47-29-6, 100, 225-225 (Even)

History: Hawks: Losers since 61. Preds: LOL

Reasons to root for them: Hawks: - We could get to meet them at some point, take them out and shoot them.
Preds: - They're meeting the Hawks
- Barry Trotz

Reasons to root against them: Hawks: - They're the Hawks
- Their bandwagoner fans are annoying cunts
Preds: - They call their city Smashville
- The fucking Tootoo train whistles
- Shae Weber

So who will Andy root for? Preds and Tootoo injuries

Who will win? Hawks in 7.

3. Vancouver Canucks vs. 6. Los Angeles Kings
Records: Nucks: 49-28-5, 103 pts, 272-222 (+50)
LA: 46-27-9, 101 pts, 241-219 (+22)

History: Some close calls, but no cigars on both sides

Reasons to root for them: Nucks: - The Sedins
Kings: - Young cool team
- Jack Johnson

Reasons to root against them: Nucks: - Alex Burrows
- Luongo
- Big ugly team
Kings: - Dean Lombardi is the Masshole
- Their announcers suck cawk

So who will Andy root for? Kings. Dunno why..

Who will win? Nucks in 5

Monday, April 12, 2010

Playoff preview East

Just thought I'd preview the Eastern 1st round series from a Detroit perpective. I do this because I, and I guess many of you, plan on watching more than just Wings hockey over the next couple of months and it is nice to know who to root for

1. Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Canadiens
Records: Washington: 54-15-13, 121 pts, 318-233 (+85). Won the President's trophy.
Montreal: 39-33-10, 88 pts, 217-223 (-6).

History: Washington: No cups, but we all remember 98. Montreal: 25 cups or so.

Reasons to root for them:
Washington: -That Ovechkin guy is pretty fun to watch isn't he?
- I want them to go further than the Pens.
- They make the Pens fans cry.
- Bruce Boudreau looks like a nice old man
Montreal: - They are a classic team
- They would be an easy match for the Wings in the finals

Reasons to root against them:
Washington: - They have Mike Green
- They are pretty darn good
Montreal: - We hate them. They are original six.
- I'd LMAO if they got knocked in the first once again.
- We're gonna get more cups than them one day.

So who will Andy root for? Washington. They're fun to watch and I wanna see OV skullfuck Sid and the Pens.

Who wins? Caps in 4

2. New Jersey Devils vs. 7. Philadelphia Flyers
Records: NJ: 48-27-7, 103, 222-191 (+31), won the Atlantic.
Philly: 41-35-6, 88, 236-225 (+11)

History: The Devs have 3 recent cups, the Flyers have 2 in the 70s.

Reasons to root for them:
Devs: - I have a lot of Devs tweeps
- They have some cool players like Parise
- They always beat the Pens
Flyers: - The Pens hate them.
- I wanna see them beat the Pens.
- They need to go to the ECFs and bang up the other team.

Reasons to root against them:
Devs: - They are scary
- They are boring
Flyers: - Pronger
- They play ugly

So who will Andy root for? The Flyers. The Pens hate them, so I have to root for them.

Who will win? Devs in 6.

3. Buffalo Sabres vs. 6. Boston Bruins
Records: Sabres: 45-27-10, 100 pts, 235-207 (+28)
Bruins: 39-30-13, 91 pts, 206-200 (+6)

History: Sabres never win anything. Bruins won a few waaay back in time.

Reasons to root for them: Sabres: - They have Ryan Miller
Bruins: - Injuries
- Hate towards Matt Cooke

Reasons to root against them: Sabres: - They have Tyler "Calder-thief" Myers
Bruins: - They have Zdeno "Norris-thief" Chara

So who will Andy root for? Zzzzzzzz.. Is this over yet? No? FUCK! Okay, Ryan Miller then.

Who will win? Boredom. And Sabres in 5.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 5. Ottawa Senators
Records: Pens: 47-28-7, 101, 257-237 (+20)
Sens: 44-32-6, 94, 225-238 (-13)

History: Pens: Won back to back cups in 91 and 92. That's it. Sens: Hahahahaha

Reasons to root for them: Pens: - I wanna see them go down against Flyers, Caps or Wings
Sens: - They are playing the Pens

Reasons to root against them: Pens: Error - List too long
Sens: - No clue

So who will Andy root for? Sens of course

Who will win? Sens in 7

Player evaluation

The playoffs and the season are two different things, so I'm gonna do the player evaluation for the season now, before the playoffs start. As you might remember I did an evaluation mid season and you can find it here.

