Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too little, too late and goddamn embarassing

Embarassing, horrifying, bad. Embarassing. I could go on and on. This was the opposite of game 2. One good period and then two horrible ones.

Every Wings player needs to step up and be better, but these Wings sucked major dick tonight:
- Rafalski
- Kronwall
- Lilja
- Franzén (yes I know he scored)
- Filppula

The first started terribly. The Wings were sleeping and the Dogs caught them. First Pasha had to swat away a puck on the line and Lepisto scored on the rebound. Franzén should have had him. But the Wing fought back. They started pressuring. The Dogs got a few chances, but not many and as the period went along they became fewer and fewer and weaker and weaker. Dan Clery had several very big chances and others had nice ones too. Then the Wings got on the PP, Stuart went to the net, got the puck swatted away from him, right on Flip's stick and Val scored. The Wings continued pressuring like hell. They had several huge chances, but got nothing. Then Yandle started cross checking people left and right, then butt-ended Drapes in his face and Drapes had enough. He cross-checked Yandle softly, Yandle took an Olympic style dive and Draper got penalized. The PK was excellent and Phoenix didn't even get to shoot. Then towards the end the Wings got a PP (very cheap). Nothing happened in the 1st period part of it.

The second started with the Wings on the PP. It got nothing. But the Wings got another PP. And got nothing on that either. After that the Wings pressured for a bit and then the game turned into a game with few chances either way. Then the Coyotes got on a PP on a play where Hanzal chose to run into Helm to draw an interference penalty. The PP was very dangerous, but got killed off. But the Coyotes kept the momentum, continued to have chances and kept the Wings to few chances. The few the Wings had were good and they actually scored on, but the whistle was (prematurely?) blown. And then, with 30 seconds left, Kronner's pass hit Abby' skate, the Yotes got it, shot it and Abby didn't have his guy on the rebound. 2-1 Dogs. The Wings need to wake up for the third.

The third period was even worse. The Wings totally fell asleep. The Dogs clogged the neutral zone, preyed on turnovers and got what they wanted. Prucha score on a nice play. Mule scored on a nice play and E fucked up a shift change which lead to a shot that Jimmah should have had. The Wings finally got few chances, but no goals. That's all I got for that one. Absolutely horrible. No energy, trying to make way too smart plays. Just no effort at all. KSS! Keep it simple stupid! And at least pretend that you want it. Right now you look like you want a long vacation.

- Travis Hair of Five for Howling and his fellow Yotes fans sure act like douchebags on Twitter.
- The Joe was ROCKING, but I didn't get to see the pre-game :(
- Doc was impressed by the Joe having chants that weren't organized on forums on the internet. Wow! Yeah, that's called hockey culture.

3 things that worked
- Responded very well to the opening goal
- Nice jerseys
- Lots of Swedish players

3 things that didn't
- Weren't ready for the opening face off.
- Faded babdly in the second.
- Got NOTHING in the third.

Play of the game
The Franzén goal.

Player of the game
Todd Bertuzzi had a real nice game


  1. agreed, bert had a great game, just needs to put one in the net, get some confidence.

  2. and where the hell is the Mule? MORE GRITTY, LESS PRETTY!

  3. ...I may have recorded the entire pregame celebration...

  4. Cool! let me know if you manage to get it online