Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Player review video - Patrick Eaves


  1. Eaves is a guy you can tell just wants to play and will do whatever it takes to try to be effective, it just shows in his play. Like most people, I didn't really know anything about him before this season, but I really like what I saw and will be incredibly disappointed if we don't resign him. He could have just sat back and sorta contributed, but according to some articles I read, he went to every meeting he could to try to be more than just a spot filler and wound up being one of our most valuable penalty killers. I love guys who aren't afraid to get scrappy when it's needed and that's exactly what Eaves is. The fights, which I was lucky enough to see, are definitely my moments for Eaves this season too

  2. Yeah, Eaves is starting to get his career back again in Detroit. And as you say, he does it through hard work. I also like the fact that he has a heavy and fast shot and that deep down there is some untapped offensive potential