Monday, April 12, 2010

Playoff preview East

Just thought I'd preview the Eastern 1st round series from a Detroit perpective. I do this because I, and I guess many of you, plan on watching more than just Wings hockey over the next couple of months and it is nice to know who to root for

1. Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Canadiens
Records: Washington: 54-15-13, 121 pts, 318-233 (+85). Won the President's trophy.
Montreal: 39-33-10, 88 pts, 217-223 (-6).

History: Washington: No cups, but we all remember 98. Montreal: 25 cups or so.

Reasons to root for them:
Washington: -That Ovechkin guy is pretty fun to watch isn't he?
- I want them to go further than the Pens.
- They make the Pens fans cry.
- Bruce Boudreau looks like a nice old man
Montreal: - They are a classic team
- They would be an easy match for the Wings in the finals

Reasons to root against them:
Washington: - They have Mike Green
- They are pretty darn good
Montreal: - We hate them. They are original six.
- I'd LMAO if they got knocked in the first once again.
- We're gonna get more cups than them one day.

So who will Andy root for? Washington. They're fun to watch and I wanna see OV skullfuck Sid and the Pens.

Who wins? Caps in 4

2. New Jersey Devils vs. 7. Philadelphia Flyers
Records: NJ: 48-27-7, 103, 222-191 (+31), won the Atlantic.
Philly: 41-35-6, 88, 236-225 (+11)

History: The Devs have 3 recent cups, the Flyers have 2 in the 70s.

Reasons to root for them:
Devs: - I have a lot of Devs tweeps
- They have some cool players like Parise
- They always beat the Pens
Flyers: - The Pens hate them.
- I wanna see them beat the Pens.
- They need to go to the ECFs and bang up the other team.

Reasons to root against them:
Devs: - They are scary
- They are boring
Flyers: - Pronger
- They play ugly

So who will Andy root for? The Flyers. The Pens hate them, so I have to root for them.

Who will win? Devs in 6.

3. Buffalo Sabres vs. 6. Boston Bruins
Records: Sabres: 45-27-10, 100 pts, 235-207 (+28)
Bruins: 39-30-13, 91 pts, 206-200 (+6)

History: Sabres never win anything. Bruins won a few waaay back in time.

Reasons to root for them: Sabres: - They have Ryan Miller
Bruins: - Injuries
- Hate towards Matt Cooke

Reasons to root against them: Sabres: - They have Tyler "Calder-thief" Myers
Bruins: - They have Zdeno "Norris-thief" Chara

So who will Andy root for? Zzzzzzzz.. Is this over yet? No? FUCK! Okay, Ryan Miller then.

Who will win? Boredom. And Sabres in 5.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 5. Ottawa Senators
Records: Pens: 47-28-7, 101, 257-237 (+20)
Sens: 44-32-6, 94, 225-238 (-13)

History: Pens: Won back to back cups in 91 and 92. That's it. Sens: Hahahahaha

Reasons to root for them: Pens: - I wanna see them go down against Flyers, Caps or Wings
Sens: - They are playing the Pens

Reasons to root against them: Pens: Error - List too long
Sens: - No clue

So who will Andy root for? Sens of course

Who will win? Sens in 7

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