I will once again use numbers (and you guys know how much I hate to use stats and do research) and other things to rate the players. This is how it's gonna go down:

Number. Player Name
Stats: Stats for the year
Expectations: What I expected from the player when the season started (copied from the other one)
Season: How the player has done this season
Moment: My favourite moment of the player from this season (some copied from the midseason one.
Playoffs: My expectations from the player in the playoffs
Grade: A-F partially based on expectations (Midseason grade)

Yup, let's go!


30. Christopher John Osgood
Stats: 23 games, 21 starts, 7-9-6, 3.02 GAA, .888 save %, 1 SO, 1 A, 0 PIM
Expectations:That he would have a better regular season this year and actually be good.
Season: Not much has happened since the first half. In the last 42 games he got 3 starts for a grand total of 5 games. He was decent in them. And his play has been better than last year. But he has been relegated to backup. Bad season for Ozzie.
Moment:The few good saves he made in the 2nd period of the season opener. He was right in front of me for that period. Also, his shutout number 50.
Playoffs: Ride the pine. Be ace if he has to play.
Grade: D (D)

35. James (Tiberius) Howard
Stats: 63 games, 61 starts, 37-15-10, 2.26 GAA, .924 save %, 3 SO, 2 A, 2 PIM
Expectations: That he'd be decent the chances he got and that he'd play as little as possible
Season: After a shaky start, Jimmah took over and was the Wings' clear cut MVP this season. He has been nothing short of spectacular in the net, he is calm and confident and he is the reason we made the playoffs. He deserves the Calder Trophy, but lame ass writers will never give it too him, because he is too old.
Moment: Is that even a question? When he skullfucked Cindy of course!
Playoffs: Conn Smythe Trophy
Grade: A (A)


3. Andreas Lilja
Stats: 20 GP, 1 G, 1 A, -2, 4 PIM
Expectations: Get healthy dude!
Season: Lilja came back after the Olympics and though his stats aren't impressive, he has solidified the blueline and made E and Lebda look a lot safer.
Moment: When he scored right after Hollis had called it.
Playoffs: Be a defensive force and keep E safe.
Grade: B (N/A)

5. Nicklas Erik Lidström
Stats: 82 GP, 9 G, 40 A, +22, 24 PIM
Expectations: That he'd reclaim his crown as NHL's top defenseman
Season: He hasn't done that, but after having to keep a squad of young defensemen together in the firt half he has come on strong in the second half. He has been ace defensively and contributed to the offense. He should get Norris consideration, but he won't. Arseholes.
Moment: When he finished up the perfect play for the first goal in the game against Chicago in January.
Playoffs: A major force offensively and defensively. Lifting the cup gracefully and handing it to James T. Howard.
Grade: B (C)

14. Derek Meech
Stats: 49 GP, 2 G, 4 A, -12, 19 PIM
Expectations: That he'd not get much ice time, but be solid in the little he got.
Season: Meech took a hit in his +/- in the second half, but he was better than Lebda. He still is pretty fucking bad as a defenseman, but surprised us all by being a decent forward. Make him a full time forward next year.
Moment: The 7 seconds or so against the Sens in the first period that earned him an assist.
Playoffs: Press box baby, press box.
Grade: C (D)

22. Brett Steven Lebda
Stats: 63 GP, 1 G, 7 A, -2, 24 PIM
Expectations:That he would work on his defense and become more solid as the season went along
Season: He has better numbers than Meech, but has been worse. He has sucked this season, except for a few games with Lilja. DO NOT RESIGN!
Moment: His game winning goal in Vancouver. That was a nice play
Playoffs: Press box action. Decent play if he has to step in.
Grade: D (D)

23. Bradley Stuart
Stats: 82 GP, 4 G, 16 A, -12, 22 PIM
Expectations: That he'd make up for game 7
Season: He had a stellar first half. Then he faded a bit and made some mistakes. A good season though for Stuart.
Moment: When he levelled Anisimov
Playoffs: No repeats of game 7.
Grade: B (A)

