Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Will Detroit beat the Dogs?

I hope to be able to put up a longer, more serious preview of the series after work today and it will actually be inspired by those old pregames I used to do with the stats and research and stuff. So YAY! It will probably happen after I come home from work tonight... But jeez I am tired. Metallica rocked me last night and my body is Broken, Beat and Scarred.

Anywho, here are 10 reasons the Wings will beat the dogs:

1. We have playoff experience
2. We have two of the NHLs best defensemen, one future Norris winner and Brad Stuart. Also Lilja makes E look good, so our talent level on defense is much bigger than theirs.
3. Z always dominates the other team's top gun in a playoff series.
4. We have the Mule, we have Pasha, we have Homer
5. Our grind line owns every other grind line
6. Jimmah is gonna be huge. I can feel it.
7. Our talent level up front is much higher than theirs
8. We always have an extra gear for the playoff.
9. We don't have Hossa anymore.
10. Our talent level overall greatly outweighs theirs. We just need the team to show up and play tight and with a purpose. If they do that, the Dogs have no chance.

Since I know some of my readers are afraid of jinxes, I will also give you ten reasons we won't win the series:
1. Bryzgalov
2. The NHL owns the Coyotes
3. Gary Bettman
4. Dennis LaRue
5. Brad Watson
6. Dan O'Halloran
7. Goaltender interference
8. Colin Campbell
9. Intent to blow
10. Intent to blow me


  1. Perfect. You made me LOL to start, and that's after you'd already made me jealous of your concert experience.

    Also, best verification word ever: fookin

  2. hehe... The concert experience was frickin awesome. I have seen them seven times, and every time I have been blown away and pleasantly surprised.. My ribs suffer though after they were pushed against the first row rail for six hours.

    Glad to have made you laugh...

    and fook yeah!