Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Player review video - Pavel Datsyuk

Day three, here's Pasha:


  1. Great choice of an intro goal and the moment of the season with Hejduk. Like in the Hejduk situation, a lot of Pav's best work doesn't lead immediately to a goal (or to one at all) but that man is able to do things other players can't even dream of. I could watch him skate in circles all day and just be mesmerized. One of my favorite moments, which has nothing to do with anything, is when he was going down to our defensive zone to pick up the puck from Nick in the game against Boston and lost an edge. Never before in my life have I seen someone slam into the boards as gracefully as Pav did then. I love his crazy takeaways and his stretching is a thing of beauty, but that slip-up in his otherwise flawless skating is etched into my memory forever.
    Also, I think a lot of people blame Pav's inconsistency on a lack of will or caring, which I don't think is it at all. Pav strikes me as a guy who loves the game and wouldn't play it if he didn't. Thanks for not taking the easy way out and blaming laziness

  2. lol at your moment

    And I agree, it's not lack of caring, it is just that when things don't go his way he doesn't get in the zone and isn't as stella