Friday, June 11, 2010

Contest: Andy Speaks Norwegian

The first part of the vid is translated, the 2nd half is not. All you need to know you find in the translation of the first part:

Hi, the point of this is really that you have heard me speak, or say names and certain words in both Swedish and Norwegian in these videos, but you have never heard me really speak Norwegian, like in whole sentences and stuff. So, I basicly just thought I'd make a video where I spoke some Norwegian. And since it would be damn boring to hear me speak Norwegian about nothing, I wanted it to be a point to it, so I made it a contest. The prize is that the one who wins gets to choose an at least slightly hockey or Red Wings related topic that I have to write about. As usual. The point of the contest is that this part I have written down and translated for you, but part two of video is not translated. And the winner is the one who translates what I am saying first. Or if noone manages the whole thing, the one who translates the most. Yeah, those of you who know German, or have a good ear for language because there are so many words that are similar to English, should at least manage some words and to translate the whole thing should really be quite, it should go quite fast if you just think the right way and have an ear for languages. So, that is basicly what I have to say. It has been fun making these videos for you. So, yeah, we are starting now.

The untranslated part starts at 1:54. Answers can be submitted to my email adress puppetz4ever [at]

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