Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter notice and more

So, today I am going away for Easter. I will be in the mountains skiing with my extended family. Hopefully it will be fun. Leaving in a few hours. I will have no internet there, so this site will not have any updates while I am gone. I return Monday afternoon/evening, but I will try and watch the three games I will miss while gone before I go online and get everything spoiled. That week will also be kinda crazy and shit with a lot of work for some uni papers, but expect a post Monday night/early Tuesday. Happy Easter everyone!

On the playoff clinching topic:
1. I hate to say this, but the Blackhawks are gone, no way we are catching them.
2. We still need five more points to clinch. Those can come either by the Wings getting them or by the Flames losing them, or of course a combination of both. Hopefully this will be done before I get home.

It is April Fools day today, but I don't have time to make an April Fools story, so instead, here are some good headlines/ideas for stories YOU can write:
- Phoenix Coyotes sold to a group who intends to keep the team in Phoenix.
- Gary Bettman's new best friend, Jim Balsillie
- Gary Bettman's great decision
- Chris Osgood to start for the Red Wings.
- Chris Pronger helps an old lady across the street.
- Corey Perry in Lady Byng contention
- Sidney Crosby won a fair fight

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  1. Corey Perry in Lady Byng Contension is the funniest thing ever. You know, our feisty Dats did look like he wanted to give away LB... at times, haha.