Friday, April 16, 2010

Game 2 preview

The Wings fans have been treated to a lot of unusual stuff lately, losing the division title, starting a series on the road and now opening a series with a loss. But as I and many others have said, there is no reason to panick. The beauty of starting a series on the road is that a loss in game 1, even in games 1 and 2, aren't really that much of a crisis. Having said that, I think the Wings need to play like it is a crisis. On Wednesday they showed a lack of urgency and intensity that doe not belong in the playoffs. They need to step up and play like their playoff lives depend on it. Because while I am not worried about dropping game one, I am worried about the way they played. Hopefully it was a wake-up call and they can do better tonight.

Abdelkader is in for Williams.

Keys to the game
- The Wings need to move their feet more, turn up the intensity and simplify their game.
- Abdelkader needs to start hitting and the team should follow suit. The Wings need to be physical and relentless.
- The PK needs to be MUCH better, same goes for the PP.
- They need to cut down on defensive zone giveaways.
- I'd like to see someone drop the gloves with Doan, but I cannot think of a single guy on the team that wouldn't get his ass kicked in that fight. This is what we signed Brad May for, but he turned out to be scared of real fights, so I guess we'll just have to hit him as hard as he hits us.

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