Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recap: The case for perfection (even if 40 years old)

We Beat The Snake and I loved it!

Wow! Just fucking wow! I talked about the Wings needing to be intense, yet relaxed and playing with poise. They did that, and more. This was a game where they did everything right. From fantastic offense, to amazing PK. I was starting to write about which lines impressed me tonight. Then I realized I had mentioned all four, all three defense pairings and young James. Fucking amazing. Now it's Sharks in two days.

I know you are all hopped up and excited, so please listen to this to relax a bit. It is one of the most beautiful songs ever written and one of the most amazing guitar pieces ever. It should relax you and clam you down:

The period started as expected with the Coyotes going full speed. Well, the whole period was full speed, but the Dogs got onto the Wings early and pressed them to rush their plays and make bad passes. Then, after 6-7 minutes the Wings settled down and started producing. One huge chance lead to a PP where they had some huge chances, but Bryzgalov came up even huger. The Wings retained pressure after that, until they got on the PK with 4-5 minutes left. The PK was great and killed it nicely. The Wings controlled the rest of the period. A well played period, but I didn't like that Bryzgalov got to make so many saves. Patience is needed.

The second.. Where to start? The Wings got on the PP early and 2 minutes into the period a centering pass hit a couple of sticks and ended on Pasha's stick. He scored. Right after that the Wings took a bad offensive zone penalty, but it was negated when Helmer got a breakaway and was hooked. On the 4-on-4 Z found an open Pasha who scored brilliantly on the breakaway. But the Wings got shorthanded again, but killed it. Phoenix retained pressure though and scored directly off a draw. That gave them a short half minute of pressure before the Wings put the heat on again. After several mad scrambles they got on the PP and they were WILD! So many chances! At the end the puck found Nick and he made an amazing shot and scored. The Wings retained pressure, but got on the PK on a BOGUS tripping call that was called by the far referee 5 seconds after it happened. On the PK Lombardi and Helm got penalties. Helm's was for diving. Weak. And then Stuart got penalized. The Wings rode off the 5-on-3 and regular PK and when Stuart came out of the box, he got a breakaway and scored to end the period at 4-1.

The third was okay. Both teams had chances. Lots of neutral zone play. Only two noteworthy incidents. The first came when Flip drove to the net and Bert jammed home the rebound. The second came when Nicky Norris scored on the PP for his second of the night.

- How can I think during a game like this?
- New word from Versus: Shass - Shot-pass
- Classy by the Phoenix crowd to stand and cheer for their team after the game. That team deserves it. They had an amazing season.

3 things that worked
- Didn't let the Dogs jump them and take control early.
- Holy fucking explosion of offense and scoring in the second.
- Everything. But the PK!

3 things that didn't work
- Couldn't score in the first.
- Weak on d-zone faceoffs.
- Nothing

Play of the game
Pasha's second goal. What a goal.

Player of the game
Grattis på födelsesdagen Nicklas Lidström. And it is time for me to take a stand. Last week I called him the second best defenseman ever after Bobby Orr and maaaaaybe Doug Harvey over at Kuklas. Well, I have only seen a few tapes of those two, but fuck Doug Harvey. He's got nothing on Lids. And you can rant as much as you want about Orr's injuries and stuff and what he could have done. Guess what? HE DIDN'T. Mario Lemieux could have surpassed Gretzky in some ways if he was healthy, but still everyone thinks of Wayne as number one. And to me one thing is clear. Fuck the Canadian bias. Fuck Euroscepticism. Nicklas Lidström is definitely the best defenseman to ever play the game of hockey. If he'd been Canadian he'd have 10 Norrises by now. Don't fool yourselves. He would have been nominated earlier and he would have won it earlier were it not for the fact he was European. And if it wasn't for writers being tired of him winning he'd have won it last year too.

And today at the age of 39 years and 364 days he plays a perfect game and scores TWO goals in a game seven. Happy birthday!


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  2. Ha, Beat the Snake. Something we're all familiar with.

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  3. Lol @ Rob

    Petrella: It has been mentioned on TPL too, I think by Rob. It's the official hashtag of the series againt the Coyotes.

  4. No man, I know. I was just poking fun at how much it sounds like a euphemism for jerkin' it.

  5. I know. Why in God's name do you think we started using it?