Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Game 3: Unneccessary and unacceptable loss

In a sentence
Wings have Avs on their knees several times, but fails to pull the trigger.

The Wings started well and had the early edge and after less than three minutes, Bert worked a puck loose on the forecheck and the Mule took it and scored on a nice shot. The Wings fell together after that. The rest of the period was controlled by Colorado who had way too many chances. The Wings had some chances, but it was Colorado's period. The Dive did not score on a PP, but towards the end of the period they scored after a Mondao turnover. It wasn't all Modano's fault though as his backchecking gave the line a chance to clear, but they failed it. The goal was also one of those that would have been called off if it was Homer. They looked better in the last two minutes, but this was a bad period for the Wings.

The second opened much better for the Wings. They got on an early PP and on that PP Z found Pavel with a great shotpass that Pavel redirected in. After that it was pretty open for a while, until Flip took a hooking penalty. We rode the PK off, but the Avs got some momentum. The Wings slowly got into it and on a counter-attack, Mule found Flip in the neutral zone. He took it in and found Mule again with a perfect pass for a 3-1 lead. The Wings dominated the rest of the period and were close to putting the game away. But in the last minute Kindl and Hudler misunderstood each other on an Avs counter-attack and O'Reilly got to walk in and score. Jimmah maybe should've had it.

The Avs dominated the start of the third and got an early PP. Jimmah and the guys luckily killed it off. But right after that Winnik turned Kronwall inside out and scored on a shot Jimmah probably should have had. The Wings got a little more into it, but the refs being the refs they slapped them with another penalty. But on the PK, Lids gave Helm and Eaves a 2-on-1. Helm found Eaves and the Wings took the lead back. They played with it for a while, then Jones got his second of the game and tied it. Janik should have taken him out and Jimmah should have saved it. The game went back and forth after that with a couple of penalties to Colorado (among them a high stick) blatantly ignored by the refs.

Detroit dominated the overtime and should have won it there.

Everyone failed for many rounds in the shootout, until Yip put it away.

This is a game the Wings controlled. And they gave it away with defensive errors, some bad goals on Jimmah and inability to keep momentum.

- Janik got schooled in a fight with McLeod in the first. Embarassing.
- Kronner had two amazing chances in the first, but could not connect.
- The Avs did a great job blocking shots and getting in lanes.
- Eddie O.. Shut the fuck up

3 things that worked
- Got more into it in the 2nd period.
- Scored some goals
- Nothing, fucking nothing

3 things that didn't work
- Way too bad in the first. Let the Avs take over the game easily.
- Too many bad shots into blocks or wide.
- Let them back into it in the third. Shootout fail too

Play of the game
Datsyuk's redirection on the PP was ace.

Player of the game
Mule with 2 goals

Final words
A lot to fix here for the Wings. And the shootout will always be a joke.


  1. Oh this is a game I desperately want to forget. The style of play of the Avs seems to be the Wings' kryptonite: speed and strong fore-checking. SO many times I would yell exasperatedly to put the puck on the net & all they would do is make these cross-ice passes that might have worked versus other opponents, but not a team with plenty of (ahem, thanks, Edzo) active sticks. I've never seen Datsyuk cough up the puck that much, and as hesistant as I am to say it, even Lids had a couple of ugly turnovers. Too much east-to-west hockey (as Babs would later comment on as well) & not enough drive to the net.

    I understand Babs's desire to have a more active D & have them pinch up & become part of the play, but the changes/injuries on the blueline makes them look kinda lost out there. Way too many times there were miscued passes, no one back there to catch the puck & the Avs' speed capitalized on this. I think one time we had a 3 or 4 on 1, where Janik basically laid on the ice & actually sucessfully blocked the shot. Not acceptable. Not one bit. I have a feeling that we're going to be missing Raffy's outlet passes A LOT in the upcoming weeks. I think we'll finally appreciate the money we pay him. Nick is obviously the cornerstone of our D, but Raffy, in my opinion, has been our best D-man & is key to the breakout and PP. He'll be missed.

    NO excuse for why the shootout should be that way. NONE of our Top 6 guys can score on a back-up goalie that was frankly playing a little too aggressive & should've gotten burned? Ugh. The theory stands. As goes Pavel, so goes the shootout.

    The only thing I'd like to remember this game is when they took time out & showed Malts up in the suites with his family. Everyone went crazy & gave him a big standing ovation. He humbly mouthed the words "Thank you" to the fans & before long turned away & you could tell the tears were building in his eyes. He'll do great as a scout, but I'll always hold out for the future "Grind Line" plus Ozzie post-game show that needs to happen.

  2. I agree with everything you wrote here and would write longer about it, but I just wanna forget it.

  3. i like the article andy. the only thing i'd add is "make a @*(&*&!$ penalty shot"