Sunday, May 9, 2010

Video player review - Justin Abdelkader

So, I kinda got this idea about talking instead of writing, really just to overcome the laziness where you write less than you planned. So this feature will run every day (I hope) for a few weeks. I hope you enjoy it, and I am sorry for me having a horrible hair day. Couldn't be arsed to fix it.


  1. tried to watch it but unfortunately the audio is just really messed up :(

  2. I see your point. Will use a better mic for the next one

  3. As promised, a comment on the content:
    First, thank you for including my favorite goal of the post-season in the beginning montage, I couldn't stop talking about that for days. (Ask Amanda, she'll verify it for you)
    Also, you're right, we did have crazy high expectations for Abby this year based off of his breakout play last year. Given that he's one of my favorites, I'm torn between being pleased he was up with the big club for so long and wishing he could have racked up some more minutes with the Griffs to get some more practice under his belt. Either way, I can wait to see what he does next year and hope he signs to enough years for me to justify buying an Abdelkader jersey this fall

  4. Nice one. Thanks for the content related comment :D