28. Brian Christopher Rafalski
Stats: 78 GP, 8 G, 34 A, +23, 26 PIM
Expectations: That he'd be solid defensively and provide some good offense.
Season: He struggled a bit defensively at times and hasn't matched his previous offensive output, but he has had a good season in both ends, hasn't struggled against Rick Nash and his Olympics rocked (though they do not count here).
Moment: When he in two games, shortly after each other (I think the Ducks game was the first one), had identical nice shot-passes that Datsyuk tipped in on the PP.
Playoffs: Be an offensive force, while offensively sound.
Grade: B (C)

37. Douglas Janik
Stats: 13 GP, 0 G, 2 A, -3, 18 PIM
Expectations: Fuck cares, he's not gonna be on the Wings anyway
Season: He has gotten a few games with the Wings and though he has some good calmness, his errors are way too huge, has NEVER been and is NOT an NHL-calibre player.
Moment: When he led the rush and went straigh to the net in the first period against the Dogs. Sadly the play failed and he never got the puck.
Playoffs: Press box
Grade: D (D)

46. Jakub Kindl
Stats: 3 GP, 0 G, 0 A, -2, 0 PIM
Expectations: That he'll learn a lot in GR
Season: In his three games he was decent, not more nor less.
Moment: None
Playoffs: Press box
Grade: - (-)

52. Jonathan Ericsson
Stats: 62 GP, 4 G, 9 A, -15, 44 PIM
Expectations: To continue his greatness from last season.
Season: Decent offense, but he has made too many bad plays and too many turnovers. He has been shaky. He's become a bit better after Lilja came back.
Moment: His tying goal (1-1) in the season opener. It happened right in front of me and was the first Wings goal I ever saw in person.
Playoffs: Play it SAFE dude!
Grade: C (C)

55. Niklas Kronwall
Stats: 48 GP, 7 G, 15 A, +5, 32 PIM
Expectations: That he'd be one of the best Wings defensemen and level everyone in his sight.
Season: He missed a lot of the season with injury, but in the games he got he was good. He is rock solid defensively and offensively he is a force of his own. Hopefully he can stay healthy next year.
Moment: His one-timer against the Oilers
Playoffs: 4 goals, 12 assists, 4 HUGE hits and a cup.
Grade: B (A)


8. Justin Abdelkader
Stats: 50 GP, 3 G, 3 A, -11, 35 PIM
Expectations: That he'd learn in GR and get a few good games in Detroit.
Season: Abbie was a solid pest for the Wings in the games he got. Played good defense and had a little offense.
Moment: When he levelled Kane. Bang!
Playoffs: I hope he gets to play and does it well.
Grade: C (B)

11. Daniel Cleary
Stats: 64 GP, 15 G, 19 A, -3, 29 PIM
Expectations: That he'd have a great season and be considered for team Canada
Season: He's been up and down this season. He has been injured for a bit and hasn't delivered top notch on the top lines. He seems to work better in a third line grinding position.
Moment: His amazing comeback game against the Flyers
Playoffs: Grind it out, score som big goals.
Grade: C (B)

13. Pavel Valerievich Datsyuk
Stats: 80 GP, 27 G, 43 A, +17, 18 PIM
Expectations: Compete for the Hart
Season: He has looked disinterested at times and his season hasn't been all we hoped for, but he has played well, dominated in takeaways and was the teams top goal- and point scorer. When he wants to he is the best player on earth.
Moment: His amazing steal and goal against the Preds.
Playoffs: Conn Smythe consideration.
Grade: B (C)

17. Patrick Eaves
Stats: 65 GP, 12 G, 10 A, even, 26 PIM
Expectations: Good addition by Kenny. He should be a good grindliner.
Season: Best FA steal ever. Eaves has grinded, he has killed penalties like a motherfucking hero. He has scored. He has been amazing all around. On a better line he'd score 20, but he fits right in on the line he is on now and could emerge as one of the league's premier two-way forwards in a few years. And he's our new enforcer :P RE-SIGN NOW!
Moment: When he fought Versteeg and Russell. One tie and one win!
Playoffs: Great PK, a few timely goals, some grind and one HUGE fight.
Grade: A (B)

18. Kirk Maltby
Stats: 52 GP, 4 G, 2 A, +1, 32 PIM
Expectations: Work nicely, agitate, be a fringe player
Season: He has stirred shit up, agitated, played excellent defense and PK and had his bet year since the lockout. A shame he got hurt, but I look forward to see him again for late playoff heroics and hopefully next year.
Moment: His shorty in the season opener. I was standing from when he reached the red line and seeing him come towards me and roof it was a thing of beauty. (It still makes me almot cry)
Playoffs: Come in in the 2nd or 3rd round and be a hero.
Grade: B (C)

