Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Generic pregame part 666

Honestly? Fucking seriously? What the fuck?

Yeah, so the BlowJays are coming to town today. I don't really care that much to be honest. We are in the playoffs, all the four possible playoffs opponents are good teams, but they all have weaknesses, so I don't really care what team we get. A win would be nice of course, but this is probably the least I have cared about a game all season. But well, it is the goddamn motherfucking BlowJays and they fucking suck. Losing to them is really, really bad, cause then we have sucked even harder. So yeah, it would be nice to win this, but I wouldn't mind another Osgood start and stuff. Um.. so I'm gonna go off on a wild tangent here, actually I don't remember what off topic thing I was gonna discuss so, well, here's another one: A girl saying the word blowjay for blowjob is possibly the sluttiest thing ever. Just really, really tacky. Gets me everytime in superbad. Fuck. The first off topic idea was much better, but I totally forgot it. Nevermind then. Yeah. But win the game. I am officially declaring this the worst blogpost ever made in the history of mankind.

Keys to the game
- Better defense, less turnovers
- Good goaltending
- Make Rick Nash frustrated again
- At least pretend like you care


  1. Declaration passed. Motion carried. I have to disagree with you that blowjay is the sluttiest thing ever. If you're familiar with Dane Cook, we all know that a girl using the term "raw doggin'" is the most slutty thing ever. Major red flag.

    P.S. My word verification was subpar...coincidence? Maybe, maybe not

  2. Yeah, that's true I guess, I just have never heard "raw doggin" being used in real life

  3. Is there a way to contact the NHL regarding the penalties involved in last nights game? If not the fans, then team management MUST address what happened last night. I do realize it is detroit and that the NHL needs to promote its two team league (see NBC sunday games schedule). If they want the list of inexplicable calls I would have to go over the game again, there were too many. I remember the call against Blunden at the side of the detroit net where the defenseman went down. The Blunden call on a hit along the boards, that was duplicated exactly by #17 that started the scraps (see resulting penalties). The call on Umberger for complaining about #96 in the crease, as I am sure noone has ever done that before, but he had to sit. Alas, detroit was down a goal, so they needed the advantage. The cup final was once between the ducks and senators. The NHL did not like the low ratings resulting from a small market canadian team playing a west coast team not named LA. Since then there have been the same two teams in the final. The explanation is simple, further promote the NHLs team and the NHLs player. The only way to make it more obvious would be to stamp WWE on the broadcast. All of the passive fans are so taken as to think if you do not like one of those teams then you are obviously a fan of the other, there is no other possibility in existence. The one team was considering a move to Winnipeg because they had no attendance and no support for a new arena. Then along came the NHLs player, and with it national broadcasts and a new arena for the second favourite franchise. Is there no way the average hockey fan can have his/her voice heard. Are we to be continually bombarded with this? I speak for everyone who watches those "other" 28 teams in this league. The ones who drive to the games and do not ride the NHL sponsored bandwagon to the arena. Something needs to be done.

  4. Yes, Mr. Reason, there is. I have done so myself a few times. Both the NHL website and the NHL referee/officials website have contact emails. Don't expect to get an answer though. They simply ignore critisism.

    I agree that the Wings had some luck with the penalties last night and as a Wings fan I must say it feels good to see the penalties go our way for once. But I don not think the penalties were intentionally skewed. The tripping call was hard to call for a misplaced referee. The unsportsmanlike call is harder to explain. When it comes to Eaves's hit, it was clean. Påhlsson was falling on his own, but too late for Eaves to stop the check. And it is absolute bullshit that he has to stand up and fight for a clean hit. It's crap and I blame Wayne Gretzky for starting that retarded tradition. The boarding call was a good one, dirty hit.

    If you are trying to make a statement that the Wings get calls in their favour often, well, then you are wrong. We have been screwed up, down, sideways, in the arse and in every possible way this year and last year. Remember the two insane calls in Dallas vs. Detroit games? Search for "Steve Ott shootout detroit" or "Brad may goal dalls" on youtube and see for yourself. Or what about the intent to blow bs against the Ducks in the playoffs last year? Search "brad watson detroit anaheim" and see for yourself. And these are just the graves of many examples.

    I do believe that these mistakes are because of bad refereeing. They suck, they can't keep up with the speed of the game. However I do agree that the NHL has a promotion agenda, that now and then alter the refereeing and often alter suspensions and calls from the league. The league needs to make money and I have no doubt that they try and promote the Pens, Caps and Coyotes. I mean, the fact Malkin was not suspended in last year's SFCs is ridiculous. But even though the NHL does a lot to promote their NBC games, the golden boy and whatever, I feel that most of the mistakes, both on their part and especially on the part of the referees come from incompetence and stupidity.

    Of course, that's not any fun standpoint to have. So Fuck the NHL. Gimme my goddamn tinfoil hat! The NHL are trying to screw the Red Wings! (I honestly think they at times tilt the table against us, because we have won our share and they wanna promote other markets, but there is no conspiracy or anything like that)