Sunday, April 11, 2010

200th post is a recap

How fitting that post #200 and the end of the regular season fall on the same day.

The first started with some Hawk chances, but then it turned into a battle, with a lot of action in the neutral zone. Both teams had chances, a few good ones, but not many good ones. And JWil hit the post. Then, with a little more than 5 mins left of the period the Wings had a huge chance and a Wing was pulled down from behind on it, and the ref blew for a penalty. On Draper. For nothing. Just what we have come to expect from Penis LaRue and his Red Wings-hating ways. The defense pulled up to high on the PK, the refs allowed what would have been goalie interference if it was the Wings, and the Hawks scored. The Wings got a make up call right after that and had some good chances, but the uselessness of JWil fucked up parts of it and bad luck and Niemi did the rest.

The second was horrible. The first 7-8 minutes the Wings saw 8 shots and some HUGE chances, and nothing of the offensive zone. Luckily Jimmah was huge! They even played with their fate by getting awfully close not only to a too many men on the ice, but Draper got away with a too-many-sticks-in-his-hands. But then Cleary broke in, delievered the Wings first shot of the period and Eaves jammed the rebound home. The Wings had some life right after this and at another time, but the Hawks continued to dominate. Then they got a cheap PP which was killed. The kill energized them, but then they took another. TWO Detroit players broke their sticks in the first second of that one, but the Wings still killed it and got on the PP at the end of it. No goals on the part of the PP that was in the second.

The Wings started the 3rd on the PP. They didn't score, but kept it going and dominated the period. Not to the same extent that the Hawks dominated the second, but they had the play. They got rewarded halfway through when a shot from Rafalski was deflected in by Homer. Sadly the Hawks came back when a series of end to end plays featuring a lot of #Eavesed moments ended with the puck going in off Hawks skate. It was reviewed briefly, but correctly deemed a good goal. With less than 3 minutes left the Hawks got another cheap PP and got REALLY close, but the Wings held on.

The Wings had most of the play in overtime and after 3+ minutes Zetterberg escaped some vicious hooking from Toews (the referees stopped working in the OT) and got it to Cleary, who returned it to Stuart. Stuy buried it in the open net. WIN! Phoenix in round one. And we won the season series! Yes, it's 7-7 in points, but one of the Hawks points came off the lottery and we all know the lottery is a fucking retarded joke. In real points it is actually 7-5 (the lottery game gives a point to each for a tie, while Chicago didn't get the loser point tonight).

- Is the United Center really that dark, or is it just that TV is badly done from there? Horrible to watch.
- I hate the Fratellis and that motherfucking "song"

3 things that worked
- Jimmah
- Effective in the 2nd
- Dominant third and OT

3 things that didn't
- PK fail by the defense who left too much space in front of the net.
- Horrible play in the 2nd.
- Took too many penalties

Play of the game
The game winner. Grit, teamwork and beauty.

Player of the game


  1. Nice recap. I actually took a nap after Eaves scored until the beginning of the 3rd period. Sounds like I didn't miss much.

    We got the win, clinched 5th in the west (who would've guessed?), and no one got hurt. A perfect outcome.

    What a regular season. I can't remember the last time the last two months of the season mattered so much. It was a lot of fun to watch the Wings battle their way into the playoffs.

    Now, bring on the Coyotes. Whoo Hoo!

  2. haha, you sure as hell didn't.

    And I agree, perfect result to the game and who would have thought two months ago that we'd end up in 5th? And this season, while frustrating, has been kinda fun, because all the the games have mattered.

    The Dawgs are going DOWN