Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The Wings are back home, with a tied series in their hands. The last two periods were a big improvement. The Wings offense reared it's monsterous head, even though the defense was a bit weak. That must be fixed over the course of the next few games and I believe it will. But even though the Wings won't win the cup if they can't get their defense to be better, they will win this series. If the Wings continue to provide that much offense, and play with that much will and determination, the Dogs have no chance. They don't have the skill. But I would like to see a game tonight where the Wings continue scoring, but manage to tighten up defensively. If not for anything else, then for Jimmah's sake. And damn, wouldn't it be sweet to be able to pull off the two home games and take a decisive lead back to the desert?

BTW, Kris from over at Snipe snipe, Dangle Dangle report that I will be in tonight's pregame vid. Hopefully the Wings will put it online at some point later in time, but if anyone is at the game tonight I would love to have an amateur video of it.

Keys to the game
- The big guys need to continue their offensive onslaught
- Franzén time?
- Tighten up defensively and minimize at least the most glaring defensive mistakes?
- NO pinching for Rafa


  1. *pinches Raffi* Ohhhh, not what you meant. ;)
    And honey, you're not just in the video...

  2. Man.. I really need a god damn video of this..