Monday, May 3, 2010

The universe

It's the universe. Can you hear it? It is talking to us, and holding up a big middle finger. It says FUCK YOU DETROIT! We lose the game on a ridculous broken stick. The refs decide to suck harder than Jenna Jameson ever did. It felt at times like the Red Wings were battling ten men out there. I don't blame them at all for getting flustered and shitting it up after the 4-3 goal. How do you answer such a flurry of bad luck, bad breaks and horrific officiating? The bad thing: We are down 2-0. That is TROUBLE. The good thing: We could (and should) have won both games. Win two at home and we are good. And to the universe: FUCK YOU TOO!

The first started with some wild Sharks pressure and chances and they got a PP after 40 seconds. It took Versus a minute to find out that it was on Howard. It was nicely killed off. Then the Wings had some nice chances. Then the Sharks came back, but Pasha snapped up a turnover, deked two guys and scored off a nice shot. But the Sharks soon got a PP on a very well-sold goalie interference call. On the PK the Wings lost some faceoffs and Pavelski scored on a point-shot. The Sharks scored another immediately. I didn't see it, seeing as ESPNplayer is still sucking dick. The Wings came back though, got a PP and after a frustrating minute and a half Rafa took a point shot that Homer deflected in. The rest of the period was back and forth, but the Sharks had the best pressure. Towards the end of the period Datsyuk was called on a cross-check. Okay call, but should have been embellishment on Dive-o-guchi too. The Wings need to be faster on loose pucks, win more faceoffs and stop turning the puck over at both bluelines.

The second started with the rest of the PK. Or not. Apparently Marleau had taken a boarding penalty. Anywho, the 4-on-4 went fine. And the end of the short PP Nick blasted a canon in the net. After that the Wings had pressure for a while, but it was broken up on a mysterious call where Bertuzzi was pushed so he barely touched Nabokov, who dived like it was the Olympics. The PK did a good job though, and escaped with only one close call. After that there was a long while of trucculent, wild hockey. The Sharks might have had more zone time, but the Wings had better chances. Hits were dealt all around and it was wild and messy. And then Stuart got an interference penalty, that might have been okay, were it not for the Sharks player falling like he was just sniped. It was nicely killed and the last minute wa a flurry of Wings chances.

The third started with a Wings PP, on it, Johan Franzén got überbuttrapefucked but got no call. But once Bertuzzi touched on of the fragile ones in teal, minor penalty. On that PP Kronwall got unlucky and took a tripping minor. 5-on-3, tie game. The Wings killed the rest, killed another, pushed back, but then Nick's stick broke on a shot giving the Sharks a 3-on-1. Sharks lead. The Wings tried, but got penalized again, for a trip that was okay, but borderline. They luckily got a bogus goalie interference call going their way, but got nothing. When they pulled Howard they took a too many men. Game over. FML.

- Anyone else as amused by the boo-birds in San Jose as me? I get booing calls and non-calls, but booing Stuy, defensemen who wait for line changes and stuff like that is just ridiculous.
- Fucking Keith Jones saw it was a god damn dive fest. Refs are jokes. And I really thought Todd McLellan was better than telling his guys to dive left and right.
- The goalie interference thing should be loosened, not tightened. And now that the refs have shown they are totally unable to get it right I am close to suggesting letting the goalies be fair game.

3 things that worked
- The team worked hard and well. Zetterberg was great.
- Good PP.
- Good hustle

3 things that didn't work
- Too slow at loose pucks. Too many turnovers at both bluelines. Both these in the first.
- Need to win more faceoffs.
- The universe were better

Play of the game
The Pasha goal

Player of the game

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