20. Andrew Miller
Stats: 80 GP, 10 G, 9 A, +2, 12 PIM
Expectations: When he got picked up: This guy's a pest, can hopefully grind a bit.
Season: He has been great. Good PK work, good defensive work. He has done well over the whole ice and scored some big goals.
Moment: His Bobby Orr like goal against TB.
Playoffs: Continue like he is going right now.
Grade: B (A)

Ville Leino is gone. HURRAH! But I wanna grade him with the grade Troll.

24. Bradley S. May
Stats: 40 GP, 0 G, 1 A, -1, 66 PIM
Expectations: Keep the flies away
Season: Worked hard, but his time is over. He did not do his task. He is pretty useless. Good guy though.
Moment: The goal he got robbed of.
Playoffs: Press box
Grade: E (D)

29. Jason Williams
Stats: 44 GP, 6 G, 9 A, -7, 8 PIM
Expectations: Decent play, a few goals
Season: And he delivered pretty much that. Injuries took a lot of his season, but he played okay, but made dumb mistakes and wasn't a difference maker.
Moment: When he scored many goals over a short span of games.
Playoffs: Good PP presence. I'd like him to have a good press box presence though.
Grade: C (C)

33. Kristopher Draper
Stats: 81 GP, 7 G, 15 A, -2, 28 PIM
Expectations: Win draws, play solidly, be good defensively.
Season: He's been great. He has skated fast, worked hard and provided a bit of offense. A good mentor for the young kids.
Moment: His goal in the Blues game we actually won.
Playoffs: Faceoff man. Win them. Play hard.
Grade: B (B)

40. Henrik Zetterberg
Stats: 74 GP, 23 G, 47 A, +12, 26 PIM
Expectations: Show the world why he's the game's most dominat player
Season: Carried the offense for a long while. Then he got injured. After that he was a little more on and off, but had a nice season and was ace defensively.
Moment: Curly fries, though I didn't get any of'em.
Playoffs: Conn Smythe consideration
Grade: B (A)

42. Mattias Ritola
Stats: 5 GP, 0 G, 0 A, even, 0 PIM
Expectations: None
Season: Showed some nice offense and a lot of toughness in his 5 games. I love this kid!
Moment: When he decided to hit everything and everyone in the 2nd vs. the Avs.
Playoffs: Press box I guess
Grade: L (for love) (B)

43. Darren Helm
Stats: 75 GP, 11 G, 13 A, -2, 18 PIM
Expectations: Keep his stuff up for a full season.
Season: Energizer bunny supreme. Fast as Usain, works hard, great on the PK. And I love guys who score shorties. Proved he is the real deal.
Moment When he met Herm
Playoffs: Another kill.
Grade: B (B)

44. Todd Bertuzzi
Stats: 82 GP, 18 G, 26 A, -7, 80 PIM
Expectations: Please have a good season Todd.
Season: He has sucked, then been awesome, and sucked and been good. Works hard, but has no consistency. And now I have to sing his song. DAMN! Also takes way too many penalties.
Moment: The OT winner against Anaheim. A goalscorer's goal followed by a hilarious celebration. Also, kudos for not decking Trevor Thompson when he called the celebration "pre-teen like".
Playoffs: Please be Jekyll-Todd and not Hyde-Todd.
Grade: C (B)

51. Valtteri Filppula
Stats: 55 GP, 11 G, 24 A, -4, 24 PIM
Expectations: To grow into one of the team's elite centermen.
Season: He was injured for a while, but has quietly been a good producer, while being good defensivlely. Needs more shoot.
Moment: When I learnt to spell his name.
Playoffs: He needs to be awesome.
Grade: B (B)

93. Johan Franzén
Stats: 27 GP, 10 G, 11 A, +1, 22 PIM
Expectations: Continue domination and scoring
Season: Missed most of the season, but has been very good since he came back. He is a force and creates so much room. Also, very good defensively.
Moment: When he came back and was awesome.
Playoffs: His regular playoff form.
Grade: B (-)

96. Tomas Holmström
Stats: 68 GP, 25 G, 20 A, +5, 60 PIM
Expectations: Have a better and healthier year
Season: He has worked his ass off against defensemen, goalies and refs. Scored a bunch of goals and played really well. His best year in a long time.
Moment: When his ass pissed of the BJs.
Playoffs: Keep it up!
Grade: A (A)

Oh the Dogs are playing high

The Phoenix blog Five For Howling posted this absolutely disgusting guide to keeping Wings fans out of their barn in the playoffs. Among the nuggets were these:

Rather it means we have to deal with their annoying, know-it-all, douchebag fans thinking they can come into OUR HOUSE and thinking they can run things. To that end i'm asking for you to step it up for the playoffs and do the following things.

