Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fight Night's year in review

This site hasn't been online for a full year yet, but I have already made a ton of new friends, learnt a lot, got my face on the video screen at the Joe five times, made so many new friends, been mentioned, quoted and linked to on Puck Daddy and did I mention all the friends I've made. So I have decided to take a look back at the season and what I have written. Dunno how it will turn out, but it will be a long one, with a plethora of links back to old posts. So.. this will probablt not appear for several days after I write this, because it is a big job. I think. But let's go. Here starts my adventure of reading every frickin word on this blog.

This blog was concieved after a long period of thinking. It all started when I got hooked on The Triple Deke and then Snipe snipe, Dangle dangle and then a whole lot of other Wings blogs. I started to think about how it would be to have my own hockey blog. And during games I started thinking about what I would write if I had one. So, on Tuesday November 3rd 2009, I was sitting at the uni, tired and bored, not in shape to do what I was supposed to do. So I started this blog instead. I was always clear on the fact that this first and foremost was supposed to be a Red Wings blog, but that there had to be a Norwegian perspective. And the first post was about current and former Norwegian NHLers and especially the two ex-Wings among them.

So... Hey! Welcome to this blog! As of now I of course have no readers and probably won't get any so what better time to write about Norwegian Red Wing history?

This is a Norwegian Red Wings blog with the emphasis on "Red Wings", but just for today, I feel nationalistic and I will hereby present the two Norwegians who have (for a veeeery short time) been Wings.

These were the first lines ever posted on this blog. They are from the aformentioned first post, which you can find here.

The next posts were previews and a write up on Stevie Y's Hall of Fame induction. I could never seem to catch a game early enough and get enough time to write a recap.

November 12th 2009
I finally get around to write my first recap. It was of the 9-1 game against the BJs and it followed the first of many blueprints for recap writing. Finding the right format is hard and I feel sure I didn't find the right one here.

November 13th 2009
The first picture of Kristen Bell is posted on the blog:

November 19th 2009I react to the Brad May non-goal with anger, anger and more anger. The next day I did a follow up, "translating" and dissecting the NHL's explanation of the call.

November 24th 2009
First of all, I changed up the format of the recaps again. But most importantly, I reached out to get readers. The few readers I had before that were all from a hockey forum I post at now and then. So I decided to send this email out to the people I had blogrolled:


I'm a Norwegian guy who started my own Red Wings blog a few weeks ago. Up until now, my readers have been friends from a few forums and a few other people, but I really want to get a broader base of readers. Therefore, I ask you guys, the bloggers I myself read religiously, if any of you would be willing to mention my blog on your classy blogs, have me in your blogroll or give me some tips on how to get some more people to read my blog? I would be really thankful if anyone took the time to do this.

Sorry for taking up your time

Thanks up front

Go Wings!
Anders, Oslo, Norway

As you might notice, I forgot to post a link, which Triple Deke Tyler reminded me to do. He and several others responded to the email, and gave helpful advice. TPL had already blogrolled me, God knows how they found me. And I ended up on people's blogrolls. I finally stepped into this amazing community. And I wanna thank everyone for letting me in. It also lead to this interview over at Snipe Dangle.

December 10th 2009
I start watching every game live and not on demand later. I do my first "live-blog". Reading this will show you why this died very soon.

I also decide to blame the following people for Dan Cleary's injury. Yes, this was in my "I hate Bertuzzi"-period.

December 11th 2009
I try some psychology on the Red Wings. You can read it here. It kinda worked. Here's a few excerpts:

How would it boost the confidence of players like the already fragile Ville Leino to read that the bloggers are giving up and that they feel he should be playing in the Afghan elite league or something like that?

And Ville, you're doing great man. I can see that you're working hard and with passion every night. Sooner or later the goals will come. Believe me! Trust me!

I also decided to take a look at exactly how dominant Zetterberg is and found out that he is the world's most dominant player

December 14th 2009
My Monday morning thoughts contains a plug for the first TOV episode and the first in a long series of hints and ass licking to try and get in on the action.

I also debuted a new preview format. It was good, but it just took too much time, so I abandoned it after a while.

I also recapped the crazydebut of Kris Newbury and premiered a recap format that would stay for several months.

December 29th 2010
I preview the Norwegian Olympic roster. You can read it here

January 4th 2010
I review the first part of the season and it comes off much more positive than expected.

January 5th
I release the first Swedish player name pronounciation guide. The file is still available for download it seems.

I also answer Nurse Nitz's contest winner question about what I would do if I took Gary's job. I also give you a day in the life of Gary Bettman. Read it here.

January 15th
I start a game recap with a rant towards Metalli-haters. I also give the NHL farfetched lockout advice.

January 16th
Steve Ott's shootout "goal" leaves me a tiny bit pissed.

January 18th
All the hinting and ass licking paid off. I make my TOV debut.

January 19th
I dream up a NHL job interview.

January 26th
I make the NHL job interview post into an animate movie. I then make more Wings related animated movies.

February 2nd
I end a recap with a guide to the best of Norwegian music. The songs span many styles and are well worth a liten. Check it out here.

February 9th
The second Swedegian lesson is posted. sadly, the link in this post is dead now.

February 15th
I give you your official guide to the metric system.

February 16th
I return to TOV for the second time. And me and my buddy sues our country and Olympic team (we later pulled the case).

March 1st
I am in Vienna and completely wasted after a hard party. I decide to rant about Canada's gold medal.

March 2nd
Drunk late at night in Vienna again. This time telling you to pledge your asses off for H2H.

March 5th
I celebrate a great game by writing limericks.

March 12th
Due to popular demand I write more limericks. They are not as good this time.

March 17th
I explain why I hate Sergei Fedorov

March 21st
A day in the life of Mike Babcock is posted. And loved. Great success!

March 22nd
I am mean. A day in the life of Ozzie (and Jimmah) proves that. A day in the life of Bert is surprisingly more gentle.

March 24th
I post A day in the life of Kenny Holland, set to the melody of Kesha's Tick Tock.

March 26th
I write a long tribute to the game that gave this blog it's name.

April 1st
I make some History will be made parodies. This got linked to on Puck Daddy. The same happened to a few playoff recaps.

April 7th
I start a recap with a long story and info about hockey in Norway/Oslo.

April 10th
Recap full of BJ-jokes.

April 11th
I make a video tribute to past cup victories.

April 12th
I write a regular season player evalution.

April 15th
I present the Fight Night playoff drinking game. You win if you survive.

April 17th
I lead off a recap with a weird analogy including the Leprechaun living in my kitchen cupboard and Kristen Bell.

April 28th
My game 7 recap explains why Nick is the best defenseman ever.

May 8th
A tribute to my mom

That is it for this season. Thanks for reading the blog. Keep reading. It has been fun.

Here are the results of FightNight's player of the year, based on number of times I selected a player as player of the game:
10. Ozzie, Abby, Miller, Malts, Stuart - 1 each
9. Cleary - 2
7. Bert and Eaves - 4 each
6. Mule - 5
5. Nick - 6
4. Hank - 8
3. Helm - 9
2. Jimmah - 12
1. Pasha - 13


  1. I was late to the party re: Red Wings blogs but I've been reading yours since I've been on Twitter. Keep up the good work, Andy! T'was a fun season.

  2. Great read man, it feels like you've been around for longer than a year

  3. Thanks mate. Does for me too

  4. I still get your Kenny Holland version of Tick Tock in my head and almost break out into song at work all the time... thought you should know it still haunts me