Friday, April 9, 2010

So didn't I just write one of these? (BJ pregame)

Yup, Columbus again. To be honest I am more excited for the Tigers home opener than this one. Maybe Rick Nash will play and we can see him get mad again or something. Jimmah starts and I think the team is the same. Hopefully we can get a little more and more evenly distributed efforts than we did on wednesday. Because that game sucked donkey balls and I really don't feel like seeing that again. Play for a win guys and play well. But if they lose I won't mind, cause then we'd be one step closer to Eaves, the enforcer, kicking Burrows's ass.

Keys to the game
- 60 goddamn minutes
- Less defensive mistakes
- Pretend to care and do it better than last time


  1. I think I read Nash is going to play. So there you go.

  2. I need him to not only play, but also get as frustrated as he was a week ago when he channelled his inner Crysob