If you see anyone with an octopus report them to security immediately. Or punch them in the damn face, take the octopus and throw it in the trash. Then throw said fan into the trash.

# This is our white out. You know some jerkstore is going to show up in their solid red Wings jersey to f it up. Bring white paint. Do what comes naturally.
# See if you can find Wings merchandise at a discount so that you have a way to light your grills during tailgating. Red Wing flags? Burn em. Red Wings jerseys? Burn 'em. Red Wings cars? Burn 'em. Red Wings lighters? Burn 'em.
# Buy rattlesnakes. Why? New Promotion: Anyone with an octopus automatically receives a rattlesnake in their car after the game.
# You'll need to bring one of those Tide Stain remover pens to get the Red Wing fan blood out of your nice white jersey.

Yay! Way to show class Phoenix fans. I get that you are kinda bitter going through all the struggles that come with being the future Hamilton/Winnipeg/Seattle/Kansas City/Quebec Bulldogs/Jets/Metropolitans/Chiefs/Nordiques and that you are determined to one up us all now that you have minor success. But still, shut the fuck up, it in your seat, behave and come back to me when you have the followng:
- A playoff tradition
- Some cups
- A shot at winning the whole thing
- People in attendance
- A team next year

And believe me, the Wingnuts will be loud! So.. Serven, Jess, Sullyosis and everyone else going. Show them how one does it in a real hockey city! Go Wings!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

200th post is a recap

How fitting that post #200 and the end of the regular season fall on the same day.

The first started with some Hawk chances, but then it turned into a battle, with a lot of action in the neutral zone. Both teams had chances, a few good ones, but not many good ones. And JWil hit the post. Then, with a little more than 5 mins left of the period the Wings had a huge chance and a Wing was pulled down from behind on it, and the ref blew for a penalty. On Draper. For nothing. Just what we have come to expect from Penis LaRue and his Red Wings-hating ways. The defense pulled up to high on the PK, the refs allowed what would have been goalie interference if it was the Wings, and the Hawks scored. The Wings got a make up call right after that and had some good chances, but the uselessness of JWil fucked up parts of it and bad luck and Niemi did the rest.

The second was horrible. The first 7-8 minutes the Wings saw 8 shots and some HUGE chances, and nothing of the offensive zone. Luckily Jimmah was huge! They even played with their fate by getting awfully close not only to a too many men on the ice, but Draper got away with a too-many-sticks-in-his-hands. But then Cleary broke in, delievered the Wings first shot of the period and Eaves jammed the rebound home. The Wings had some life right after this and at another time, but the Hawks continued to dominate. Then they got a cheap PP which was killed. The kill energized them, but then they took another. TWO Detroit players broke their sticks in the first second of that one, but the Wings still killed it and got on the PP at the end of it. No goals on the part of the PP that was in the second.

The Wings started the 3rd on the PP. They didn't score, but kept it going and dominated the period. Not to the same extent that the Hawks dominated the second, but they had the play. They got rewarded halfway through when a shot from Rafalski was deflected in by Homer. Sadly the Hawks came back when a series of end to end plays featuring a lot of #Eavesed moments ended with the puck going in off Hawks skate. It was reviewed briefly, but correctly deemed a good goal. With less than 3 minutes left the Hawks got another cheap PP and got REALLY close, but the Wings held on.

The Wings had most of the play in overtime and after 3+ minutes Zetterberg escaped some vicious hooking from Toews (the referees stopped working in the OT) and got it to Cleary, who returned it to Stuart. Stuy buried it in the open net. WIN! Phoenix in round one. And we won the season series! Yes, it's 7-7 in points, but one of the Hawks points came off the lottery and we all know the lottery is a fucking retarded joke. In real points it is actually 7-5 (the lottery game gives a point to each for a tie, while Chicago didn't get the loser point tonight).

