Thursday, April 15, 2010

The FightNight playoff drinking game

This game has no nice graphics, but I want you to play along with me.

You need:
- A bottle of whisky
- Or a bottle of Jäger
- Other booze works too, but tastes like shit
- A glass
- Water, to add a tiiiiiiny drizzle to each glass, to bring out the taste in the whisky.

You take a sip when
- Lidström shows why he is the best defenseman in the world
- Zetterberg dominates someone
- Detroit scores (celebration)
- Phoenix scores (to get drunk)
- There is a bad call
- Datsyuk looks superhuman
- Sidney Crosby is mentioned
- Olympic gold is mentioned
- Howard's rookie status is mentioned

You empty the glass when
- They talk about last year's game 7
- Bertuzzi scores
- Ericsson makes a mistake
- The Wings have a goal called back
- Goalie interference
- Howard's age is drawn into a Calder conversation

You win if
- You're alive after the game


  1. I'm doing this for Game 2. The game starts at noon my time. I'm just grateful it's not a 9am start!

  2. haha you're an aussie I presume...

    please don't die doing it

  3. Formerly of anon here. An Aussie I am! I have my booze (vodka, my shot drink of choice), I have the game lined up and some Americans to join me! Bring on Game 2!

  4. haha nice... and yet again, don't wake up dead tomorrow morning :D