Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Player review video - Tomas Holmström... And a goodbye

This has already been written by so many people. And I am in no state to add anything to what the others Wings bloggers wrote. But I remember watching the morning re-runs of hockey games in early 95 and noticing this guy with amazing skill and even more heart. From I graduated from hockey scool to organized hockey later that year, that guy became my hero. I worshipped him. I loved him to death. He is the guy, that even four years after his retirement, never ceases to amaze me and make me appreciate him more than ever when I watch old clips. For Stevie going to Tampa was probably the right decision. I am truly happy for him and the opportunity he is getting. I am even adopting the Bolts as my Leastern Conference team. And the move makes sense. But still, it feels like a little piece of my soul was ripped out. Seeing Stevie in another organization is like watching your wife fuck another man. Don't ask me to be okay with it. I'm not. I will probably never be okay with it. It feels like sacrilege. It feels wrong. And I still really need to puke. So good luck to Stevie and a big fuck you to the hockey gods. Fuck you Jobu! What's next? DMac becoming the GM of the Avs? That'd be a fitting encore. Anyway. Thanks for 27 wonderful years of service Stevie. You will always be number 1, even if you broke my heart to pieces today.

Anywho. Over to the real deal (it was a rush job, so I placed the mic wrong and the sound sucks arse.. sorry):

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