Sunday, May 9, 2010

The horror. The horror

The horror. The horror.

Well, this series is one of the weirdest I have ever seen, with refereeing fucked up beyond belief. Yet, this series was lost because of an inability to win the tight games, and inability to win the important draws and a complete lack of power play success when it mattered. Still, if you had offered me this in February I would have been happier than haooy to take it. But tonight, it stings. It feels like shit. We had a great season considering everything that happened, but it is frustrating to see them go down like this when we know they have the potential to be the best team in the NHL. Sadly their season got thrown by injuries that hindered chemistry and most of all identity struggles as they never quite consistently found the old, real one after having to change it up because of injuries. And now it is 5 fucking months without hockey. We all know that hockey without the Red Wings aren't real hockey. We are about to face the horror of the long, horrible off season. The horror will likely not match what Kurtz saw deep in the Congo river (or in Cambodia if you prefer movies), but it's gonna be pain to write fluff pieces here for five months.

On the bright side, I can promise you two things:
1. I will be here all through the summer and in to the next season. I promise not to kinda forget and just end up letting the blog die.
2. I am only 95% sure I can pull it together and I don't know how fast I will be able to throw it around, but soon, hopefully in the next few days I will debut a very exciting off season feature, that will run for nearly a month.

I also want to thank the Wings for a great season, a memorable season, a character season, where they have fought not only opponents, but the worst injury streak ever and NHL refereeing.

Most of all, I want to thank each of every one of you who reads this, everyone who follows me on twitter and the blogosphere in general. This has been the most amazing season I have experienced, because of each and every one of you. Thank you for that. I feel lucky to have gained so many new "fake" friends.

Jeez, what a horrible period. The Sharks came out with a huge jump. The Wings weathered it and looked like they were getting back in it, but then collapsed and allowed some HUGE Sharks chances after about 5 minutes. A little before the halfway point of the period the Wings looked like they were on their way back in, but then Franzén got called for interference on a call as lame as any in this series. He barely touched Pavelski, who didn't try to stop and ran into the goal. The kill was great, but the Sharks kept pressure througout the rest of the period. With one and a half minutes left Franzén got called on a hook that was kinda deserved, especially as he was out of position, but Joe "I call people out for diving" Thornton did a good job selling it too. The part of the penalty in the first period was a barrage of shots and chances, but an amazing Jimmah and luck helped them out. The Wings need less turnovers, better positioning, patience and some puck possession in the second.

The second period started on the PK. It was killed off and after some scrambling, the Wings went on attack and scored. Rafa took a nice point shot, Bertuzzi screened and the puck went in. We were for a moment moved to a slightly better part of hockey purgatory. We would soon return to the seventh circle though. Brad Stuart got called for elbowing. A borderline call, could have been okay, but yet again the fans had to start making noise and Pavelski had to turn around and look at the ref before Fucktard O'Halloran decided to call it. On the PP Thornton caught the Wings running around and scored after 6 seconds. The Wings pushed back and Pavelski got called for a laaarge hook. The PP was horrible though. Struggled like shit with the entries. When it ended, the Sharks went straight on the PP, after Bertuzzi had tried to reach for the puck and Blake pinned his arm to the boards so he couldn't remove it. O'Halloran called it anyway. The PK was puring fucking money though and the Wings went back on attack. A little after the halfway point the Wings had some huge chances and got a PP. It was a little better, but didn't score. The Wings continued dominating and had more chances. With four minutes left Marc-Eduard Vlasic, what a douchebag name BTW, decided that Valtteri Filpulla's career had lasted long enough and tackled him with one of the meanest knee hits I have ever seen. Luckily both guys were unharmed, but the fact he got two and didn't, as Murph thought he should, get thrown out of the game is laughable. The Wings were lucky too though, not taking a penalty for going after M-E Fuckface. The Wings were fantastic on the PP and really for the rest of the period. Sadly, Nabokov were even better.

The third period, well I can't really detail it. The Sharks dominated early, but the Wings pressured towards the end. Here are some key moments:
- Joe Pavelski gets a cheap penalty shot and misses
- The refs miss a huge headshot by Murray on Franzen
- And a smaller, but still bad one on Murray by Stuart.
- The Sharks score off a bad Rafa turnover.
- Gaaaaah

- As those of you following me on Twitter knows, I am not a fan of the North American tradition of National Anthems being performed by solo singers. I prefer the European way with marching bands or choirs. It becomes less pompous and show-offy and more graceful. But tonight. Jesus Fucking Mother of God! The woman who sang could not carry a tune if her life depended on it. She was slightly off at almost every note. HORRIBLE.
- I love Mick! He and Ken are obviously kinda forced into not saying what they feel about the refs, but they both were absolutely stunning in their sarcasm about them tonight.
- The faceoffs are becoming a farce. More times than not someone gets thrown out. Just stupid. It especially gets me when a team has a clean win, the ref whistles it dead and proceeds to throw out a guy from the team that LOST the faceoff. Moronic.
- If justice shall be served, the NHL should suspend Brad Stuart for 2-3 games next season for his headshot and Murray and Vlasic should get 5+ games each.

3 things that worked
- Jimmah saved them through the first.
- Good pushback in the second.
- Ken and mick

3 things that didn't work
- Came out flat, positioned themselves badly and made too many turnovers in the first.
- PK fail on the Thornton goal.
- Inability to get the goals.

Play of the game
Jimmah's late save to keep them in. AMAZING.

Player of the game
Todd Bertuzzi. He hustled like nobody's buisness


  1. Yep, it's over and that sucks. What a season the Wings gave us though. Probably the most exciting regular season in a long time. Seeing Jimmy blossom was a real treat.

    Should be some good hot stove action this summer. Definitely some holes to fill.

  2. I've enjoyed reading your blog. So I want to thank you for the laughs I've had, the feeling of not being alone in my thoughts about a game, and sometimes, just for something to read to pass the time. I started following the blogs only a few months ago when my brother, and fellow blogger, told me about his blog. I look forward to continue to read what you have to write. :)

  3. Michael: Yes it's gonna be weird. Very exciting regular season, actually the topic of an upcoming post.

    Christin: Welcome in!

  4. Stop moaning about Ref's, bad calls in both directions. And well shit happens doesn't it?

    I think that Detroit just didn't have it in them, great players, but the injuries have just dogged them.

  5. I agree that the Wings didn't have it in them.

    When it comes to the refs I have in no way blamed them here for losing this series, but they have been weak and it has at times favoured San Jose. I have also mentioned several occations where I feel calls against the Sharks were bad, but as a Wings fan it's just not upsetting me as much you know.