Saturday, July 10, 2010

New blogs on the block

During the last two weeks we have had two new Red Wings blogs pop up and they both look good so far.

First of all we have Babcock's Fly Hair created by Liam. You can find him on Twitter at @BabcocksFlyHair. Real good stuff so far and a funny name.

And today my mate Jeff Hancock, of Good Old Hockey Show fame, decided to start the awesomely named Brendan Smithsonian Institution. Really looking forward to see Jeff's views on things this upcoming season. On Twitter you can find him at @JeffHancock41.

So bookmark them, put them into your google readers or whatever, just make sure they are there for you to enjoy during the next season.

Also, in the shameless self promotion cathegory, please become a fan of FightNight on Facebook.


  1. Dude it's Corpuscavernosa - hey I'm alive and well. Peaced out on Twitter for a bit. It was becoming quite the addiction and my account had gotten completely bloated and was pissed there wasn't a good way to easily trim it. I sent you a message before I deleted the account but perhaps that got deleted as well. Anyway, I'll be back on soon for full BJ joke glory and will definitely follow you. Don't know if the old name will still be available or not but I'll let you know. Hope you're well!

  2. Oh hi dude, didn't see it before now.

    Glad to hear you're alive and well and looking forward to seeing you back on twitter again. We definitely miss you.