Sunday, July 4, 2010

Modano, Norway fact # 5 and some other babbling.

Sorry for the abscence, but there is really little to write about these days. We don't really have any Red Wings action to speak of and it would be dumb of me to think I have something useful to say about other teams' signings.

However I feel like I should weigh in on Modano. I don't care much, but I would say that under the right circumstances, if he would take a deal close to the league minimum, or at least under a million dollars, I would love it to happen. He would provide some nice veteran presence and some offensive talent for a 3rd and 4th line. And of course there would be a nice sentimental value to bringing this Michigan boy home to the D to end his career. However I am not willing to break the bank or let go of several RFAs for him.

So I'll just jump straight to a Norway fact here :P Seeing as it is July 4th today I thought I'd ask myself the question: How old is Norway?

105 years old? 196? 1100 years old? This is a hard question to answer. Norway seems to have existed as an idea or as a country/area divided into several smaller kingdoms for a long time. Then, according to most sources, Harald Fairhair gathered it into one country in 872 and ruled until 930. Some sources claim he only ruled the coastal regions, but what is certain is that the unity of the kingdom was not preserved after his death. Various small kings and the king of Denmark ruled us for the next century. But Magnus the good became king of Norway in 1035 and the country established itself over the course of the next decades.

After some troublesome years, deaths, lack of royal heirs and other issues lead to Norway, Sweden and Denmark uniting in the Kalmar union in 1397. However Sweden pulled out of the union in 1536 and after that Norway was weakened and the fucking Danes took more and more control. We became a kingdom ruled BY Denmark.

In 1814 however, this ended. As a part of a post-Napoleonic war treaty, the Danish king, who had been on the losing side, had to give Norway to Sweden. They kept Iceland and the Faraoe Islands (who were both ours). May 17th 1814 Norway adopted a new constitution. However we stayed under Sweden, but with our own parlament. It was sort of a personal union where we were directly under the Swedish king, not really under Sweden. After a conflict about consulates, Norway declared its independence July 7th 1905 and after some negotiations, the Swedes were kind enough to let us go later that year.

So, 1100, 196 and 105 are all good answers.

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