Thursday, April 15, 2010

Damage report

Just a few quick thoughts about what happened last night:

- On the high stick non-call the refs claim they thought it was Fil's stick. That sounds very fucking unlikely to me. His stick was nowhere near Nick's face. Here's what I think happened: The refs were unfocus and everyone were watching elsewhere, as I have stated before, today's referees just aren't fast enough to keep up with the game. They either saw nothing or just something happening in the corner of their eye, which was too blurry to call. When you looked at them after the whistle was blown it was clear that they realized it should have been a penalty, you could see they were embarassed, but as no one saw it, they couldn't call it. They decided to lie and say it was Fil's stick. This is incompetence, the fact that no one saw it is just lame. The NHL need to start schooling an all new crew of refs right now. Go hard at recruiting player who just didn't make the NHL and who quit hockey because of it. Those have the speed in their head to keep up with the game and could be good refs with a few years of schooling. Start using reaction tests when recruiting referees. BTW, lame that they lied, should have just said "sorry, we blew it".

- On the game: I kinda expected the Coyotes to come out with a lot of speed and excitement, but make dumb overexcited errors and get grinded down by a Wings team playing at playoff speed and with a playoff sense of urgency. Instead, the Coyotes looked like the team with playoff experience. They took it to the Wings, played hard and had amazing intensity. They managed to find the line of penalties and keep just on the right side of it for the most part and really took the Wings off their game. The Wings looked slow, tired and just out of it. Babs need to find a way to beat this Coyote tactic. My ideas, play harder, move their feet better and simplify the game.


  1. Good ideas for Friday night. Keep it simple and the penalty kill should fix itself. Fix the penalty kill and the Coyotes are sunk.

    I'm not worried (yet). There's plenty of time and the things that need to be fixed are pretty easy fixes. I still like the Wings chances.

  2. I agree. The nice thing about starting on the road is that dropping game 1 (and possibly game 2) is okay. You're not in trouble until you lose at home...