Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let's make it two

As happy as I am for the Red Wings winning game 4, it is kind of a fucked situation. Many people reported on how calm they felt before that game. I was the same for a while. I think that through our thing hopes and ramblings of an epic comeback, we knew deep down inside that it was gonna be impossible. Then the Wings go out and absolutely dominate, sodomize, skullfuck, humiliate the San Jose Sharks, reminding us of the fact that when this Wings team are ON their game, no other team stands a chance. And now we have legitimate hope. We feel like this can happen. We know the chances are small, but we now have hope. So my dear Red Wings, now that you have done that and put us in a situation where a loss is gonna slap us that much harder, you will have to go out and do it again.

Keys to the game
- Jimmah needs to be on his game.
- The Sharks will come out hard and agressive, looking for vengeance. We need to weather that storm.
- Can the Mule keep being hot and score a goal or five?
- Attention Pavel Datsyuk, we need you to show up again.
- Preferably with Z also having a good game.
- No pinching.
- Discipline! We have gotten Fucktard O'Halloran tonight and that could get nasty.

I Believe!

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