Saturday, April 24, 2010

Red Wings 4 - NHL 1

The Wings played like shit in the second. There is nothing you can say about that. And that was their own fault. But the reason for the momentum shift was a bogus penalty and a goal that should have been disallowed. The Versus crew were skeptical of both the Dogs goal and more than half of the penalties against the Wings. Gary and his refs tried their best, but the Wings prevailed.

The first started with some chances for each side before the Wings took control. Then the Wings got on the PP. They got some great looks, but didn't score. They kept the pressure on though, got another PP, but that was a weak one. Then the Dogs came back, had a flurry of chances, where Jimmah stood tall and got a PP. Luckily the Wings PK was huge. Then the teams traded zone time and chances for a couple of minutes before a tired Dogs crew iced it. Babbles made a genious move and put Miller, Buckets and Abbie out after the icing and they were all over the Dogs. In the end Miller had a wrap-around and it went in via a Phoenix skate. 1-0. The Wings kept on pressuring and then Rafa stepped on the puck and got down on one knee with his face against the wall in his own zone. Fiddler saw it and rushed to deliver a biiig hit. Straight from behind, in a vulnerable position, with intent to injure. And the fuckos called referees didn't dare to give him more than two minutes. Thanks Gary. Ass. The part of the PP in the first went scoreless.

The Wings started the second on the PP. They had some decent looks, but the Coyotes PK was excellent. The game became back and forth after that with the Dogs getting the best chances. Then they got on a PP after a Coyote jumped on Dats and faked himself to an uber soft interference penalty. The PK was good, but the Dogs kept momentum and scored on a rebound. Jovanovski was actually standing ON Jimmah when he scored, but they didn't even take a look at it. Bullshit. The Dogs promptly got another PP, but the kill was great again. After that things started to even out and there were few big chances in the back and forth towards the end of the period.

The third started off with back and forth play. The Wings had an early PP, but got nothing. Both teams had chances, but the Dogs had the biggest. Then they got a PP, but the kill was perfect. After that the Wings took over a bit more and then Dats won a face off back to Nick. He shot it on net and Homer scored on the rebound. Right after that Mule found Pasha in front of the net and he deked Bryzgalov to Jupiter and score. The Wings controlled the rest until the Dogs got a PP. That got negated on a slashing call when Helm broke away and hit the post. When the Dogs pulled their goalie, speed and hard work from Flip ended with Z scoring. 4-1.

- Fiddler is a gutless punk and I am nauseated by the fact he only got 2 minutes. He need to be suspended for that.
- @lolabythebay brought us this: "So, if you were wondering: 69.4 Contact Outside the Goal Crease - If an attacking player initiates any contact with a goalkeeper, other than incidental contact, while the goalkeeper is outside his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed." Yeah, so why the hell was that goal allowed? If that had been Homer it would have been goalie interference without the refs even thinking. The NHL is a joke.
- Usain had a weird game. At times he did great things, but he also made some very bad plays and had some bad luck with the puck in the defensive and neutral zone.

3 things that worked
- The Wings came out strong.
- Clutch goals in the third
- Great PK

3 things that didn't work
- Gave the Dogs too big chunks of extended dangerous zone time.
- They got on their heels in the second.
- They struggled with zone entry. Again. And were weak in the neutral zone.

Play of the game
The third goal. Awesome pass by the Mule. Quality finish by Pasha.

Player of the game
Jimmah. He held the Wings in the game.


  1. You're spot on. I felt the Wings were fortunate to come away with a win in regulation. Too many blue line turnovers, too much fancy stuff, not enough getting it deep and working. That's all stuff that has to be fixed for the next round.

  2. Yeah. While Phoenix are hard to play against, because they are playing the Wings, right like you have to play the Wings, they are not a good team. And some of the shit the Wings are doing will not fly in the next round