Sunday, April 25, 2010

The game were everything went wrong

For my birthday I got a PS3, a microwave, a waffle iron, an electric food mixer, some books, Hangover on BluRay, socks, a beer-boot, some more stuff and THIS FUCKING GAME! Fuck this!

The Wings started out with pressure and got on the PP early. They had some good looks, but didn't score. But with a second left of it they got another PP. But on that PP Stuart made a horrible turnover, Korpikoski got a breakaway and scored. Bad shortie to let in. The Wings went on attack again and got a 5-on-3, but even though they had some chance they got nothing. They dominated the rest of the period and played very well. The Dogs got nearly nothing. But Bryzgalov was huge and the Wings weren't hard enough on him and didn't get him to move enough.

The second period was a bitch. The Wings started off with some huge chances, but then got on the PK and Schneider scored with a good shot. The Wings answered with a scramble where the puck came out to Stuart who roofed it. 1-2. But the Wing pressure and chances after this was halted when Abbie got called for a high stick. To be honest the biotch Dogs player dived. It never touched him. The Wings pressured more after the kill, but got on the PK again and a nice play ended with Phoenix scoring after a terrible PK effort by the Wings. And then they scored again on a wack shot that hit a guy in front of the goal.

The Coyotes scored on the PP early in the third. Detroit pressured, but only got a late one from Helm. Nothing more to say. Except that Morris is a fucking douchebag for jumping on Abbie after he delivered a clean hit. Didn't even challenge him. Just started punching. Yandle tried to do the same, but got his ass kicked.

- Milbury and Egghead are insufferable

3 things that worked
- Good dominance and puck control
- Nothing
- Fuck you!

3 things that didn't work
- Didn't manage to get good enough PP chances and score
- Horrible PK
- Innefective

Play of the game
The Stuart goal.

Player of the game
Eaves was terrific.


  1. Sorry to hear this happened on your birthday, I'd be pretty frickin depressed.

    Thinking optimistically, if history repeats itself, Howard will bounce back tomorrow just like he did in game 4 and the Wings will bust a game 7 nut on PHX just like they did to the Mighty Ducks of Walt Disney last year because I have decided to save my lucky shirt for a game 7 instead of game 6. I have faith. GO WINGS MOTHA FUCKAS

  2. I hope you are right. Lets all pray to your lucky shirt