Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Knife to throath - and some blabber on refereeing

I have no idea if that is a legit phrase in English, but in Norwegian it means that you have to perform, you have to win. And the Wings have to do that tonight. No matter what the Sharks and the refs throw at them tonight, they have to rise above it, play a disciplined game and deliver a win for us tonight. And I have faith, I believe. I think the Wings will come out hard and I actually expect a big win tonight. I can't believe anything else. Just can't.

Keys to the game
- Discipline. The Sharks will dive, the refs will buy it. Keep it clean, and keep your feet moving.
- Win more face-offs
- Get better at clearing the zone
- Tighter PK
- Stop with the stopping right inside the offensive blueline thing. It only leads to turnovers.

On refereeing
I have heard so much about how the Wings fans need to stop blaming the referees. I don't buy that. We have gotten jobbed so many times the last couple of years and in this series we've been hosed harder than ever. Conspiracy? No. I don't think so. I don't wanna think so, but it is hard not to. Whatever it is, the refereeing has been a fucking disgrace in this series. If you want more info on that, Drew, the blogging-machine supreme over at Nightmare on Helm Street has written some superb posts about it.

What I really want to talk about are these few points:
- I am tired of no one taking us seriously, we got jobbed, we have gotten jobbed a lot of times. If media, the NHL and everyone else choose to ignore that, well that pisses me off.
- George Malik has gotten a lot of shit for calling out the refs lately and also for believeing in the Wings. First Lambert got on his case and then Wyshynki attacked him for saying that the refs give us a reason to wear tin-foil. Both the articles he has been attacked for has been stellar writing, as most of George's stuff is and it pisses me off to an extreme degree that they attack him for it. I am very close to never reading Puck Daddy ever again.
- I keep hoping the Wings will get the calls one day, but I have no faith in it, so I think the team has to play cleaner than clean for the rest of the playoffs.
- Good friend of Fight Night Sara has had an excellent idea about a tin foil flash mob before the game tonight. You can still join. For more details click here or here. Do it!
- Last of all, as a glimmer of hope, one member of the mainstream media has actually noticed the horrible refereeing. And it is very nice, because I have meant to plug his show here for a few weeks. Sean Gentille of the Sporting News and the excellent SN Grindcast (he makes it weekly with Craig Custance and it is GREAT) replied to a tweet I made by saying this on his Twitter account:
I'm not about to throw the tinfoil hat cop-out, but I'd frame it more as general incompetence. The Heatley/Nabby calls? Pretty brutal. Second period of Habs/Pens got ridiculous too. Zero consistency, period. We've become numb to it, and that's part of the problem. Asking for consistency, regardless of quality, is a sad standard.

He also later clarified via a direct message that he did not mean to call me a tin foil hat wearer, but that the Wings fans wear tin foil hats-line is a copout. So there is hope.

Last of all, some inspiration for tonight's game:

And most of all, BELIEVE:

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