Thursday, June 24, 2010

Breaking down the NHL awards, why Sid is the best choice for the Messier and Norway fact #3

So, the NHL awards happened last night and I'd like to comment on them now and try to look at why each guy won the awards they won and look at some of the voting results

*Vancouver’s Henrik Sedin got Hart Memorial Trophy and the Art Ross Trophy
Well, the Art Ross he got cause he had the most points, but the Hart is an interesting case. In my opinion Sedin was a quite worthy winner of the Hart. He had an excellent season and was valuable to his team. So the writers might have gotten this one right. But I can't help but asking if he was also helped by the fact that writers were tired of voting for Ovechkin and Crosby and felt Sedin was a fresher choice. I agree with them on him being more valuable, but we cannot dismiss the media's stupidity and hunger for something new, fresh and cool.

Among the Wings, Nick finished 17th with two 5th place votes and Z finished 23rd with one 5th place vote. Astonishingly enough, Jimmy Howard didn't recieve a single vote. Among the funnier recipients of votes were Mike Green and Paul Statsny.

*Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals gets the Ted Linday Award
The players spoke and chose OV. Good thing they voted after the regular season and not the playoffs.

*Tampa Bay Lightning’s Martin St Louis wins Lady Byng Memorial Trophy
This is another choice based on freshness. Giving it to Pasha once again wouldn't be sexy at all, so the writers chose St.Louis. It also probably worked in his favour that he'd been nominated and then lost so many years in a row. While I admit that his penalty-point ratio is impressive, I find Pasha's penalty-takeaway ratio much more impressive.

Pasha finished 3rd in voting, with about half as many points as St. Louis. Nick finished 5th, Rafa 17th and Z 35th. Among the weirder recipients of votes we find Iginla, Thornton, Setoguchi, Doan, Crosby, Laraque and Chara.

*Jose Theodore of the Washington Capitals gets the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy
While this is the most compelling of the stories for the writers, it is also a sad story and Jose deserved this.

*Dave Tippett of the Phoenix Coyotes gets Jack Adams Award

Yes, Tippett deserved this award. No debate there. But you cannot deny that the well publisized and as made for media-story of the ugly duckling Coyotes made their choice eaier. I also have to ask why only coaches who take a bad team and has a surprisingly good season with them can win this. Isn't it as impressive when a coach keeps a team good for a long time or like Babcock, fights off a storm of injuries. As much as Tippett deserved this, Babbles deserved it too.

Babs finished 4th in the voting. Among the weirder ones getting votes we find Claude Julien and Paul Maurice.

*Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning both gets the Maurice Richard Trophy.

They scored a bunch. Enough said. But Sid's comments on being out score two in the last game, to tie it, shows that he is a sucky team guy and a shit leader. You don't fucking go out there to win a personal award, you go out to win for your team. Sid's a dumbass and a lousy person.

*Detroit Red Wings’ Pavel Datsyuk of Russia gets Frank Selke Trophy
As much as Kesler was the sexier choice, reality and the huge difference in takeaways and talent lead to a narrow win for Pasha, good on the writers I guess.

Z finished 9th. Too many weird votes to mention all here, but the first place vote for OV is a joke. Other favourite stupid votes of mine include Sid Crosby, Joe Thornton and the Sedin twins.

*Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby gets the Messier Leadership Award

I can't stop laughing at this. What a leader Sid is! Worst captain in the NHL and he wins it. I guess Messier is blinded by his fame. I was going to say that Crosby isn't worthy of the Messier award, but when I think of it, he is perfect for it. See, why is Messier remembered as such a great leader? Well, for one thing he promised that a great and successful Rangers team would go on and beat a much lower ranked Devils team while being under 3-2 in the 94 conference finals. They did and then won the cup later. Big whop! This is his big leadership moment! If the Rangers had lost it would have been a travesty, so he gets zero points for this. Then he spent 3 more years in New York with little to no playoff success. In Vancouver he captained a team that reached the playoffs the year before he arrived to three straight non-playoff seasons, with worse records every year. And back in New York an guaranteed the Rangers would make the playoffs that year. This promise is always forgotten. Because it didn't happen. In the rest of his seasons with an OVERLOADED Rangers they didn't make the playoffs once. The reason he is known as the greatest leader ever and president of leadership and every other good quality is so people can mention him in the same breath as Gretzky. So to conclude, Mark Messier is the NHL's most overrated leader ever. Sidney Crosby is the most overrated leader in the NHL. So this award is perfect.

*Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks Gets the James Norris Memorial Trophy
I hate to say it, but this was the right choice. Keith was the best defenseman in the NHL this year. I do think that he got more votes than he deserved because he was the sexy and fresh choice seeing as the Hawks have been a good story all year. But he deserved it. Doughty deserved his nomination, but he is another overhyped young guy who got votes because he is young and voting for him is cool and fresh. Mike Green does not deserve a single vote, yet he came in second. Because of his offense, because he is a type of player that makes a good story. For shame. Nicklas Lidström, who finished 4th did not get more votes for 2 reasons. a) He has been so good that the morons overlook him when he is a little weaker, yet still better than everyone but Keith. b) He has won so many times that voting for him is boring. Which is why he didn't win last year.

Rafa finished 12th in the voting. Aside from Green, Erhoff, Streit and Jovanovski are other ridiculous choices.

*Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabers has the Vezina Trophy
Not much to say on this one. I like the choice, but he was undoubtedly helped by his status as an American hero.

Jimmah finished 8th with two 3rd place votes, which is too little.

*Tyler Myers of the Buffalo Sabers has the Calder Trophy.

BULLSHIT! Yes, he was great, but we all know he won because he is younger and thus fresher and cooler to vote for than Jimmah. The writers, like Pierre No Brain of ESPN got so hung up in the age shit. There is an age limit for fucks sake! Jimmah is under it and thus age shouldn't matter. This was a bad joke by the writers. They are doing such an amazing job of destroying their own credibility.

How the fuck did Tyler Bozak get two 5th place votes?

In conclusion I must just summarize and say that this yet again shows that the Awards are a joke. The writers vote subjectively and choose the fresher, cooler and sexier alternatives. Their credibility takes the hit for it. I am disappointed, but not surprised.

Busting a Norway myth
The third Norway fact is just a debunking of a Norway myth. There are NO polar bears in the streets of Oslo. In fact there are none of them in mainland Norway. However we have a large group on our polar island Svalbard. We do however have a very small group of normal bears in Norway.


  1. Well done on the Sid comments for the Messier. I love the correlation between Messier and Crosby. Crosby was unable to "lead" his team past the #8 seed even though we have been led to believe that he should be able to win a series by himself.

    Words can not express how disappointed I was that Myers won the Calder. I can't say I am surprised, but I just don't see how Myers was a better rookie than Howard, given what Howard meant to the Wings. Without Howard, the Wings miss the playoffs for the first time in 19 years; without Myers, the Sabres might not get 100 points, but they still have a Vezina-winning goalie.

    Regarding the polar bears: I didn't even realize that Norway had an island of any kind, let alone a polar island. I guess you truly do learn something new every day.

  2. I'm kinda proud that Pavs didn't win the Byng. It's not the macho crap like "haha, it's dumb to win a chick award for not ever fighting", because I really like the Byng, it's just that Pavs showed a lot of edge this season and took a lot more (3!) than St. Louis, who deserved it more.

    I still haven't read a single piece that explains fully why Tyler Myers was a better rookie than Jimmy Howard that doesn't use crap like age, potential, and ice time. Those are all dumb reasons and this one was a joke.

    Mark Messier is known most to me for crying. The rest of that joke writes itself.

  3. Graham: Sidney can win wars on his own. He just didn't want to this year :P

    You are dead right on the Calder thing. Howard was the most valuable one.

    And aside from the small islands around mainland Norway, we have a couple of islands/groups or islands in the Arctic, namely Svalbard and Jan Mayen. We also have an island in the South Pacific, near the South pole called Peter I Island, one in the South Atlantic called Bouvet Island and a large claim in Antarctica called Queen Maud Land.

    JJ: I think St. Louis is a decent winner, but the fact Pasha took so few penalties with that much defensive work and that many takeaways make him the winner in my eyes. Still, I enjoy the edgier Datsyuk.

    HAhahaha, nice on the Messier joke