Thursday, April 15, 2010

When you deserve no better

So the first game of these playoffs went something like this:

The Wings went out and sucked. The Coyotes beat them down physically and took them out of the game. Now the Wings need to come up with a way to handle that and take it to them in game 2. Speaking of which, losing tonight was not a crisis. That's the good thing about starting on the road. It's okay. Now they have gotten their wake up call and should be ready for game two.

The game started out with the Wings in the drivers seat. They dominated the first half of the period and had the best chances. The only few Coyote chances came after bad defensive Wings errors. The Wings didn't capitalize on their first PP, but then Rafa took the puck up ice, dropped it to Homer who scored from 40 feet. FAAAIL by Bryzgalov. But the Coyotes came back after a dive lead to them getting a PP. They scored when a shot went off Stuart, who was trying to block it. But the Wings came back on the PP (obvious one), when Nick took a low shot, through four sets of feet and into the net. The Wings had the rest of the period and got another PP towards the end. No results in the first.

The rest of the PP opened the second. It didn't get anything, but the Wings kept the pressure. Then the Coyotes took over and got a half-cheap PP. The Wing over committed to a side and they scored. The Wings took over, but the Coyotes had some nice chances and it was not a good period at all for the Wings. Towards the end they got two more PPs, one of them finally one crapface Doan, who only got two for a clear 5-minute charge. But no goals. They need to step up in the third.

The third started with the Yotes getting a PP and scoring. From there it went down and down. The Dogs took it to the Wings and dominated the period. It sucked. With 6-7 minutes left the Dogs got another PP. It got negated by a penalty and on the 4-on-4 some Yotes dude high sticked Nick so he started to bleed. It was obvious and right in front of the eyes of at least one official. I don't know if I wanna see it as blatant fucking blindness and incompentence or something deliberate, but it is unacceptable anyway. A call there would have given the Wings a 1:20 5-on-3 and a lot of PP time. Instead they wasted their PP got outplayed and lost. Which they deserved to do. And now I'm depressed, so I'm gonna steal from TPL and post some loss eye candy, actually the same girl they had pics of today, an old fav of mine, Swedish babe Elin Grindemyr:

- Hhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha. The Pens lost!
- Every play by Shane Doan has intent to injure. Suspend him!
- The fucking Coyotes aren't playing hockey. They just wanna hurt people.

3 things that worked
- Poked holes in Bryzgalov early
- Nothing else
- Nope

3 things that didn't work
- PK was really bad
- Allowed the Coyotes to hit them out of the game at times.
- Lost all the small battles

Play of the game
Nicks goal

Player of the game
Franzén, at least he tried


  1. That game was horrible. How Doan is still playing hockey after that game I have no idea. If they want to play rough, we need to play rough simple as that!

  2. Yeah, we need to play harder, but even more importantly we need to get our legs going, play with more intensity and simplify our game.