Thursday, June 3, 2010

Animated video: Interview with Bettman

I decided to let my Leprechaun interview Gary. Sadly Xtranormal are assholes and decided I need to pay for the set, characters and voices I wanted, so it is kinda weird, but should still work. It works best if you have seen last night's HNiC interview and the one he gave HNiC a few weeks ago.

Edit: The vid seems a bit fucked here, so double click it and see it in ok quality over at the Xtranormal site.


  1. The video worked fine for me. And even though you didn't get your first choice of characters, you still managed to make Bettman look like George W. Bush. Nice work!

  2. Ah, good :) Hahaha, yeah, I kinda liked him as Dubya