Sunday, October 10, 2010

Game 2: Banner razed

In a sentence
Detroit comes into Chicago and ruins banner raising night in a tight, hard-fought game.

After a lenghty, sickening ceremony the Hawks came out flying as expected on the first shift and got some chances. The Wings took it back though after a minute and had slightly more pressure and better chances during the first part of the period. After the first commercial break the Hawks took over a bit, but then after the next break it evened out. Then Bert fed Mule a pass and he found Flip all alone in front of the net. Easy goal for Val. The Hawks bit back though and controlled the rest of the period. Ozzie had to make a great save on Kane and Eaves made a huge block. Then towards the end of the period Salei took a dumb penalty and on the PP the Hawks scored with three seconds left of the period. Tie game.

Early in the second Stuart bounced a shot intentionally off the boards and Tuzz was in the right place and tipped it in. But the Hawks answered with immediate pressure and scored on a shot that went off Salei. After that the Hawks pressured a little, but the Wings fought back and got a PP. It looked nice, but got no goals. They kept momentum for a little after that before Pirri stumbled in a battle with Rafa and Rafa got a cheaaaap penalty. The kill was good though. After that the game went back and forth with big chances in both ends, but the Hawks got the biggest ones. In the last couple of minutes the Wings had a PP, but it looked very bad and the short span after the PP was dominated by Chicago.

The third started with Detroit in the driver's seat and after a few minutes they got a power play. Towards the end of it a Chicago D lost an edge, Flip got past him and lost the puck. Luckily he lost it so it bounced into the net! Shortly after Kronner took a dumb penalty on a late hit, but it was nicely killed. Same went for a Kindl penalty shortly after. A lot of sticks in lanes and blocks. The Hawks continued to pressure and Bert stupidly gave them a third chance, but the Wings killed that too and withstood the pressure. VICTORY!

- The banner raising ceremony was long and sickening. I feel violated. Let's never mention it again.
- Kindl looked better than E has done in a long time.
- I hate CSN Chicago. So terribly bad.
- Ozzie wasn't to blame for any of the goals. He played well.
- Damn it felt good to beat Chicago!

3 things that worked
- Good goaltending. Ozzie did good.
- Nice, potent offense.
- Did a nice job keeping the lead in the third.

3 things that didn't work
- Too many turnovers
- Inability to sustain momentum, especially after scoring.
- Gave up too many big chances

Play of the game
The first goal was a badass pass from Mule to Flip.

Player of the game
Flipper had two goals including the game winner, so he gets it. Eaves and Ozzie impressed too.

Final words

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