Wednesday, September 15, 2010

25:19 week 7: Vegas, jobs, scary players and more

Welcome to 25:19, a feature that will run every Monday for 19 (duh!) weeks. Every week I will make 5 (Nick) lists, with 5 (number of rings Nick will retire with) points on each list. Thus having 25 (DMac) points in total every week. The lists will be random hockey stuff, some rankings, other in random order. Some will be opinions, others humour. I will leave it to you judge what is what. Hopefully you will find it entertaining and/or provoking enough to leave your ideas on things I missed and what I did wrong in the comments.

Sorry for being a day late, but I had no ideas last night.

1. Five awards the NHL should add to the NHL awards
- The Sean Avery Trophy - For bending the rules in the most creative way.
- The Glen Sather's reputation Memorial Trophy - Worst General Manager
- The Claud Lemieux Award - For the biggest cheapshotter of the year.
- The Tyler Conklin Trophy - Best backup goalie performance.
- The Dan Ellis Trophy - Best social media presence.

2. Five ideas for what Wings players would be without hockey
- Pasha - Extravagant gentleman thief who steals big treasures from museums, never gets caught and leaves a note saying "I Dangle You!" as his trademark.
- E - Male model of course
- Hudler - Clown or midget clown at a circus
- Homer - Lumberjack
- Rafa - High school teacher. You know that kind of teacher who tries to be cool and hip, but fails badly.

3. Five reasons why NHL should put an expansion team in Las Vegas
- There are nothing casino guests would rather do than watch a hockey game.
- It would be perfect to attract Free agents that are gamblers, heavy drinkers or addicted to hookers.
- It's in a great traditional hockey climate.
- Gambling on hockey is such a natural and popular thing.
- It's a fucking retarded idea, which means it is perfect for the NHL.

4. Five opposing players that scare the crap out of me
- The Talbot monster - Can not tell you why cause I have forced myself to forget.
- Rick Nash - Not so much these days, but still, he has our number.
- Wojtek Wolski - Owned us in the playoffs.
- Patrick O'Sullivan - What? That guy sucks! Yes he does, but he always kills us.
- Joe Pavelski - Arghhhhhhhh

5. Five plays that make me laugh until I cry even though I have seen them a thousand times
- "Patrick Eaves has one of the better shots on the team, let's see if he uses it."
- ToskaLOL
- Patrick Stefan is clutch
- Let's goooooooooo-oooops
- Heia Sverige!

Eye candy
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Eaves fans:


  1. from a blog that supports a team whit todd "finish a career" bertuzzi on the team... fei for egen dør anders....

  2. Haha fair enough. Difference is, one of those guys apologized, the other did not. Never did.

  3. well one of the "victims" played after the episode to... guess the one who did not, would agree that words are cheap...

  4. Well.. yes he did, but on one hand, no one can accuse Bert of having meant to hurt Moore that bad, he wanted to fight him and in the heat of the moment he went way overboard, then people piled on top of him and it became a disaster. Bert was broken down over it at once, full of remorse. He's served his penalty and more than that. I see nothing wrong in supporting his attempts to redeem himself and get the new, better Bertuzzi some success.

    Lemieux on the other hand had a habit of cheapshots like that. He wanted to injure Draper, he said that later. His suckerpunch a couple of games earlier was also deliberate. He never apologized, barely got a suspension and has shown no remorse for his actions.

    One of those guys are a good guy who made a terrible mistake and knows it way too well himself. The other made a career out of cheapshots.