Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preview of the other 3 matchups

I presented the stats in the last one, and I have at least one more post to write before the game today, so this will be short and sweet. Kind of like a guide of who to root for.


4. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 8. Montreal Canadiens
Reasons to root for them:
Pittsburgh: I wanna see them get smashed either by the Flyers or by the Pens in the finals.
Montreal: - They're a classic team who would be a nice SCF matchup
- The Client is amazing
- They are playing the Pens
- I am starting to dislike Chemmy and PPP more and more for each day and Montreal having success would make them sad. On the other hand I don't wish any pain on Down Goes Brown. That guy rocks.

Reasons to root against them:
Pittburgh: Error: List to long to write here
Habs: - They are original six and we should hate them
- We're gonna get more cups than them one day

So who will Andy root for? What do you think dumbass? The Habs of course

Who wins? Pens in 7

6. Boston Bruins vs. 7. Philadelphia Flyers
Reasons to root for them:
Boston: - Injuries
- Hate towards Matt Cooke
Philadelphia: - The Pens hate them
- I wanna see them beat the Pens
- They need to go to the ECFs and bang up the other team.

Reasons to root against them:
Boston: - They have Zdeno "Norris-thief" Chara
Philadelphia: - Chris Pronger

So who will Andy root for? Philly

Who wins? Philly in 6


2. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 3. Vancouver Canucks
Reasons to root for them:
Chicago: - We could meet them in the WCFs, take them out back and shoot them.
Canucks: - The Sedins

Reasons to root against them:
Chicago: - They're the Hawks
- Their bandwagoning fans are annyoing cunts
Nucks: - Burrows
- Luongo
- The shit-for-brains commenters at Nucks Misconduct

So who will Andy root for? The Canucks

Who wins? Canucks in 7

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