Friday, April 23, 2010

Wouldn't it be sweet to lead for once?

We've been down in this series twice and tied it twice. Today we have our third chance to take the lead. And wouldn't it be sweet if we could actually do that? If we win today we get the chance to close it out at home in game 6 on Sunday. The Wings can do that. They should do that. They are a better team. They have more talented players. But I am deadly scared that we're gonna come out flat yet again and get rocked by harder working Coyotes. Please don't do that. Game 4 was kind of a nice effort, so please build on that, because we know you can do even better.

Keys to the game
- Jimmah needs to continue being strong
- Same goes for the PK
- Keep the zone entries simple and use the whole ice, don't go for shallow entries.
- Go harder to the net, we've been way too bad at getting rebounds.
- Work your darn arses off.

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