Monday, April 5, 2010

3 recaps at the price of one

So, because of bad weather we went home yesterday and I saw the CBJ game last night before falling asleep at 7 PM. Woke up early this morning (or in the middle of the night really and saw the Nash and Philly games. Here are my thoughts on all three.

After a weird first period and a bad first 7-8 minutes of the second, the Wings dominated this game and deserved a bigger win. Some nice goals, but they were too sloppy defensively and Jimmah had to be huge at times. Pasha had an AWESOME goal. Kinda funny to get a review go our way AGAIN. Also loved Bert's handball goal. Fun to see Rick Nash channel his inner Crosby.
Player of the game: Pasha

Shitty game. Nashville were excellent and made it a grinding game. They were great on defense. I think it was healthy for the Wings to have a game like this (and the next) against a tight defense and with some rough stuff, because I think they will see more of that in the playoffs. We all know that no team will wanna play a HOCKEY game against the Wings, and this is the way to beat them. Nashville scored on two shit bounces and a bad play by the Wings. Good to get a point, but very unnecessary to let in that goal in OT. BTW, loved to see Weber channelling his inner Crosby. Also, I have a confession to make. I was wrong. I said that Derek Meech is not and will never be an NHL caliber player. I was wrong. He will never be an NHL caliber defenseman, but he has been great as a forward, he was amazing in this game and I would love for the Wings to keep him on as the 13th forward.
Player of the game: Pasha again.

Wow. This was rough, dirty and the Laperriere hit on Helm was vicious. Carcillo is a grade A douchebag. The Wings were the better team and should have scored more, but Boucher was great. All three Wings goals were great, two nice ones by the grinders and a really NICE one by Pasha. But the goals against.. shit! The first was a bad play by Rafa, but I don't care how long you have been sitting, an NHL goal should have that one. The second was a result of Bert pinching at the wrong time. Ozzie was a bit out of position, but it would have been a goal anyway. The last two Ozzie had no chance on. Bad plays by Rafa and Lebda respectively. All four goals were very unnecessary. On the bright side Oz was great after the first 10.
Player of the game: Dan Cleary

The good thing:
Calgary lost, so the Wings have clinched a playoff spot. Congrats guys! VERY WELL DESERVED!

The videos
If you havent't seen them, check them out! For those of you who have seend them, you will probably get a laugh out of the fact that an Avs fan commented on the Roy one on youtube, asking me to die in a fire.


  1. Did he ask politely at least?

  2. Nah... He wrote: "I hope you die in a fire"

  3. That's awful big of you to admit being wrong (in part) about Meech. I really like him as a forward too and would love to see him back next year after finally finding out he can do something on the ice.
    Also, I'm with Rob, he should have at least said please.

  4. Yeah, I was kinda surprised to see how well Meech did at forward.

    Yeah, but if he did he wouldn't be an Avs fan would he?

  5. Ah, this is true. I keep forgetting the Avs fan I know is nicer to me than most, we usually just shut up in anger rather than tell each other to die painful deaths- we share some weird kind of hockey respect you wouldn't expect from an Avs fan...

  6. hehe, actually my best friend is an Avs fan and he's a nice guy...

  7. Ah yes, forgot about him. So there are TWO nice (or partly nice in the case of the guy I know, he isn't as nice to people who aren't me...) Avs fans out there? I'm floored. I guess even the Avs deserve some decent fans though :)

  8. hehe yeah. I guess so. Actually another guy I knew growing up is also... no wait a second, though he's my friend, he's also an asshole and I think he jumped ship and became a Caps fan. And I really never see him anymore