Thursday, April 22, 2010

Music to the people

So, a non-Wings post, sorry, but anyways... As many of you know I am currently working on a cover of the Bertuzzi song for Mr. Petrella, it's kinda hard as the chords are hard to make out.. but I'd thought I'd post the other musical content I have done that is on the net... It can be put into three different cathegories:

My original band
I play bass and do backing vocals in it. It's kind of inactive now, because we need a new lead guitarist (the one on the recordings weren't good enough and quit to become a doctor in England and since then we have been through a few others). The only recordings we have date back to early 06, so a lot has changed since then. We are better, the singer is better, only two of those songs (Oceans and Suicide) are still songs we would do and the name is now Found, not Metalslave. But the four best of the six songs we did back in 06 lies on this Myspace page

The band I sing in
This is a jokish hard rock band where I just sing. It's pretty new. The recordings on our Myspace page are from this week, done just in rehearsals. I'm not all that happy with my vocals as they were done early in the rehearsal before I got warm and I feel like I sang the songs much better when we jammed on them later on. The last song is older, and is quite bad on all ends, I mean, good song, but bad recording. But the songs are kinda fun anyway.

I have to add a disclaimer here. Some of you might be able to put the image on the Myspace page and band name together and see what it stands for, and let me just say, the name was there when I joined and I am still lobbying for it to be changed. We agreed that the image would disappear from Myspace, but it hasn't happened yet. But yeah, it repulses me too.

There are four songs and I tought I'd tell you what they are about so you can "get" the jokes:
The Giant Claw - About those 50s and 60s monster movies that were just horribly bad.
The Rainbows - A right wing senator that is active in the anti-gay movement suddently realizes that he is gay.
The Preacher - Pretty clear this one. About rock's conection to Satan. And no, neither of us are fond of Satanism.
From Congo With Love - About two Norwegians involved in a fairly ridiculous court case in Congo

The songs can be found here.

The stuff I did when I went to a folk high school in 07-08
I played bass, sang or did both in these. Some of them have been posted before. The cover of Fight Fire with Fire sucks because the singer blew his voice on the song before it.

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