Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time to repay for 1955? - Also: UNACCEPTABLE

EDIT: As some dude named Brent pointed out in the comments, the Wings won the cup in 55, the choke happened in 42.. I kinda got a suspicion about that last night, but at that time I had gone to bed, so I didn't bother. Shame on me for not fact checking

I could choose to blame the goal that was wrongly blown off, or the penalty towards the end, but I won't. This game was lost because the Wings started coasting and lost their energy and focus after they went up 3-1. That is bad, unacceptable, and just terrible. Howard wasn't good, but neither were the rest of the team.

On the bright side: We are owed one of these. In 1955 the Wings blew a 3-0 Stanley Cup Final series lead and lost 4-3 to the Leafs. This is the year to make up for that.


The Wings came out strong and had control early in the game. The Sharks had a few chances, but the Wings were definitely in control. They got a PP off a high sticking call, but it was negated after 4-5 seconds later when Homer and some Shark got together and Homer allegedly slashed him. Anywho. A little later Flipper found Z who scored. But it went off his skate. The review overruled the ref and said "no goal". There was NO kicking motion. He knew what he was doing, but there was no kicking motion, shit call. The Sharks had life for a little while after that, but then Franzen took the puck around the net and fed it to Homer. It went off his skate too, but it was so obviously accidental that they had to call it a goal. Just after that Abbie ended up taking a penalty as the fourth guy into a scrum. Kinda random, but who cares, the PK was perfect. A little after that the Wings got a break. Some Shark pushed the puck in his own crease, but probably never blocked it. It was (probably wrongly) judged a penalty shot, but Z got robbed on a huge save by Nabokov. The Wings continued going hard though and got a goal when Miller ended a long period of pressure by feeding Cleary who scored. But with a second left Setoguchi scored on a shot Jimmah should have had. Shit way to end an excellent period.

The second started with a nice Wings chance before a couple of great Sharks chances. Then, after two minutes Zetterberg banked a shot off Murray's skate and in. 3-1. Just after that Bert got called on a hooking call. Not much of a hook, but one of those you know is gonna be called every time. Luckily the PK was MONEY! The Wings controlled the next part of the period, but the Sharks had the most pressure. Around halfway through the period E took a holding call which was a right call, but should have been coupled with an embellishment. Luckily the Wings PK was excellent again, even though it was without Helm (he took a puck in his chest, but returned later). Then the Wings got on the PP and had some huge chances, but no goals. The rest of the period saw chances both ways, but in the last minutes the Sharks got some chances off turnovers and with 30 seconds left Franzén got his stick between Pavelski's legs. Pavelski was already falling, but I guess it's a penalty anyway. The part of the penalty that was in the 2nd period was killed off.

The third started on the PK. It was killed off nicely, but the Sharks kept the pressure on and the Wings were anemic. After 5 minutes, the Datsyuk line got outworked, Thornton took it around the net and scored off Pasha's stick. The Wings got a little life off of that, but not much. And with 6-7 mins left they scored again. A shot from a dead angle went in. Horrible by Howard. The Wings started after that and were really building a great attack when Homer and Boyle battled and Boyle crashed into Nabokov who was like 5 meters out of his net. Nabby decided to flop around like crazy and the Sharks got a PP with 2:48 left. Luckily the KILL was excellent and the Wings got some chances in the last seconds. Overtime coming.

The overtime was very tentative at first, noone dared trying too hard offensively. But when E finally did dare to try and drove the net, no one covered for him and the Sharks got a 2-on-1, no chance for Rafa and Howard. Fuck my life.

- Loved the "Bullshit" chants at the Joe
- On the Z non goal: He knew what he was doing, he was trying to direct it in. He probably wanted to get his sticm on it later. But he didn't kick it, he didn't propel it, he just turned his skate slightly. And the replay was in no way conclusive. When the call on the ice is a goal, those replays should lead to the goal standing.
- Beer commercials provoke me. 1) Men do not drink light beer. 2) Miller is not real beer, neither is Bud. Those two are a weak mix of water and piss.
- The Datsyuk line got outplayed badly defensivley all night. Unacceptable.

3 things that worked
- Good, aggressive start. Much better at face-offs.
- Great PK
- Awesome PK

3 things that didn't work
- You DO NOT let in goals in the last minute.
- Allowed the ref to send them to the box way too often.
- Seemed to slack off at 3-1.

Play of the game
The Cleary goal was nice

Player of the game
Usain had a great game and was huge on the PK.


  1. Not playing a full 60 minute game bit them in the butt again. At the worst time.

    They might rally for game 4 and extend the series one more game, but the way they've played games 1-3, I don't see a miracle comeback in the works. Good thing the Tigers are pretty decent this year.

    In the US, way too many people drink that so-called "light beer". I don't get it. When I want low calories, water with a lemon wedge tastes far better. Fortunately there is also a wide selection of very good beer (but they don't advertise on television).

  2. Coming back will be hard, it has only happened twice in NHL history. But I would feel like a traitor if I just gave up.

    Hehe, I know you guys have some good beers too, but your big brands are terrible :P

  3. Oh, forgot to mention, one way to tell if a beer is pretty crappy (at least in the US) is to see how many hot girls are in the ads. The higher the hottie count, the worse the beer. It's an inverse relationship ;)

    Last night still stings too much. I might feel better about the Wings chances tomorrow. That bad angle goal to tie the game was a gut punch. And who was the defenseman/winger who just stood there and watched the guy shoot? I didn't catch who was on the ice at the time, but someone blew their coverage. No one should be in our corners unopposed. If someone is bearing down on that shooter, he hurries the shot and misses and it's still 3-2.

  4. "Fight Night At The Joe" FAILS at blogging almost as bad as the Red Wings are failing at hockey:

    " In 1955 the Wings blew a 3-0 Stanley Cup Final series lead and lost 4-3 to the Leafs. This is the year to make up for that."

    The Red Wings actually won the Stanley Cup in 1955. The choke against Toronto happened back in 1942.

    Like Casey Stengel once could look it up.

  5. you are absolutely right.. I remembered right after I went to bed last night, then forgot again...