Friday, May 7, 2010

Mule says: NOT TONIGHT!

Wow-wow-wee-wah! The Mule went out and decided he wanted more games this season. Awesome. But as decisive as today's win was we cannot bask in the glory for too long. Yes we outplayed them, but they will come back hard after a humiliation like this. But well, this proves that why the fuck shouldn't the Wings be able to come back and take four straight? It's gonna be a stretch, but it is possible.

Jesus H. Franzen, what a first period the Mule had. After a couple of early chances he jumped on the ice too fast and the Wings got nailed with a too many men. They killed it with beauty. Then, the Sharks took a dumb tripping in the offensive zone. PP Wings. Homer decided early in the PP that we haven't seen enough of the Fuck you I'm Pavel Datsyuk-Pasha and decided to go Fuck you I'm Pavel Datsyuk-Homer on us. He deked a guy and surprised everyone by taking the puck to the net. No goal though. But late in the PP, the Mule took a shot that went through Bert's screen and in. Less than two minutes later he drove the net, took Z's rebound and scored while falling. Close to goalie interference, but good goal. And just a little later, he got a beautiful spin-o-rama pass from Bert and scored again. Hat trick. And he wasn't done. After Boyle had decided to bat a puck out of mid air with his hand, Mule found it, shot, took the rebound and scored. The Sharks had some attacks after that and got a PP, but the kill was excellent. And the Wings attacked again towards the end. Datsyuk had an amazing keepaway session with Vlasic as the victim, then dominated another shift, drew a delayed penalty and when Boyle tried to bat it away it went in off a skate. Flip got the credit. And yeah, Mule almost got his fifth late in the period.

In the first intermission, the first Mule goal was changed to Bertuzzi's leg. KILLJOYS!

Just two minutes into the second, Dwight Helminen took his second tripping penalty and on the PP, Bert had a great cross ice pass to Rafa who scored off a nice one timer. That was followed by another PP after Clowe had tried to push a Wings player into the tiny box with Ray Ferraro. They got too cute though. The Wings kept control and at times it seemed like they were on the PP. They got back on it when Thornton sucker punched Z and then claimed Z was diving. LOL! Fuck off Thornton, you are a Shark and should not talk about diving. Again too cute on the PP. The Draper got called on a little hook, but the best chances on the Sharks PP were two shorthanded chances for Datsyuk and Helm and Cleary and Helm respectively. The Sharks had a little life after that and got another PP off a Kronner interference. In the middle of a nice kill Lids was taken off for a VERY VERY small hook and on the 5-on-3 Heatley finally beat Howard cleanly with a slapper. The rest of the Nick penalty that was in the 2nd was killed off.

The 3rd started on the PK. It was killed off and a fest of penalties and rough stuff began. First Abbie and Demers went off for roughing. Then on the four on four Thornton decided to try and break Z's stick and was thrown out of the faceoff. Heatley came in, grabbed Z's stick and wrestled him to the ground. On the delayed call, the Wings went offside and Thornton decided to hit Homer after the whislte. Some roughing ensued and the following penalties were doled out: Heatley two for holding, Thornton 2+2 for holding and a 10 min misconduct. Should have been thrown out. What a fucking douchebag. Homer 2 for roughing. On the PP the Wings were a little too cute, but at the end Franzén got the rebound and scored his 4th of the night. Then the Wings powered on until Nichol finally found a dance partner in Abbie who gave him a nice beating. They both got 2 for roughing and 5 for fighting. Right after that Murray got two for roughing and Draper and Clowe got 10 mins each for yapping I guess. No idea really. A little later Huskins went for trying to maul Homer. On the two man advantage the 4th line had some nice chances, but the Z line were bad on the rest of the PP. The game sorta flared out from there, but also included Vlasic and Rafa getting 2 each for a sword fight. Good win.

- TSN is pretty good.
- The Joe was rocking.
- Scott Nichol ran around trying to fight everyone. What a hoser.
- I heard the refs tried to help Rosby and his guys, but failed. LOL!
- Thornton is a scumbag. In some ways he reminds me of Rosby.
- Stuart got hurt. Hope he will be okay.

3 things that worked
- Johan Franzen
- Offensive onslaught.
- Good PK

3 things that didn't work
- Took too many penalties
- Should have added a couple more PP goals.
- That Mule didn't get the double hat trick

Play of the game
Goal number 3. What a feed from Bert to the Mule.

Player of the game
Mule, with bert as a close second.

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