Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scheduling update and randomness

Between work and a party, I won't be home this evening. So there will be no time for me to do the promised Janik/Kindl video today. So that will be done tomorrow some time after I get home from the friend whose place I'm gonna crash at. So, there you know that.

Some thoughts:
- I am disowning hockey for a while. Seeing the Hawks win is just too painful.
- Seeing Pronger and Leino lose feels good though.
- Anyone else having angst about Nick's decision? I might force my friend to let me check Snapshots for updates at least twice during the party tonight just to be sure I haven't missed any Nick news.
- Kyle over at Babcock's Death Stare wrote a fantastic prospect ranking. Check it out.

See you all tomorrow!

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