Saturday, October 9, 2010

Game 1: Homecoming hero, Gordie Howe hat trick and shutout

In a sentence
Modano scores in his Wings debut and Pavel Datsyuk notches a Howe hat trick as the Wings open the season with a dominant win.

The Wings came out flying in the first and played very well. They had the pressure and after about five minutes Mule had a nice give and go with Flipper and buried a nice shot from the sideboards. Less than a minute later Stuy held a puck in, Cleary worked hard and gave it to Modano who scored his first as a Red Wing on a nice shot. After that the game opened up a bit, but the Wings retained the control and got a PP right before the midway point of the first. They got a few nice chances on it, but no sustained pressure. The rest of the period was controlled by the Wings, but the Ducks had some dangerous rushes. Luckily Jimmah stood tall on those.

The second period started with a couple of good Anaheim minutes, then became pretty open. A few minutes in Z took a point shot intentionally wide and Pasha redirected it in masterfully. After that the Ducks came on strong and got some good chances, but Jimmah was good. And the Wings got some good chances the other way too. Despite some sloppy mistakes, the Wings had control. In the second half of the period Homer got tired of constantly being harassed by Fuckface Getzlaf and Dickwad Perry and picked up a misconduct for 10 mins. Same went to Perry. In the scrum Sutton and Salei half-fought and got a minor each. Towards the end of the period Pasha found Buckets with a nice pass and Cleary got his own rebound in with his body. The net was off, and everyone expected it to be waved off, which it initially was, but apparently the net wasn't completely off when it crossed the line, so it was "a good hockey goal." After that Ryan got two chances off bad turnovers, but Jimmah saved both.

The third period started with Wings pressure. Cleary hit a post and Pavel had a great chances. Then the Wings got an even better chance on a delayed call, but Hiller saved. After the whistle had gone a scrum broke out and Pavel fought Perry and kicked his ass for his first career Gordie Howe hat trick. Getzlaf and Z also picked up offsetting minors. The PP was decent, but didn't score. Right after the power play Parros tried to go with someone and picked up a minor and a 10 minute misconduct. The PP looked better this time, but got no closer than the post. The Wings dominated the period and the Ducks got dirtier and dirtier and chippier and chippier. At the end of that PP Homer took a penalty, but it was killed nicely. Then with 4 minutes left Stuart went with Brookbank on another delayed call. The ensuing PP soon became a 5-on-3 and then an extended one, but the Wings rolled all their lines and though they had chances it stayed 4-0.

- Look at that, I hate Anaheim this year too.
- Jonas Hiller has a badass mask.
- Getlaf tried to goon it up. As always. Hate that douchebag.
- E getting deep in the zone scares me.
- I hate Perry too.
- E got back spasms. I might be evil, but I hope they continue, so Kindl can take his spot.
- The Wings proved they don't need any no-talent enforcers.
- The Ducks are such ugly, chippy bastards.

3 things that worked
- Had a very nice, offensive start and got holes on Hiller early.
- Good offense. Potent shooting.
- Howard was great. SHUTOUT!

3 things that didn't work
- The rush defense needs to be better, need more responsible play.
- Too many bad mistakes and turnovers.
- Gave the Ducks too many chances that a better team would punish them for.

Play of the game
How can you go with anything else than Modano's goal in the first period of his debut.

Player of the game
How can one resist Datsyuk after his Howe hat trick? So it's him. Jimmah and Cleary were awesome too.

Final words
It's on bitches!

Pavel's fight. Thanks to Kukla for finding the video:


  1. I'm still processing the awesomeness of this game, but wow, you can't get a much better home opener than this. Pavel Datsyuk fighting... well, I have the pictures to prove it, but it still isn't settling in my brain quite right. I wasn't sure who was fighting him for a while, but as soon as we found out it was Perry... well, let's just say Sara & I went a bit crazy! I had hoped that the Big Rig would do something useful like renew their feud with each other & Rig could kick his ass, but I'll ABSOLUTELY settle for this!!

    Mike Modano... I know a lot of people still don't like him as a Wing, but how could you not love that moment? Scoring on his first shot in his first game as a Wing (much like how he scored his first goal in his first game as a Star)? I don't care what anyone else says, Mo has a feeling of destiny around him. And we all remember what Mike Illitch thought about it.

    And Jimmah. He looked good in camp, but I know he had at least one mediocre pre-season game, but he looked strong tonight & made a couple of saves that gives me hope that we're getting mid-season form Jimmah & not beginning season Jimmy where we wondered if he was even going to make it or not. After tonight, I'm a big fan of the Doc Oc helmet.

    As much as this night was totally fun & epic (you could feel the hate radiating thru the building), I agree with you on some points. Their effort was vastly improved (was a little concerned about it going in), and I saw something that I hadn't seen from the Wings in a very long time. The tic-tac-toe Wings are back. The Euro Twin magic is back. BUT, let's face it, this is against the Ducks, who didn't make the playoffs last year & frankly lost more talent than gained in the off-season. Teams like Chicago and Vancouver will capitalize on the Wings' turnovers in ways that Anaheim just can't. They need to be better on the PP. It seemed multiple times they held onto the puck too long or made one too many passes (looking too pretty...and not just cuz Fil was on the line). The D had some miscommunication & while I like the D joining the rush, at times it burned them & lead to odd-man rushes.

    But in the end, the Wings need to win games like this. And all last year, it seemed we just couldn't do it. They kept their cool(compared to the Ducks) despite having goons like Perry & Getzlaf constantly taking cheap shots & no one got injured (well, I guess E did, but I see it as an opportunity for Kindl to shine). And most importantly, we are 1-0-0 & neither Chicago or Pittsburgh are :)

    I missed writing my verbose responses to your game summaries!

    And P.S. I hate him as a player, but George Parros's mustauche is a sight to behold. Never shave it, dude.

  2. Haha thanks for the novel :D Love to get an inside view on things and I totally agree on the things they need to get better at. And yes, Parros' mustache is EPIC