- Is the United Center really that dark, or is it just that TV is badly done from there? Horrible to watch.
- I hate the Fratellis and that motherfucking "song"

3 things that worked
- Jimmah
- Effective in the 2nd
- Dominant third and OT

3 things that didn't
- PK fail by the defense who left too much space in front of the net.
- Horrible play in the 2nd.
- Took too many penalties

Play of the game
The game winner. Grit, teamwork and beauty.

Player of the game

Championship video

UPDATE: Viddler version of the video added at the bottom for if/when youtube blocks the audio.

I made a vid to inspire us all for the playoffs. Youtube might block the audio very soon, so watch it quickly before that happens! If it does, I will try to upload it to another source. Enjoy:

Chickenhawk preview

Last game of the regular season. It is on and I am officially psyched for the best/worst/most exciting two months in a hockey fan's year. The playoffs. But first it's the little task of sticking it to baby bro. I didn't care much about the BJ games, I mean, BJs aren't really as exciting as the real thing are they? But this, this is real. First of all, one DOES NOT LOSE to the Blackhawks. Second of all, if we lose this game, the Hawks take the season series. If we win in overtime/the lottery, we tie it. If we win in regulation, we win it. So let's get a win and win this fucker. Thirdly, it'd be a nice way to get (further) into the Hawks's heads before the playoffs. So bring it on, play a nice game and show little brother who's the boss!

Keys to the game
- Don't get hurt, not even slightly.
- Tight defense.
- Avoid injuries
- Take advantage of defensemen that aren't Keith or Seabrook
- Don't break anything, fracture anything, don't even get a scratch
- Good goaltending
- Don't be the victims of injuring plays
- It'd be nice to light up their goalies and put another dent in them before the playoffs.
- Don't let them touch you at all.
- Pasha needs to show Keith and Seabrook who is boss.
- Don't get injured
- Someone hit the Hoser into the next decade
- Avoid injuries

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sexual Innuendo Night at the Joe

..or well, the Nationwide Arena. Warning, this is the most juvenile recap ever. The childishness made me only half follow the game.

The first was really weird. A lot of whistles. The Wings dominated the play and had a lot of great chances and some real nice plays, including a solo rush by Miller that sadly ended in him being tripped by Clitsome. But all the chances ended in a bad pass, a missed puck, a shot right outside or a great save by Mason. And the BJs were fast and dangerous on the counter attack. The Wings got two PPs and we almost thought they scored on one of those. But we didn't. Towards the end the BJs got a PP after Rafa got badly outplayed. They didn't score on the part of it that was in the first.

The second started with a BJ PP. It was killed, but the teams traded chances for the first half of the period. Both had good chances, both were really sloppy, both got saved by luck and good goalies. Then the BJs got two PPs in a row. They were killed, but had a lot of dangerous stuff. On the first Clitsome hit the post. On the second, Umberger had a glorious breakaway but hit the post. After that both had good chances again, but no goals.

Dirty tweets
I absolutely was in a very, very juvenile mood tonight and tortured by tweeps with dirty tweets. Some were great, some obvious and some pointless. For those who missed them. I present them all here:
- when you get the BJs, you also have to work the Clitsome
- Filppula can't finish - Bjs... yeah, gonna listen for sexual puns all night
- the Wings go for rebounds with the BJs
- BJ-penalty for hooking
- Red Wings denied entry into the BJ-zone :P
- Nash is playing hard for the BJs
- wouldn't it be great if the BJs got a goal disallowed for intent to blow?
- If you get traded to Columbus, does it become a forced BJ? And isn't that illegal?
- you mentioned a BJ-feed earlier. Can we have that too or does one need to be good looking to get it?
- those are som dirty BJs!
- What a juicy BJ hit!
-Also, those are some quick BJs
- Just glad they all are using protection - BJs
- that's a sloppy BJ!
- A stick snapped during a BJ chance. OUCH!
- The BJs were much better last year than they are this year
- well, BJs aren't really scoring are they?
- too many men is called when a BJ comes on the ice too early
- 3rd coming up: Bring on the BJs
- Don't believe this one hasn't been used yet: Last week the Wings almost blew it with the BJs
- Franzen couldn't get in
- Mason got his loong stick out there for the BJs
- Datsyuk in the middle of a BJ sandwich
- Wings putting a barrage of shots on the BJs
- Wings had a sloppy second with the BJs
- Wings in a 4-on-4 situation with BJs
- game over. Time for BJs in the shower. Wet, sweaty BJs

