Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some signing comments and Norway fact # 1

Well, I am alive, I just feel like I have nothing to write about. About the signings I will say this:

Nick: Thank fuck. We need him. Good cap hit and I love that he holds the door open for another year after this.

Homer: Awesome. I think he can stay healthy through two years and finish this. The cap hit is very nice too.

Bert: Good that he is signed. I like the guy. I would love to see him defeat his demons and succeed in Detroit. The cap hit is a bit high, but as long as we get the guys we need signed, I don't care.

Big Flip: WTF? Well, let's hope he is good.

And now, due to popular demand (3 awesome people and probably my three most faithful readers) I present a new series: NORWAY FACTS!

These will be random and the first one is a language fact.

Written Norwegian exists in two standards. The first one, Bokmål, is used my 85-90 % of our people. It is based on Danish (seeing as we were in union with/under the bastards for so long) that has slowly been Norwegianized over the years. I write this way. Everyone normal does. This one happened naturally.

The second one is Nynorsk. It was made in the 1800s by a bonkers guy called Ivar Aasen. He went around and looked at dialects, than huddled them all together into a weird mix of a written language.

In junior high and high school we have to learn both, and 25% of official documents have to be in Nynorsk. No one speak either of the written languages, as everyone has a dialect. But Bokmål is pretty close to a posh Oslo dialect. Anywho, I am slightly buzzed on tequila and these links will explain much better than I can.. Weird shit.. Ask in the comments and I might give more insight.

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