Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jeez, this is it, isn't it?

Wow, I dunno how to write right now. After six games it has come down to this, the game 7. Tomorrow we'll either be in a mix of 7th heaven and nervousness in preparation for the Sharks or our season will be over. Our bloggs will be filled with fluff pieces from and to October. That's a loooong fucking time. I don't want that to happen. The prospect of it fills me with angst. Will I have to get a social life again? Will I actually have time to study for my exams? What the fuck will I do with the time. The Stanley Cup Playoffs just aren't the same without the Wings and I NEED them in the finals to be happy the next few months. In fact, I need them to win that final. So there it is boys. This is game 7 and you have to win.

Luckily, the Wings have the tools to win this game. They have the skill sets, they have the players. As Tyler has pointed out, it's probably not about wanting it, but more about keeping foucs and giving the right effort. Tonight I want the Wings to play an intense, yet controlled game. We all know that the Dogs are gonna come out flying. They are young, inexperienced and are gonna be psyched as shit. If we can play with enough intensity to weather their storm and keep up with them and at the same time have the poise to not make the stupid mistakes we have been making and capitalize on their mistakes, well, then we'll win.

Keys to the game
- Intensity + Poise = Win
- Howard needs a near perfect game
- Stop the god damn turnovers
- The special team play must pick it up
- Poke holes in Bryzgalov early
- Now would be a good time for Datsyuk and Franzén to show us why they get those paychecks.

Do it guys. I believe you can and will. And to be honest, you have to.


  1. It is time for the Wings to put the Coyotes to rest!

  2. Damn, the hour is approaching when I will start freaking out hardcore about all of this. Good lord am I not ready to read fluff pieces on all my favorite blogs until September...

    Just like the last one, I think that special teams are going to win this game. We need our PP to click. Our PK needs to be perfect, and Jimmy needs to outplay Bryz like he did in Games 4 & 5. And for the love of Frank Zappa, Helm, God, whoever, please stop the turnovers. I think the Wings will play a tight game tonight, and hopefully the Euro Twins will shine. Like Kris at SnipeDangle, I am a firm believer in "As the Euro Twins go, so do the Wings."

    By tomorrow, we'll know if our season's over of if we're prepping to take on Pavelski (since their 1st line is crap right now) and the Sharks. I'm ready to send our boys to more sunshine in the West.


  3. Jamie: YES!

    Amanda: Relax, I have a lot of good fluff pieces planned...

    I agree, special teams and stopping turnovers will be key.