Luckily a few people joined me with these nuggets:

- The Red Wings are responding to the BJs by driving hard to the slot. Hopefully they score.
- If the BJs start getting rough, you can bet one of the Wings will retaliate by spearing Clitmore.
- The BJs have regained some of their intensity thanks to Clitsome's sustained pressure in the offensive zone
- It's not the quantity that matters - it's the quality.
- Hopefully if the BJs can't get the job done in 60 minutes, an extra 5 won't help.
- I honestly thought Bertuzzi would end this whole BJ mess by going for the 5-hole. Either way, he scored.

- BJ Manager coming up - I do not want that job
- 10th anniversary of the BJ?
- "Young BJ group coming this fall" FTW
- BJ check card and banking, man it's gotten easier...
- dude with the BJ card, I'm pretty sure we're in
- Can we get some BJ highlights and analysis during the break?
- Man they don't give BJ prize packs at the Joe
- Bertuzzi denied by a BJ - hey that's a great reason I suppose
- We just gained the BJ zone
- you had me at juicy BJ
- Val don't leave, stay with the BJ
- Cleary interrupted the BJ activity
- This is a grinding BJ effort
- They have BJ box operators? I'm getting confused, sounds complicated
- BJ cameramen I completely understand
- Now antibiotics are being advertised on the BJ channel - ew, Ohio
- BJ + Cialis + redwings = one hell of a night (but call your dr for an erection lasting more than 4 hours)
- Coach wants the BJ to get in the face of the opposition
- BJ need extra time to finish!
- Russell most improved BJ!
- Detroit entries have been perfect all night
- BJ shoot out - finally
- Tuzz with the BJ blast - ahhhh relief
- If I like #redwings better than BJ, does that make me a pervert?

- The BJs are playing with some teeth! Everyone should fear a BJ with teeth! #RedWings #BlueJackets
- Despite BJ effort, they were unable to get it up. Get up in score I mean.
- "Clitsome rattles one off the iron" ::giggles::
- Nash is a premium BJ. Uses his soft hands to get the big shot off.

- These BJs are boring me.
- Have the BJs always been this boring? First they were just bad, then they were Hitchcocked, now they are bad again. Dullsville. :(
- That's because the BJs aren't performing all that well.

- surprisingly also omitted: the toothless bJ

- A BJ shoot out? All I have to say is goggles.

- Wings have survived an onslaught of BJ's and still haven't blown it.

- Bertuzzi finished off the BJs, and somewhere @mpetrella weeps.
- And the BJs fans shouldn't feel too bad about a great game. You win some, you #Clitsome.

- And that's two BJ's finished for the night..
- Give credit, crafty pokecheck, way to handle the stick...

- isn't whipping the long stick out illegal in public
- a 4some with bjs?
- Radio now working but aparently clitsome for bjs has a quick release
- I have no idea who wings bjs game is on radio but paulson found howards 5hole

- Thanks BJs, for the uncomfort. moment when I had 2 explain my giggling 2 Mom upon hearing that Clitsome was having trouble 'keeping it in'.
- Taking longer than expected for the #RedWings to get their happy ending from the BJs. Heading to OT. #ThisWontGetOld
- No one likes a lazy BJ

- I'm kind of disappointed in the lack of BJ shots...
- Anyone else think all the hitting of goalposts is a metaphor for something else?
- Hahaha, the BJ shot wide of the net...

- Man, overtime is the worst part of any BJ experience...
- Seriously after 60+ minutes of a BJ "game" your jaw should be about to fall off...

- Tuzzi finished the Bjs that's perfect.

- Bertuzzi runs into Clitsome & loses his stick.
- 5 mins of BJ OT is usually not enough time to score.

- Yeah, but ConkBlock is no longer with the Wings...

Thanks guys! I have never had more fun watching a game!

3 things that worked
- Good dominance at times.
- Jimmah
- Got Nash pissed

3 things that didn't work
- Gave up too many good counter-attacks.
- Sloppy in the second
- Had to use the SO

Play of the game
Bert's SO winner

Player of the game
Howard. Shutout baby!