Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chickenhawk preview

Last game of the regular season. It is on and I am officially psyched for the best/worst/most exciting two months in a hockey fan's year. The playoffs. But first it's the little task of sticking it to baby bro. I didn't care much about the BJ games, I mean, BJs aren't really as exciting as the real thing are they? But this, this is real. First of all, one DOES NOT LOSE to the Blackhawks. Second of all, if we lose this game, the Hawks take the season series. If we win in overtime/the lottery, we tie it. If we win in regulation, we win it. So let's get a win and win this fucker. Thirdly, it'd be a nice way to get (further) into the Hawks's heads before the playoffs. So bring it on, play a nice game and show little brother who's the boss!

Keys to the game
- Don't get hurt, not even slightly.
- Tight defense.
- Avoid injuries
- Take advantage of defensemen that aren't Keith or Seabrook
- Don't break anything, fracture anything, don't even get a scratch
- Good goaltending
- Don't be the victims of injuring plays
- It'd be nice to light up their goalies and put another dent in them before the playoffs.
- Don't let them touch you at all.
- Pasha needs to show Keith and Seabrook who is boss.
- Don't get injured
- Someone hit the Hoser into the next decade
- Avoid injuries

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