Friday, April 9, 2010

The one where expansion and Nick are both discussed

So, this is a bit of a mix of different topics I have meant to write about lately, but not found a place and time for. A few different topics will be covered:

- For those of you who haven't found it yet, Craig Custance and Sean Gentille has launched their SN Grindcast. It is great and you can follow them on @SNGrindcast. In the second podcast they discuss the fact that Gary seem to be promising potential NHL owners expansion in the near future. To me this came as a surprise. Craig and Sean seem to think that Hamilton and KC would be the potential markets, but they also discuss Seattle and Winnipeg. To be honest, it's not a horrible idea. An expansion to any two of those markets, or Quebec City also would probably be profitable for the league. I can see teams thriving in Hamilton and KC. I also think that the talent level in hockey is high enough for 32 teams to exist. Having said that, I would rather see a couple of today's hopeless cases relocated. It makes no sense to have teams in Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa/Miami and other places like that. So I would rather propose to take a few of those teams and move them. But I guess all talk of movement makes Lil' Gary butthurt, so that won't happen. I also have a question about expansion to Hamilton. On one hand I think it is an amazing idea, and though Balsillie's methods of buisness had been questionable while dealing with the NHL, he's a guy who cares and has a passion for hockey. Having said that, I wonder, what makes anyone think MLSE would be okay with that? Of course we could choose to tell MLSE to fuck themselves, but I doubt that the NHL wil do that.

Another topic they discussed in the same discussion was that an expansion like that could put forth the proposed switch between Detroit and Atlanta. Let's cover Atlanta first. One would apparently want them in the West so that they get a southern rivalery with Nashville. I can see that one, but look at the frickin map! They are far, far east. When it comes to Detroit I can see the reasons for a switch to the east. It makes total geographical sense. And I would certainly like them to travel less and have less west coast games (they start at like 4 AM here). I would also like to see them have an easier job against the Least. But... I would miss some of the rivaleries, especially with Chicago, on the other hand I would not miss the Ducks. In the end, I know that Kenny has said that the Wings would like it, so I'd be in for that. But how would the divisions turn out? You could put the Wings in the Northeast, then I guess the Sabres would be put in the Atlantic (as they have the least rivaleries in the NE), but who would go from the Atlantic? None of the NY/NJ teams I would guess. And the Pennsylvania teams have good rivaleries with each other and a couple of the NY/NJ teams. So who would go? The only solution I can see would be to put the Pens in the Southeast so that Gary gets two more Alex vs. Sid games.

- Nicklas Lidström will retire at some point over the next few years. And I think he has made it clear that he wants to go home to Sweden to raise his children as Swedish. But let's imagine that he wanted to let them finish up in Novi and that he stayed in the US. Who would be a better player to become a coach than Nick? Okay, he's not American and he doesn't speak too much, but when he speaks, people listen. He has great respect among all hockey players and most of all, there is one thing: Nick might have the bet mind for the game of any player in the NHL right now. He understands it and reads it so well. I think that would make him a great coach. Also, almost all players to become good coaches were defensemen or defensive forwards so he'd fit right in. What do you think?

- I have planned to post this for a while, but if Down Goes Brown isn't enough for you, there is another site that might bring you almost as many laughs (their goal is to one day be half a funny as DGB, they already are). It's called Intent to blow (great title) and is written by a couple of Devils fans. Yesterday they had a great story on how Daniel Sedin never existed, it was just Henrik being real fast. But the reason I put them in this post is something they tweeted a week or two ago from their account @IntentToBlow. It is the best tweet ever. It read:
A reader pointed out we misspelled the name of the best player to ever play the game. He's right.The correct spelling is Howe, not Gretzky
And it made my day.

- Last of all, your life isn't complete until you have heard this piece of musical perfection:

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  1. I listened to that same Grindcast episode. I have to disagree with them a little. $400 million for an expansion team in southern Ontario? Does anyone there really want it that bad? That's a lot of money. Consider that the NHL is having problems finding someone to put up $160 million for the Coyotes. What north american city is prosperous enough right now to chip in money for an arena and tax incentives? They're all complaining about revenue shortfalls.

    I agree that it's ridiculous to have teams in places like Miami and Tampa Bay. Having a team in KC would make a nice cross state rivalry for the Blues. Moving the Wings to the Eastern conference would mean re-newing old rivalries with Montreal and Toronto, but leaving some current rivalries behind. No west coast travel is a bonus. I'm not sure how much more I can stand seeing Sidney Crosby though.

    Atlanta to the Western conference? What? That makes no sense. Put them in a division with Columbus, Nashville, St. Louis, KC and Chicago maybe? Chicago would win that division every year. The battle for last place would be epic.